Mangas you should read. 


By: Osamu Tezuka

When a diamyo made a pact with 48 demons, the price was his first born son’s limbs and organs. His sacrificed son, Hyakkimaru, is found by a doctor who gives the boy prosthetic arms and legs. Hyakkimaru has to fight all 48 demons to regain his body parts. He meets his cunning partner, Dororo, along the way.


Obscure Fandom Week: Day 5- The Anime

Unfortunately, I really can’t comment on the whole anime series because it is so old it is nigh impossible to find, minus random clips here and there. As such, I haven’t really seen more than this AND those some-odd clips.

Many of you may be wondering “Why the hell is it called Dororo if the protagonist is Hyakkimaru?”, and it turns out TV producers were too. So they renamed it–

“Dororo and Hyakkimaru”! Wow!

For its time, Dororo was considered in the “horror” genre, rather than a “supernatural” or “sci-fi” genre which it would probably be grouped in today.

In the 60s and 70s, violence in a children’s TV show was a much bigger deal than is is today, so this was kinda pushing the envelope at the time, I guess. I mean. Just look at that blood! 

The one thing I have heard however, that versus the manga (and potentially the movie), the anime, like Blood Will Tell, had a more conclusive ending.

As this is old, (seriously, 1969) and if you think the animation is horrible and bad (which it is by today’s standards) and start comparing it to K-On or something, I will come and punch you in the snout.