les rochers d'Islande by Paucal


Iceland Day 5

If I had to pick one word to describe today it would be “rejuvenating”. We woke up, took showers and swam in the local water park (multiple pools, hot tubs, and even a water slide), checked out the waterfall Goðafoss, drove to Akureyri where we actually sat down and ate in a restaurant (damn good burgers), checked out the local shops and mall, and then drove to Hvitserkur where we walked along the coast and found a nice camping spot. Nothing went wrong (other than my slicing my hand on a sharp rock climbing up from a lookout) and nothing was too stressful.

At the same time, I didn’t really feel a huge drive to take a bunch of photos today, so I focused more on relaxing and didn’t worry about it too much. Here are a few of the photos I actually did take.

- Audie


Hvitserkur, which translates to “white shirt” and derives its name from being covered in Shag and Cormorant guano, rises 15 metres, or nearly 50 feet from the sea. It was once the plug of a volcano, but over the years the craters surrounding the rock plug gave way to the pounding Atlantic Ocean leaving only the unusual outcropping Hvítserkur behind. Curiously, Hvítserkur itself would have given way to the ocean as well, had its foundations not been shored up with concrete some years ago. Icelandic legend has it that the rock was a troll who forgot to retreat from the light and was turned to stone in the sunrise, though from some angles it is said to look like a dragon drinking from the water. The geological oddity was commemorated on an Icelandic stamp in 1990.