Look at these nerds. These dorks. They’re in the middle of a war and they’re still the biggest dorks on this planet. Their relationship is so under appreciated. I don’t even ship them, I’m talking about the fact that everyone forgets that they’re dorks t o g e t h e r. They may have broken up, by they were still really good friends and dorks and I love Dave and Terezi. 

They’re such adorable nerds, okay? Protect them with your life.

should you read homestuck?

have you ever wished harry potter had more memes? is your favorite part of video games the sound design? are you fascinated by mysterious internet cryptids? do you yearn for the day that will smith is recognized as an important pop culture icon? do you wish you were more comfortable with writing in the second person point of view or verbs that start with the letter a? do you have a lot of free time?