A story of college adventures.

My Freshman year the college T.V. station decided to run a month-long event called “Humans Versus Zombies” or HVZ where the participating students were all issued a card with a number on it. If you were a human you were allowed to use an unmodified Nerf gun to shoot the zombies (A major problem for many participants as the routine Nerf wars on campus lead to some heavily modified guns that could shoot a flea off a dog’s back at 100 paces, eventually it was agreed that modifications that only affected reload time was acceptable but modifications to muzzle velocity was not, freaking tech schools, but I digress) and when the zombies were shot they were “out” until they left “line of sight.” If a zombie caught you, then you became a zombie. The zombie would take your card and register their kill online, if a kill was not registered in 48 hours, you died. Now here’s where it gets weird.

One student who was selected to be one of the initial zombies happened to be a parkour enthusiast. In the 2 weeks leading up to the start of the event he took to following people around, making notes of their routes, and figuring out where to lay ambushes. When the event started he began to begin his attacks. He leapt out of trees, suddenly burst from corners and low walls to strike at his “prey” and generally took down the “human” population of the campus.

Now as the zombie population “grew” the humans who remained were exceedingly cautious. Never using the same route twice, only leaving “safe havens” when necessary. Insisting that non-participants not talk to them between classes, etc. Now obviously this made it harder for the less fit zombies (Again, tech school) to get their necessary feeds to live. So the more fit zombies began to set up ambush parties. Large herds of zombies would come charging out at survivors, funneling them into the waiting arms of a zombie who could not hunt himself. They began to plot and plan, figuring out the next target and generally showing to some people just how terrifying an intelligent zombie apocalypse could be. Eventually the zombie menace was curbed by a simple weapon that you would never see in a movie.

The lead zombie’s girlfriend at the time, a non-participant, was feeling neglected and made him stop obsessing over the game in order to spend more time with her. Had she not done that I doubt any of the humans participating would have survived.

Now here’s where it gets even weirder:

As I said this was a tech school, the professors were actively doing research. Now one of the professors in the biology department was listening to the students discussing the events and what all had happened. She decided to ask the campus T.V. station for the records of who was turned and when, then she took that list of students to the registrar’s office and pulled their class schedules and residence locations. From there she was able to model the “outbreak” and the changes in the mentality of the hunting species as the amount of available prey decreased.

She used it as an example in her upper level classes. The next year, there were professors participating in HVZ, and studying the numbers, and modeling the information. I’m fairly certain that they wound up eventually publishing a paper about it.

Humans Vs Zombies (I don't want your excuses)

Signup: tamuhvz.com

Also Known As the most fun you’ll ever have in college.
     AKA “Why are those kids with awesome, bright, giant guns being chased by people with bandanas around their heads?
     "Humans vs Zombies, dude.”
     "Oh. I’ve heard about that. Seems fun. Had a friend who did it.“ 

     ”… I think one just bit me.“

     I’ve proclaimed this great horror/survival game of moderated tag for two years and I am sick of hearing these common misconceptions and excuses for why others won’t play. I want to see our games return to near 1,000 players again:

1) "It’s too nerdy.”

     My theory for as to why this stigma exists is because the “cool” (who really aren’t) people are much too close minded and are unable to come to terms that they enjoy shooting things and eating brains.
     Honestly, if you think not giving a fuck about what people think is too much of an effort for you to experience extreme levels of fun and to do what you want to then it’s best you stay away.

2) “Finals are next week”

     Have you ever heard of a study break? HVZ goes on ALL WEEK LONG (from 4/30 to 5/4) so you can play when you want. If you have no time to go hunt during the day then be like me and only go to the missions that are every night at 6 or 7 PM. Get off your FB arse and go play “RL Left 4 Dead”.

3) “I don’t have a Nerf gun.”

     A) You can buy a six-shot maverick for $10 at Walmart if you need. A lot of players use this gun. 
     B) You can be a sock ninja. We love sock ninjas. They are greatly respected and you have socks so why not?
     C) We’re nice and we’ll lend you a gun if you show up. 

4) “I don’t know anyone”

     The fear of death brings instant camaraderie. And there is always someone you know there because it’s so bloody easy to get your friends signed up and coming. And if you come alone like I did my first time you instantly make friends. You’re all there for the same reason and can all discuss your gear, the mission, the zombies, the brains, the mods, everything. 

5) “I’ll think about it.”

     Shit if you will, you lying fool of a took. You go to tamuhvz.com right now, register for the site, and enter the OZ pool.

    If not, we’ll be having all the one-man stands against five zombies outside blocker while the main horde trails behind without you.

ok so I’m playing this game on my college campus called humans vs zombies. it goes on for three days and your main objective is to survive. (unless you become a zombie, then it’s to tag as many people as possible.)

basically everyone runs around with this little orange band on thier arm and one person is patient zero and runs around tagging people. Once you get tagged, you have to put your band on your head and you become a zombie and can tag other people. 

however, humans can defend themselves by throwing socks and stunning the zombies, and there are also safe zones where they can hide and stuff. 

this is how i went to class today.

the socks are on a velcro strap thing and i have a slingshot bow to launch them with and stuff.