Hwang Chansung

Just..just watch. I can’t w/these fools😂 I swear I love them. First off, I’m just marveling at the fact that Woobaby used the term “stout”, like who taught you that?

Favorite Chansung Pics

Because Koala anon is trying to kill me was curious, she asked me what were some of my favorite 2PM group pics, eras, or individual pics.  Let’s start with Chansung since he’s my bias. Some of these may surprise you. ^_~

Since it’s just my personal taste I’m not sure anybody is really interested in what pictures I like. But if this is something any of you want to see more of send in an idol and I’ll try if I have time. ^^

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2PM: When you do aegyo


“Aish, why do you have to be so cute!?”

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*attempts to out-aegyo you as a joke* “I can totally do better!”

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*tries to tear his eyes away, but ultimately can’t* “Can’t you see I’m trying to work!?”

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“I didn’t think it was possible to find someone cuter than me, but here we are.”

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*watches you in adoration* “You’re so adorable. Only do aegyo for me.”

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*beats you with a smile unintentionally* “You’re super cute!! I can’t believe it!”

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thatsmyg1rl  asked:

What kind of businesses would the guys run not related to the music industry?

Jun. K. This one is the hardest to do because I honestly don’t see him not being in the music industry somehow. I guess I’d put him in the fashion industry. Fashion just seems like his second passion.

Nichkhun. I get the restaurant vibe from Khun. I can totally see him running one. Maybe Thai food? If he doesn’t run a restaurant, he would still be in the food business somehow, like maybe a place that specializes in a certain kind of drink.

Taecyeon. Even if Taec didn’t run his own company (OKCat) already, I would still see him making plushies. I just really see him as the kind of person who would sell stuffed animals.

Wooyoung. Maybe a bar or somehow selling alcoholic drinks. He wouldn’t run a club necessarily, just a bar or a liquor store. I don’t know why, but I just see him doing this.

Junho. I see him running a pet store. Have you seen him with his cats? Junho loves them and he definitely loves animals. It just seems natural for him to run this type of business.

Chansung. I’m not sure, to be honest. I kind of see him running a used book store. Just think about it. Chansung wearing glasses, sitting behind the check out counter and reading a book. It’s a great image. 

2PM Bodyguard Chansung 'Turn the Page'

@leftmyheartinyokohama asked: I like both Nichkhun and Chansung, so may I please have a bodyguard expansion for them please? No rush. Love you, thank you. 😊

A/N: Thank you for all your lovely comments and notes. They always make me smile and I appreciate them greatly. I really hope you enjoy your expansion, I died a little writing it. <3 

WARNING: Brief violence.

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


One of your favorite things to do when you were stressed and travelling was go to a bookstore. Even with the prevalence of e-readers, which you had as well, you preferred old fashioned paper and ink. Something about wandering around, looking at displays, and hefting thick books in your hands centered you.

Long ago you’d learned that this type of excursion was torture for all but one of your guards, Chansung. So he was your usual companion on such trips. If it was a generally secure location, he’d wander an aisle or two away at times to look for books of his own.

Often you could be found in the Fantasy section or History. The areas he frequented were philosophy and photography. Loaded down with an armful of different worlds and wonders, you discovered he was leafing through a book on landscapes.

“What’s that?” Peering at the book he was holding you took a second to look at the picture. “Yours are better.”

He chuckled, “I don’t know about that.”

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