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....Just get a second job like the rest of us struggling. I don't want to be rude but like.. idk asking strangers for money is selfish. I have one book in my room that's it. it was all sold to help pay for shit and we have no food. Support yourself

I get what you mean and getting another job did cross my mind but it’s easier said than done.
1. because i have anxiety and its one of the main reasons why i chose to open up my own online business because it’s comfortable for me.
2. my store and tumblr take up almost all of my time so getting another job would only get me sleep deprived. 
You and some people may not think much of having an online store and/or blog but I hussle everyday to try and get more sales on my stores, especially my shades treasures one and make edits for tumblr. Making edits for tumblr is very time consuming with the amount that i post. With my store there’s a whole list of things i have to do to try and make it more known and drive sales and such.
I started selling some stuff of mine months ago and now im selling my sponsored stuff (which i planned a while back). I don’t have a lot of things either. In fact, i don’t even remember the last time i bought something for myself. And this includes skincare products also (because i have acne). In the house we have the basics and that’s it.
I didn’t want to respond to this message at first because it is sort of negative but i wanted to share a little bit more because in my post i only typed up the important/highlights of my story but there’s more to my situation. I just don’t want to get into it too much because it’s too personal and the post would’ve been even longer than it is now.
I don’t think you’re rude at all, you’re just voicing your opinion and i respect that, but i wouldn’t have made that post if i didn’t need help. I don’t just support myself but my fam too.
Even if after reading this you still feel the same that’s fine by me, I think we should just leave it as this cuz i don’t want to argue if you have more to say. Let’s just agree to disagree and stay civil.