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Classic Portrait Faces on Modern Bodies by Dorothee Golz

vienna-based artist dorothee golz has created a digitally painted series in which classic portraits have been reimagined as well-recognized
drawn faces visualized on modern bodies. golz’s portfolio of hybrid pieces are born from her interest in historical artworks, social structure
and the conception of gender roles both the renaissance era and today. the artist repurposes elements from the original work, stripping away
the intention of the painter while infusing her own modern conception of the figures pictured.

first, the golz begins by selecting an antiquated painting possessing a photorealistic quality in the vision of the sitter’s face. she then develops
a studio setting in which to picture the modern body and renaissance face in a manner which may seamlessly combine both elements in a single still.
through the use of strategic lighting and particular positioning of the body of the sitter, the artist is able to re-envision the original artwork as a modern
photographic representation. finally, the artist places the painted sitter’s head upon the digital image picturing the figure of a person from today in  
post production. in this way, golz frees the painted renaissance persons from their stiff posture and conservative dress so that their facial expressions
may be more recognizable to a contemporary audience. via: designboom

Papergirl Vancouver
One of my favourite events. It’s about sharing. It’s about gifting. It’s like sending out a message in a bottle. This year my work is being distributed Mexico, Bristol, Hannover and Vancouver.

All of the artwork submitted to Papergirl Vancouver will be lovingly placed on display at the Roundhouse Community Centre for a week before riders head out on their bikes to spread art throughout the city.

Join the celebration of another year of art and altruism on Monday, August 24th at 6pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre!

Papergirl Vancouver 2015 Offerings

Papergirl Vancouver Exhibition Opening Announcement

Cheyenne Diner (New York)

Forest Fire (2014)

New York: What Remains 9

Spanish Banks Sea Creatures (Lumen Print, 2010)

New York: What Remains Papergirl Vancouver opens Monday, 24 August (6 - 8 pm) at the Roundhouse Community Centre Papergirl Vancouver One of my favourite events. It’s about sharing. It’s about gifting. It’s like sending out a message in a bottle.
Mandolin Mike

I met Mandolin Mike on the streets of Nashville during a road trip to create content showing off the Lumix GX7. The best part of the assignment (as many are) is of course creating beautiful photography. For this trip though I took on the challenge of also capturing animated portraits where appropriate. One of the best places a photographer can make use of capturing motion and sound in addition to…

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Hybrid Photography with Giulio Sciorio: OOC Episode 17

Hybrid Photography with Giulio Sciorio: OOC Episode 17


The Out of Chicago Conference 2015 has been announced and we have a stellar lineup! My goal is to bring each of the presenters onto the Out of Chicago Podcast before the conference. We’re starting with one of the real rock stars of the conference; Giulio Sciorio. Giulio is a Panasonic Lumix Luminary and is an expert at blending still…

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The Gear Resource: Panasonic LUMIX GH4

The Gear Resource: Panasonic LUMIX GH4 Quick Review From @jaronschneider @LumixUSA

Let me preface this by reminding readers that I’m first and foremost a cinematographer. Though I do take stills on occasion, the majority of them are part of a time lapse. With that in mind, my recommendations for the Panasonic Lumix GH4 are purely from the video perspective… but that shouldn’t surprise you. After all, it’s primarily a video camera.

The Panasonic Lumix GH4has been, and…

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