Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 4 ♡

A/N: ITS FINISHED! Part 4 is here y'all 🙌🏽 this is the last chapter before the epilogue )’: I put my heart and soul into this, it’s def my favorite chapter. Please excuse the misspelling, I’m too hyped when I type. YALL GET SOME HOLY WATER READY!

Warnings: Sex, Daddy Kink, Role Playing, Rough Sex, Pornography.

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[A special thank you to @thatweirdgaygirl and @bucky-sempai for letting me name these two characters after them. Y'all the real NVP (’:]

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I'm The Type... (Free Write 7/11)

I’m the type to type my hype when I feel you getting closer
I’m the type to turn off the lights to rub your back, your ass, your shoulders
I’m the type to hold you
I’m the type to scold you if you ever forget your worth
I will always put you first
I will always hold your purse
I will buy your pads, and always ask, “hey, are you hungry?”
I will always be excited to hear you saying that you love me, trust me
I’m the the type to take you out
I’m the the type eat you out
I’m the type to dick you down, to keep on pounding even after I have found it
Thanking God for the reciepe, and blessing me with your fountain, gushing
I will always keep you blushing
This is nothing, this is regular
You’re not my prey, we’re both the predators
You’re my empress, I’m the emperor
And in the bedroom, we’ll raise the temperature
Cause I’m the type to listen
I’m a soldier, you’re my mission
And I’m sorry if this sounds different
But that just means you’ve been missing out
And that can change, if you pick me now
…but hey, you know, still over here being all single and stuff lmao

Red Velvet Reaction to: Finding Out They’re Your Ideal Type

snsd version; here

Irene: Feels a little proud. She always tries to portray a good image of herself, so to know that someone likes her makes her feel grateful yet proud. When the topic is brought up in an interview, she gives you a shout out.

“I would just like to say that I also admire Y/N greatly and I’m very honoured to be their ideal type!”

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Wendy: She’s watching you accept a music award and when you say “I’d like to thank my ideal type, Wendy Son, for inspiring me to write this song,” she’s like :O

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Seulgi: You confess that she’s your ideal type as you both guest on a variety show and she’s flattered but also taken aback. She looks to see if you’re just doing it to get a reaction from the audience but when you wink at her, she looks away shyly.

“I also like Y/N …” she admits.

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Joy: It was a huge party, the drinks were flowing and a rumour was going around, claiming that she was your ideal type. More hyped on the atmosphere than the drink in her hand, Sooyoung jokingly asks you, “Is it true?” When you shyly admit it is, her confidence and joking nature drops. She had expected it to be just a silly rumour.

“Oh …” For once, she’s speechless.

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Yeri: Only found out while on a show, when the mc told her. The look of shock that crossed her face was replayed, slow motion, to convey to the viewers just how hilarious she looked.

“Really? I heard that before from my unnies but I thought they were teasing me.” Grows serious then, unsure of how to approach the situation. “Ahh, um, if Y/N is watching then … thank you for naming me as your ideal type. I’ll work hard as Red Velvet’s maknae to continue being your ideal type.”

She speaks as if she’s accepting an award and it earns a loud laugh from the audience.

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x-chrissa-x  asked:

dating lee daehwi scenarios please? thank you

daehwi,,my son yes bless u 

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i love him look at him 

- dating this cutie would be an adventure

- the type of person that wants to try everything together

- ‘’aaaaaaAAAA lets go on that rollercoaster!!’’ 

- ‘’how about that new bbq place that just opened up?’’ 

- ‘’karaoke w the boys??’’ 

- ‘’game night!!’’ 

- the list goes on but its wILD 

- the type to hype u up no matter what 

- singing?? dancing?? rapping??  enter a cooking contest? how about drawing?

- daehwi the type to hype the EFF out of u

- banners, posters, yelling ur name 

- hes ur #1 supporter 

- bless this soul

- get urself a man like this LMAO 

- vvvv affectionate

- likes to at least be touching one another

- as in holding hands, or leaning on ur shoulder, or sitting close by, ect

- even being in ur company is enough for him 

- lots and lots of skinship also 

- clings on to ur hands or arms when hes needy or wants attention 

- ‘’jaaaaaaggiyaaaaaa’’ 

- expect that all day every day it isn’t going to stop 

- he loves u too much for that to stop

- loves to snuggle a lot!! 

- he likes to be curled up next to you or spooning you!! 

- hums a lot before going to bed and it soothes you every time 

- the two of u basically live together LMFAO 

- half of his stuff is already in ur closet and he might as well move in the rest of his stuff to complete it 

- dates are usually spent at home or going out to explore around seoul 

- as much as he likes to stay home and cook together (with the cost of zero $$$ being spent) he also likes to go around the city and sight see 

- the type to spoil you because he loves u lots!! and that his #1 (besides his mom) deserves the best

- ‘’aa ur so pretty i fall in love with you all over again’’ 

- the type to say cheesy things just to get a reaction out of u 

- cafe dates!! 

- cafe hunting to see where u can find the best cafes in korea 

- loves hugs!!

- back hugs especially 

- loves to tackle u with hugs and smooches 

- because he misses u lots!! and can’t wait to hold you once more 

- selfies 

- tons of them

- u don’t mind at all bc it meant spending time w daehwi and you wouldn’t trade it for the world

- ok but in all seriousness, if u were ever sad or something is bothering you, daehwi would find out right away

- the type to figure out what ur feeling the moment he sees the expression on ur face

- expect lots of cuddling 

- ‘’yahh, if ur ever feeling sad, talk to me okay? even if u don’t want to talk to me, im here whenever u need me to be.’’ 

- sometimes, he’s so caught up in taking care of u, that he will forget about himself

- hides his inner struggles quite well that no one really expects anything

- except you,,you can see right through him and won’t hesitate to confront him about it

- even if he tries to be strong, the inevitable will happen and he will break down

- but its okay bc you are there and u comfort him like he does for u 

- u two basically are two puzzle pieces that fit together nicely and so sososo wholesome and pure 

- fights are rare between the two of you, only because you can see through each other’s emotions quite well and catch on early enough to confront it 

- but if u do fight, it’s usually because of not enough communication or distance

- daehwi will usually apologize first bc he hates fighting and he hates seeing u cry bc he knows that he is the one making you cry and hates himself bc of that

- cuddles the whole night when u two reunite bc he doesn’t want to go through the pain of being alone again 

-  everyone adores u two 

- especially the pd101 trainees 

- they think the two of u are so pure and must be protected at all costs

- basically will fight anyone who threatens ur relationship LMAO 


Seokjin: Rare. Beautiful just like him, love eating and watching food broadcast, probably own pets. Calm until someone bringing up the line distribution. Most of them ship namjin

Yoongi: Common. Majority is the ‘dont-give-a-fuck’ type. Hype for agustd and upcoming mixtape from him. Their deepest guilty pleasure is want to be Holly. Most of them are either yoonseok or yoonmin trash.

Hoseok: Common. Support #StanJhope and tell people to not sleep on his dance, rap and singing talent. Always happy and screaming a lot everyday (mostly because of jhope) very friendly.

Namjoon: rare. once in a blue moon a Namjoon stan appears. Have RM mixtape on loop, RM speaking English on loop and RM stupid moment on loop. Friendly when you get to know them. Have a thing for tall guy with deep voice. Ship namjin.

Jimin: common. Most of them would be lurking everywhere, stay silent until someone mentions the no jams joke. Dying everyday because of Jimin. Jimin being cute? Die. Jimin being sexy? Die. Jimin: *breathes* y'all: DIE

Taehyung: very common. They are everywhere. You blink once and 10 would appear. Like cute things. Force themselves watching hwarang even without subs just bc tae is in one scene for a few seconds. Conflicted between vmin and vkook and vhope.

Jungkook: no explanation needed. Everyone is jungkook stan. Your classmate? Jungkook stan. Your teacher? Jungkook stan. Your neighbour? Jungkook stan. Your mom? A HARDCORE JUNGKOOK STAN. Always praising him no matter what. Still waiting for the full we don’t talk anymore cover.

Dream Daddy

Tbh I’m not just excited at the prospect of non-fetishy mlm pairings. I’m also hype to see what types of dads in general we’ll be presented with. Sports dads, art dads, emotionally supportive dads, widower dads, single dads, co-parenting dads, bi/pan/trans dads, working dads, stay at home dads, whatever the options are.

I hate, HATE the typical “bumbling dad/henpecking spouse” and “hard ass breadwinner with no emotional ties to the kids” tropes. SMASH those fucking tropes with a hammer.

Happy Birthday BTS

Today, the boys are celebrating 4 years since they’ve debuted and I just want to say congratulations to them. I want to tell the story of how I became a BTS fan and how they have affected me. It might be quite long, so read at your own risk. I was relatively new to Kpop, so I became a fan of BTS in 2015, a little after HYYH pt.1. When I first got into Kpop, BTS was not my first group. I had only heard of EXO and I had learned so much about EXO and became familiar with them, that when my friend recommended that I listen to BTS, I was reluctant to do so. I didn’t think I would like BTS as much as I liked EXO at the time, but I thought, “why not?” and gave them a listen. The first music video and song I’ve ever watched of BTS was Dope. And this is gonna sound hella cheesy but that’s exactly what I thought of the video: it was DOPE! But even after deciding that I liked the video, my ignorance of Kpop still pulled me towards EXO. As I became more accustomed to the genre, I began to listen to different groups and songs outside of EXO. I remember watching an EXO vine that featured a song I have never heard before, but I was so intrigued by the song that I went and looked it up. The song ended up being Cypher pt.3 by BTS and that’s when a shifted happened. I am a huge fan of rap and hip-hop and this song had the type of beat the type of hype that I love and I was feeling it 100%. I had never heard anything like this from EXO and it made me want to listen to BTS a lot more. And so I did. Pretty soon I learned a lot about each member and I began to love them just as much as I loved EXO.
When BTS came back with Run, I was extremely excited because this was the first comeback that I was able to be a part of as a fan of BTS. It meant so much to me that I was able to experience the teasers, the promotion period, and the release of the album. As 2015 came to an end and 2016 emerged, my love for BTS had outgrown my love for EXO.
Fast forward to now, BTS is still my number one, even compared to the many Western Artist that I love.
BTS bring out so many emotions within me and there are no amount of words that could describe how I feel about them, or how they make me feel. I have never experienced such strong emotions for a group of people I have never even met or seen in person. BTS work so hard and I can’t help but admire them. I admire their music and their personalities and I have so much respect for them, not as a fan, but as a human being respecting other human beings. I am so glad that I was able to witness their success from when I became a fan, til now because they have accomplished so much. They truly came from nothing, and now they are one of the biggest artists in the world. And during it all, they never lost hope, and they never lost sight of who they are, and where they came from and to me, that is the most amazing thing about them. I love BTS and I pray that they reach an even bigger goal and accomplish more than they already have. I may not have been here from the beginning, but I will be here until the end. Happy 4 year anniversary Bangtan.

Beware Hype Burnout

I just typed out a quirky post saying I didn’t mind if Jack wasn’t planning something huge with the egos. I don’t mind if it’s just for shits n giggles to make sure we keep ourselves entertained while he’s busy in LA.  Because we have.

I don’t want this to end just yet. I’m really enjoying being dicked with. I’m loving the fearful excitement, the anticipation, the new blogs and friendships that have been created in response. 

However, I think I, and a few others are beginning to succumb to hype burnout. The hype is HUGE. And rightly so. This isn’t just Anti, other egos are involved and that creates a vast sea of theories & HC possibilities, which has been amazing.  But there are SO many theories now and SO many are grasping at the tiniest of straws that I’m skipping a lot of theory posts and that’s sad. I won’t say we’re overreacting, because I love how excited everyone is. Be excited!  

I just think the vagueness is starting to take a toll. On me, at least.  I don’t want to reach a point where I stop being excited.  It’s on the horizon.

That doesn’t mean this should end. God no, please, no!  I love it too much.

I think giving us one, good, solid hint will allow us to focus our theories again. 

I don’t expect everyone to agree, maybe we just need a chance to breathe, but we’re too hyped to stop hunting for clues. I don’t want the dicketry to stop, I just need it to be more focused for a while.

ongniel quidditch au

ok so my friend and i talk about hogwarts aus too much and i was yearning for a quidditch au and this happened sorry i got carried away lol

  • ok so daniel is 100% a gryffindor dun even fight me on this its Canon™
  • ong’s a gryffindor too, and is the keeper of the gryffindor quidditch team
  • here’s what happened lets go
  • quidditch season hasnt started but gryffindor are feeling the loss from last year because hufflepuff and ravenclaw were ON FIRE last year (where do they get those active first years,,,, we want sum of dat….)
  • seongwoo obv be feeling the determination theyRE GOING TO KILL IT!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!! TO THE END!!! THE HOUSE CUP!!! IS GRYFFINDOR’S FOR THE TAKING!!!!
  • he also feeling the pressure because gryffindor are forgetting what it’s like to have a house cup win tbh
  • ok anyways
  • since he’s the keeper and everything he knows his team need to count on him yknow
  • he’s always extra early for team practices and spends all his free time practicing quidditch with some new teammate he persuaded one day (read: bribed)
  • prob went smthg like hey kiD!! HELP TOSS SOME QUAFFLES INTO THESE HOOPS FOR ME!!!
  • rip woojin lmfao ong’s always like lmao if thats u trying to score i might as well switch and play chaser instead
  • all in good fun he gives pointers to lil woojin on what to do to catch the keeper off guard
  • good practice for himself too
  • honestly though at some point woojin is prob thinking something like…. ong… shouldn’t u…. be studying…. for NEWTs…..
  • seongwoo : newts? haha what,,,,, are those ha,,,,ha,,, idk what ure talking bout
  • same
  • ok so one day after like 3 days of no sleep after trying to finish like 6 diff essays for all his subjects (don’t procrastinate friendos)
  • boi literally tired as fuck but still has the energy to drag his ass out to the quidditch pitch to practice
  • that saturday the slytherin and gryffindor captains scheduled a practice match to get into the groove of playing again before official matches starts
  • ofc he needs to show his best right off the bat
  • all his classmates tried to hold him back but his excuse was that he gotta train the newbie so he can do his best for the match
  • also secretly because it’s his last year he wants to show that it’s not been a waste and he’s become a very very reliable keeper and that gryffindor CAN win this year
  • so yes, he still goes to practice
  • remember boi on zero sleep and like 20 mins in woojin asks if he’s feeling okay since no sarcastic quips or anything
  • surprise surprise ong passes out but he like doesn’t go pancake because woojin manages to kind of stop him from doing so
  • still fucks up his wrist and ankle on landing though but he’s out of it and woojin is prob freaking tf out omg what am i gonna do ???
  • does the reasonable thing and sprints off to get madam pomfrey
  • hold your horses i know daniel hasnt come into this yet chill
  • ong has to stay in the hospital wing overnight bc of exhaustion but at least his wrist and ankle are okay right?
  • nah
  • he has to miss the practice match because his body isnt recovered enough for sports yet
  • he still goes to watch the match though
  • took a loooooot of convincing but madam pomfrey was finally like fine! bc he was being really loud and she wanted to shut him up hyahwhaghwhaha
  • when he gets to the pitch they had already begun playing and he sees kim donghan playing in his place and is reassured bc he was a natural even if he wasnt a regular
  • there’s other people from the two houses watching too
  • ta-daaa that’s when he meets daniel
  • daniel is an avid quidditch fanboy ok
  • always on top of quidditch news and never misses a game
  • this boy is the definition of House Pride he’s screaming the loudest and always gets hella hyped before matches
  • the type to walk up to people on the mornings of match day and tells them to cheer loudly for gryffindor to give them the support
  • gryffindor hasnt won a house cup in forever tbh but that doesnt phase him he just loves quidditch and is extremely passionate about the sport and his house so regardless of the result he will always remain their tru no.1 fan
  • about that practice match
  • lets be real we would all like to just sleep on saturday morning
  • daniel? practice match? give him the time and date and he’s there and prepared with snacks and drinks for the players he managed to get from the house elves what a considerate babu
  • he gets there extra early that morning because he knew there was a new first year playing and he wanted to cheer extra loud to give him confidence awwwwwawaw
  • but when he sees the team members arrive he notices
  • seongwoo isnt there?
  • that one fourth year boy is playing instead so he gets a little confused
  • seongwoo has never NOT played in any of their matches so he wondered why he wasn’t this time
  • he wasn’t even at the practice, even though everyone else on the team was
  • cue quidditch nerd daniel minutely freaking out lmao
  • he went through the possibilities in his head
  • team drama? detention? OVERSLEEPING??? decided to do a 180 and become studious???
  • his brain was about to explode but he stops when he sees the familiar boy walk up to the top of the stands and get comfortable
  • he’s still really confused
  • why is he watching and not playing??
  • lmao the practice match started 5 mins ago but he’s too distracted bc he doesn’t know why THE ong seongwoo isnt participating in it
  • he debates going up to ask him about it
  • but like,,,, he never spoken to the dude before
  • what if he’s in a shit mood
  • screw it
  • abruptly gets up to go walk up to where ong is
  • prob trips on the way up, someone babyproof him
  • ong is so fixated on the match he doesn’t realise someone is standing next to him
  • when he does
  • “may i help u”
  • he recognizes him too
  • because like he’s always there at practices and is maybe a bit mad for quidditch
  • kind of endearing
  • daniel honestly prob gets caught off guard hayahahaHAHAHA
  • “just,,, wondering why you aren’t out there”
  • “eh, fucked up and slacked off with homework and now my body’s dealing with the consequences”
  • he cant help the frustration in his voice
  • daniel just kinda feels bad
  • bc he looks so,,, tired? and also kind of angry that he couldn’t play bc of his own carelessness
  • he’s always priding himself on being a reliable teammate but here he is missing matches smh
  • but he doesnt tell daniel that lol
  • “why are you sitting all the way up here? pretty sure you can get a better view from anywhere else”
  • ong prob jokingly says some shit like he cant let anyone else in his presence what a drama queen
  • he really likes the feel of the wind from high up
  • that’s why he plays quidditch, being up in the air just makes him feel free
  • anyways
  • daniel and him end up watching the rest of the match together
  • ong pointing out certain tendencies and habits his teammates have when playing
  • daniel pointing out how well the team work together and how he feels like this year is the year for gryffindor u feel
  • ong kind of just
  • ??
  • “you really think so?”
  • bc why wouldnt he right
  • “it’s just that… gryffindor hasn’t won a house cup in a long time”
  • and tbh theyre all feeling it, no one says it though
  • just sucks that they KNOW theyre doing good but never seem to be able to come out on top
  • daniel looks at him like :O
  • LIKE
  • lmfao he gets flustered after that and just quickly tells him to get better soon and to have faith in his team and himself
  • he constantly checks in with ong after that though
  • can’t really forget about the look on ong’s face when he talked about missing the game, even if it was a simple practice match
  • something in him just told him that ong was feeling shit about what happened when he couldn’t play
  • so he just tries to send positive vibes his way lol cute
  • even if it’s just walking by him in the great hall at breakfast and calling out for him not to slack off in class
  • or not to push himself too hard in practice
  • he prob even watches the team practice regularly and calls out “you guys did well today! we’re gonna win this year!!!”
  • just…. postive ball of sunshine spreading positivity
  • ong always spends some time after practice to talk to daniel to get to know him
  • its the least he can do bc daniel’s been so supportive of the team
  • daniel just hopes the dude remembers to take care of himself better tbh dont we all
  • ong won’t admit like ever but he 100% looks forward to daniel’s encouragement in the morning pfft
  • (and also totally wants to get to know daniel more other than him being a massive quidditch fan lol)
  • since then he finds himself working a lot harder to keep up with his workload in class so he can be on top of his game for quidditch
  • prob looks around in the crowd for daniel at games tbh hahAHAHHDAHA
  • this boi confident for matches he brings his A game all the time
  • both of them prob think its sad that they only really became friends in ong’s last year but hey better late then never right

Portrait Mode 📱🏙

While waiting in my hotel room for @jazjazfromtheblock  party to begin, I had my room service girl take these photos of me in exchange for part of my meal haha. I had to test out my 7 plus portrait mode to see whats the hype about. This the type of shit I get into when a nigga feeling bored. @self-made-deen and @ashton-yourbodyguard  and @awankasiya Lets meet up and play some pool to pass time.