Ode to Bast

Fierce Queen of Cats,

Protector of Women,

Hail! I honor you.

From the frantic footsteps of my childhood,

You padded by my side,

Ever wary of the danger,

I would face, as predictable as the tide.

Your claws defended me in hallways,

Your sweet words did croon

A song, You saved me from myself,

Though know not I for long,

I awakened to your glory, 

Heard your quiet breath,

And knew you near me,

From birth to my dear death.


i can hold my breath
till my lips turn blue
i’ve tried, and i try
and try as i do
give blood
from a heart of stone for you
i’ve waited, and i wait,
and still wait upon you
you do what you want
while i do what i can
closed fists to the sky
and holding my plan
i’m desperate, i’m scared
stuck here on my own
fill up my broken
Lord, i need to be shown

i hold my breath
and i wait upon you
i’ve tried, and i try
and try as i do
unable to pray
or lift up my hands
with a feeble will
i cannot stand
every morning i wake
to give it my all
then humbled by the ease
at which i fall
crippled by fear
of letting go
and giving in
handing all to you
so that i may begin

i can hold my breath
till my lips turn blue
i’ve tried, and i try
and try as i do
given love
from my fractured soul for you
i’ve waited, and i wait
and still wait upon you
i’m lost, i’m broken
and so very weak
hold onto me Lord
that i solely seek
to be whole, made strong
made yours alone
revealing the way
from your mighty throne

i still hold my breath
and wait upon you
i’ve tried, and i try
and try as i do
with this feeble will
i attempt to stand
to you i pray
and lift both my hands
show your mercy Lord
to your spirit i plead
on my knees i beg
he would intercede
hold my arms, lift them
for i am not able
take my life you have given
it’s all on the table

i’ll take a deep breath
and turn unto you
with you i can try
Lord, only you can undo
i humbly surrender
in your will rests my fate
it is you who is patient
who continues to wait
as tears stain my face
with the fear i can’t hide
i bring all my the pain, the failures
the fear that will not subside
you’re reclaiming my mind, and my heart
you empty these hands
take this life, take the lead
only with you can i stand


Hymn to Heru-sa-Aset

Hear me, Divine Falcon, Lord of the Sky, Heir of His Father, He of the Horizon,

The skies are torn asunder by your wings,

The earth trembles at your cry for vengeance,

Hear the cry of those oppressed,

Deliver their hearts to peace,

Unveil the sickly blackness of the malicious,

Be gracious to those black of hearts,

So that love may seize their lives.



My lil present to the Clexa fandom. The journey of Clarke and Lexa (Hymn by Fleurie) 98.55555% chance you may cry. Hope you guys like it. 

Homeric Hymn XVIII - Hermes

[1] I sing of Cyllenian Hermes, the Slayer of Argus, lord of Cyllene and Arcadia rich in flocks, luck-bringing messenger of the deathless gods. He was born of Maia, the daughter of Atlas, when she had made with Zeus, – a shy goddess she. Ever she avoided the throng of the blessed gods and lived in a shadowy cave, and there the Son of Cronos used to lie with the rich-tressed nymph at dead of night, while white-armed Hera lay bound in sweet sleep: and neither deathless god nor mortal man knew it. And so hail to you, Son of Zeus and Maia; with you I have begun: now I will turn to another song! Hail, Hermes, giver of grace, guide, and giver of good things!

Hymn to The Morrigan

O Morrigan, we call your name
Across the dusty years
You speak to us, of blood and lust
You show us all our fears
You are a goddess, old and wise
Of holy power you have no dearth
Beneath your wings, black, red and white,
We learn of death and birth
You walk about, this ancient land,
your hunger raw and clear
You make the crops grow rich and strong,
as well your geese and deer
A flirting maid, a lusty hag,
A mother of great girth:
without the touch, of your black wings,
We cannot heal the Earth
You float upon, a blood red wave,
Of swords and spears and knives
Your voice inspires, fear and dread,
That youll cut short our lives
You try the warriors’, courage sore,
Our inner souls unnearth
Without the touch, of your red wings,
We cannot know our worth
You fly above, the sliver clouds,
To Manannan’s shining Gate
You lead the dead, along that path,
to meet our final fate.
The joke’s on us, we find within,
A land of laughter and mirth
Without the touch, of your black wings,
We cannot have rebirth.

Praise Set, Bringer of Storms, He Who Enjoys Riot, may He always be present in my life.

Blessed Set, He of the Red Hair, King of the Desert, Son of Geb and Father of Anup, may He guide me and protect me, teaching how to See for others who cannot.

I praise thee, O mighty and ever-lasting God, and thank You for my life. I have equipped myself like You, great in strength, Defeater of Darkness.

Praise Set, I thank You, God in my Heart, who taught me how to preserve the force of mind.

He has taught me perseverance and strength, and alongside Him nothing shall prevail that works against me, nothing ceases that I put in motion.

Praise our Lord of the Heavens and Earth! Praise the Lord of the Oasis, the beautiful child of Ra! Praise Set, He who disregards the law!

—  Mighty Set, Lord of Storms,
Who slays Apep,
No evil may stand before You.