As much as he felt like this would set everyone
at ease, Achaka couldn’t help but feel a sense
of dread. He hadn’t seen Soten in a number of
years. Even during his yearly visits to Eruah
with Petlya to visit their family, he still avoided
seeing his ex-wife.

He was too ashamed of his past actions to face
her. Too ashamed to really even mention her
or his son until just a month prior to now. The
king felt bad, not telling Neese the truth of the
matter, but he just didn’t know how to tell her.

And yet here they were now, in Eruah. With
both his wife and daughter getting stares for
how light their skin and Neese’s hair was
compared to theirs. A good lot of the population
of Eruah had never seen such people, and
knew they had to have been outsiders. At 
the least, a lot of them recognized Achaka
as Onoik, and left them be.

Achaka ended up asking around, trying to
find what part of the village Soten might’ve
been living in now. Once they got an answer,
Achaka led the way toward his ex-wife’s
apparent home.

It was small. Definitely a place where someone
would likely live alone. It made sense, since
Kedon was a grown man now. It was hard to
believe that he had a thirty-one year old son,
and two seven year olds. …Well, currently one
seven year old. He hadn’t exactly told Neese
how old his son was just yet.

His hesitance was obvious as he stood in
front of Soten’s home, occasionally glancing
back at his wife and currently distressed
daughter. Neither of them were exactly taking
to the heat well, but Rosella was certainly
more dramatic about it.

Finally, however, he reached out his hand
and knocked on the dark, wooden door.

It was a few minutes before the door would
open, revealing a woman that looked as
though she may’ve been in her late thirties.
Her black hair was in a bun atop her head,
and her eyebrows immediately began to
furrow at the familiar sight of her
ex-husband. Oh, she didn’t look to be too
terribly happy to see him.

A small conversation took place between
the two of them. Soten appeared to be
keeping a lot of anger held back, as she
certainly didn’t need to make a scene
and frighten the little girl just behind Onoik.

Eventually, after a roll of her eyes, she
began to walk into the house. Glancing
back again, Achaka motioned for Neese
to follow him.

“…Is upset with me. Will see if she will
give Hyara some water.” He told her,
then entered into the house.

The house itself had a few portraits on
display, of a younger looking Soten with
a boy in front of her. It had to have been
Kedon, Achaka and Soten’s only son.

In another image, there was an image of
a man that almost looked like Achaka, if
it hadn’t been for his facial hair, with his
wife, two children in front of him (a girl
and a boy), and a baby cuddled up in
their mama’s arms. It certainly didn’t
look to be Soten. Achaka recognized
his son, but didn’t say a word.


Esse beijo pra mim, mais que um beijo qualquer foi a demonstração mais pura de todo o amor que um sentia pelo outro. Não foi ensaiado, não foi combinado. No calor do momento, no medo da distância, nos olhos e nos sorrisos deles estavam toda a expressão de amor que nenhum “somos amigos nena” conseguiu disfarçar. Um amor em que acreditamos e que esperamos até hoje. E que se preciso for, esperaremos por toda uma eternidade. Feliz Dia Vondy traumadas.