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                       Nujabes - Feather (Feat. Akin & Cise Starr)

Ain't No Chronology
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  • L Universe/BeNeVoLeNcE
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Vocals: L Universe & Nujabes - Ain’t No Mystery
Beat: BeNeVoLeNcE - Only Time Can Tell (Chrono Cross)

Today’s mashup is L Universe (AKA Verbal of M-Flo) mixed to a Chrono Cross related beat. The cool thing about this particular beat is that it’s actually a medley. I think the first theme sampled is “A Child Lost In Time” but I’m pretty sure the next two are “Arni Village” and “Fields of Time” (those track title translations may vary). Enjoy the mashup and feel free to download it here.


Smooth Saturday

nujabes - home sweet home


The singer went public with stunning Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke at the weekend in London’s Hyde Park.

My exclusive pictures show the new couple cuddling and kissing during MUMFORD & SONS’ British Summer Time gig on Friday.

And in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the VIP bar.

Read online here


Take That - British Summer Time, London by sxdlxs 

Someone Like You

Request: Could you do a song imagine with Someone Like You from Jekell and Hyde?? The song is really beautiful and could translate well to Pan finally finding someone who sees beyond the dark side of him;)

Warnings: none

Someone Like You - Jekyll & Hyde

You looked out your window on a clear night. The stars were shining bright, especially these two stars on the right. You watched as the night life went by, as well. So much was happening right then. The stars were shining with the moon, lighting up the sky. A few cars here and there would drive by, people on late night runs, some walking along the pavement. Wind was blowing, lights were on from the inside of other house, some of them off. Things were happening, and life was passing you by.

You wish you could fly. You wanted out of this place, give your life adventure. But you never even tried. You never even tried to leave and do something. Life was simply holding you back.

Then everything changed. In a blink of an eye, everything changed. Something came right up to you, dragging you from your open window. You yelped, afraid, but it shushed you.

“It’ll be fine, quit whining,” he snapped.

“Who’re you? Where are we going?” You squirmed.

“To a better place. It’s where your life will actually begin.” He sneered, holding onto you.

You looked up at him. This boy was so focused on flying closer to the stars; so determined. You shook as he took you higher and higher. The ground was disappearing, your shabby home getting smaller. You were scared, but something inside you told you things would be okay.

Landing on the ground, the sun was up and the earth was warm. You looked around, finally getting a good look at the boy who took you. He had light brown locks, eyes that matched the forest, broad shoulders, nicely built, and wore deep green and brown fabrics.

“Who are you?” You asked, puzzled.

“Pan. Peter Pan.” He spoke sharply, tone sounding caustic.

“…Okay, Peter Pan,” you replied, not knowing what else to say. 

You couldn’t look Peter in the eyes. You found him physically attractive. If you looked him in the eyes, you’d probably stutter and blush.

“Why am I here?” You kept your tone calm and collected.

“Because you’re lost like the others.”

Lost? You heard the term before. You could admit, you were lost. You had no sense of direction, no one helping you either with that. You wanted to explore, craved adventuring. You wanted to do something with your life, but you couldn’t because of how your living situation was. And now this cute guy picked you right up, and is making your exploring dream come true. How about that?

“Pan, come on don’t be like that,” you giggled. You’d been on the island quite some time now. You were so happy there. Peter introduced you to a whole other world. He opened up new doors. He set you free. And the best part was that you really liked him. Even after seeing him explode on his Lost Boys. Even when he got mad or angry. Even when he was at his worst. You still liked him, and you were so happy that someone like you found someone like him.

“Hush, Y/N. I don’t want to talk about it,” he pouted. Peter was in a funk; a weird mood.

“Oh, come on,” you lingered, draping your arms around him. He shrugged you off. “Peter.”

“What?” He snapped. 

“What’s the matter? You love it when I wrap my arms around you.” He shrugged, and you gave him a knowing look. “Don’t lie to me. Don’t try to cover it up.”

Peter was your best friend. He took you someplace new, touched your heart, and you really enjoyed his company. Nothing was ever the same when you met him. Your heart had taken wing; taken flight with him. You always wanted to b there for him.

“Why aren’t you ever… afraid of me? All the others are, but you aren’t. Why?”

You grinned, looking at the ground before glancing back up at him. “Because they only see your shell. I see beyond that. I know you’re not just this dark being. You’ve got some light in you.”

Peter sent you a cold stare, even though he was truly taken aback by your words. “I’ve been nothing but snappy and harsh with you, though.”

You giggled. “We’ve had good days, Peter. Like when you smile when I wrap my arms around you,” you smirked, wrapping your arms around him once again. A tiny grin appeared on his lips. “Or when I play with your hair. And, I know you like it when I call you Peter instead of Pan.”

He didn’t want to admit that those few reasons were true. He did love it when you clung onto him and played with his hair and called him Peter. Though he only liked it when you did those things. Anyone else, he’d snap at them.

“You’re the only one who treats me like a person. Not some higher up.”

“I know,” you lazily grinned. “While we’re confessing a few things, you do make me feel alive.”

“Do I?” He asked. You two were still both hugging. “Ah, you make me feel alive, too.”

You looked at him. You loved him, and you wished he loved you. Now that would be something. But how could someone like him love someone like you? You thought it was impossible. You did see the light in Peter, but you still knew he was rather selfish. He’d never love someone other than himself. You looked away from him.

“Look at me,” he ordered softly. You did as told, looking into his eyes.

Peter leaned in, kissing you fully on the lips.

anonymous asked:

Family relationships between the Servamps :3 but them and the ships raising children also sound amazing 😂

I see, thanks for the clarification X’D Ifeelsostupidhelp Well then, without further delay, Servamp family relationships it is! Here you go~

  • Once they’ve set aside their differences, Hyde becomes the one who hangs out with Kuro the most out of all Servamps, as well as the one forcing him to go out more, socialize and actually talk to people who are not Mahiru (who approves of Hyde’s efforts). Kuro hates being dragged around with a passion because he’d rather stay at home, but he does have to admit that most of the time these misadventures don’t end up being as bad as he expected. Honestly, the worst thing about them is probably Hyde’s teasing and inability to shut up.
  • The Mother is super protective of her brothers and feels that it’s her duty as the only sister to defend the boys. She has taught World End how to fight and also dragged him and Hyde out of fights on many occasions, usually slung over her shoulder or carrying them under her arms. She’s also the voice of reason and makes sure that none of her brothers act too much out of line or do anything stupid, and she’ll readily give them a death glare or punch their lights out when they don’t listen.
  • Lily is the mom sibling, the one everyone keeps going to for advice or when they simply need someone to vent to. However, more often than not Lily also offers his siblings unwanted (if usually correct) advice or even gets all up in their business to help them, especially when romance is concerned. (In that case, Hugh will always join him and they’ll become the world’s best and worst team of matchmakers and wingmen.) He’s also the only Servamp who can strike up a decent conversation with Jeje.
  • Kuro is the involuntary babysitter, a role he’s somehow forced into by way of the fact that he’s the oldest, as well as the Servamp with the most common sense. As such he’s always stuck dragging his wackier siblings (usually Hyde or World End and occasionally even Lily or Hugh) off when they’re making a scene, covering their mouths when they’re about to say something stupid, and wondering why on earth he’s even doing this in the first place. The only sibling who’s never given him any trouble so far is The Mother, who’s pretty peaceful and well-behaved as long as you don’t mess with her or her brothers.
  • Bonus: Tsubaki joins the big wacky family and starts rivaling Hyde’s role as the siblings’ entertainer. From that point on they always try to one-up each other at family gatherings, each trying to get more attention than the other, and it goes horribly out of hand. In the end something always gets broken or burned, and Kuro and The Mother are the ones stuck dragging them away from each other and kicking them out before trying to minimize the damage.

That’s all I can think of off the bat, but it’s almost shocking how naturally these came to me! I hope you like them anon, and sorry for the wait ^~^;

(This is in reference to a couple of spoiler pics taken by kingscourtautographs that are floating around my dash.)

Wonder where Emma got that magical grout gun. I could use one for some tile repairs I have to do. Or maybe it’s a magical cookie press and Hyde is dodging out of the Storybrooke cookie swap but Emma won’t let him. ;)

Also, I love that Killian’s vest has 2 pockets. He needs places to hide his pirate treasure!

anonymous asked:

So it seems like Jekyll, Hyde, Aladdin, and Jafar will be the "recurring" characters of the arc while the others announced will be more of single ep guest appearances? Add in the Evil Queen and I hope this doesn't get too messy.

There are a lot of characters, but the good thing is that it seems like they are all there to further the story of our main characters. 

Also I’m hopeful that having the Evil Queen in Storybrook means that the writers won’t feel like they have to shoehorn-in useless flashbacks with her, just so the writers audience gets their dose of her.   Also, don’t forget the introduction of Jekyll and Hyde is already out of the way, so we can hit the ground running with them.     

Only time will tell if they will do it all justice, but I’m hopeful.  I really love the idea of Emma feeling overwhelmed with everything and finally being back in Storybrooke and being able to take a moment– with her pirate by her side– to think about everything she’s been through and what it means and who she wants to be going forward at the same time she’s confronted with all these characters looking for a Savior. Frankly, as a fan of the character it’s all I could ask for going into season 6.