Iceland’s Massive Dinosaur Rock

Located in North Iceland, in the Gulf of Húnaflói, stands a massive rock that looks like a grazing dinosaur called Hvítserkur. The spectacular structure is a natural formation on the landscape that adds an intriguing, mystical touch to the surrounding environment. In fact, legend has it that the colossal boulder was once a giant troll seeking to attack a neighboring abbey, but was petrified into a slab of stone when caught in the rising sun.

Whether one believes in folklore or not, it adds to the story of Hvítserkur, which used to be a volcano. The structure is the remains of a 15-meter-high volcano that has almost completely eroded away. Photographers both in and out of Iceland seek to capture shots of the beautiful, monumental rock.

(via My Modern Met)

Hvítserkur by Harpa Hrund on Flickr.

Hvitserkur is a rock that protrudes out of the sea in the western part of the Huna Bay in Iceland. The sea erosion has carved holes through its foundations.
Hvitserkur, which translates to “white shirt” derives its name from being covered in Shag and Cormorant guano, rises 15 metres, or nearly 50 feet from the sea. - Harpa Hrund