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(I'm on mobile so idk how to view FAQ so sorry if this is in there) I was wondering if there's a way you can tell Loki an Luka apart physically (it looks like one might be smaller in the walking side by side but that would depend on ages) were they litter mates or just from the same mom? Loki sometimes looks like his eyes aren't as blue and lean more towards grey, but it could be lighting cuz others they look blue. Do you have more pictures of them next to each other?

They look completely different to me! I have this as FAQ #4 ( They’re from different litters but have the same mom and dad. Luka’s about a year older, give or take a few months.



§  Pink nose with black edging (though their noses do vary with seasons!)

§  Very triangular ears (straight sides)

§  Fluffy cheeks/head/neck/shoulders, dense undercoat

§  Almond-shaped eyes (“sharper” looking eyes)

§  Tail curves more like a sickle shape when up (more to breed standard than curly tails)

§  Wolfy look


§  Black nose with slight pink edging (though their noses do vary with seasons!), slightly pinkish/reddish on chin

§  Ears not as triangular/straight on the edges, they have a bit of a curve

§  Fur is shorter in length but very plush, not much undercoat on head/cheek/neck

§  Rounder eyes that often droop, and if wide open you can sometimes see white around the iris

§  Holds his tail in a tighter curl when it’s up

Here’s a photo of them side-by-side

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Tbt to that time I went back to MTL and took a very basic picture with one of the parents dog. Her name is Camden and I gotta say she’s pretty cool. 😎 She’s also a rescue dog, I guess it doesn’t change much if I mention it but if you are gonna get one of those hairy friends, ladies and gents, adopt a rescue dog! 🐺🐶✌️
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