Summer is starting, and my irl friends want to get more into anime

  • tiger & bunny - I bet it would be a hit on american prime time
  • fma: brotherhood - If you haven’t sat down and watched this yet
  • katanagatari - yooooOOoo check this sick art style 
  • no. 6 - real homos faced with a lot more than love
  • yowamushi pedal - unique personalities you won’t find anywhere else
  • tsuritama - colorful, bright characters fishing to a excellent ost of kazoos
  • nichijou - Best humor, incredible
  • shiki - best horror, slow build up, but so worth it
  • gintama - a good time 
  • hyouka - beautiful, intelligent slice of life mysteries
  • jojo’s bizzare adventure - how do you describe this
  • baccano - interact storytelling, intense action
  • kekkai sensen - a really nice boat you should consider hoping on
  • cowboy bebop - incase this classic has slipped through your hands, pick it up and stay cool