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Can we talk about how Sonic runs away from Amy to the one place in the city where couples can get in for free, fully knowing that Amy is very likely to follow him

because I would really like to talk about that

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im going through your cute sonic tag and you have broken me im a mess of tears hes so cute and so dorky im going to cry

I’M VERY GLAD ANON the power of cute Sonic leaves no survivors <3

Here have some more cute Sonics (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:☆・゚✧

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do you have any tips for differentiating between wolves and agouti dogs? I can usually tell the difference naturally, but I can't really back it up because I don't know what the differences I notice actually are. I just see a lot of people with GSD/malamute/husky mixes claiming that they're wild wolves and I don't want to correct them without having my own shit together first.

I’m so bad at explaining this too, but I’ll try! :) 

Firstly, the agouti color is very unatural type of gray for a wolf. It’s way too plain gray. Instead of having just one shade of gray, wolves usually have a lot more brown, black and/or white in their fur.

[x] [x]

Another way to distinct a wolf from an agouti dog can be the charachteristic back markings of the wolf. Some dogs (including agouti dogs) might have something similar, but it’s never quite the same! Below is a picture of a wolf where the markings are quite distinct and easy to see. Some wolves have less distinct markings, and summer coats tend to be more blaze than winter coats, so they might not always be so easy to see. Anyhow, most wolves have it so just look closely. 

Back markings on a light black wolf: 

[x] [x]

However, I think what is best is to learn the differeces in body type between wolf-like dogs/dogs and wolves rather than color differences. Especially when it comes to wolfdogs seeing as the mix can have the color of a dog, but still have wolf in them. How people indetify wolfdogs is to look for wolfy traits in the body building rather than the color. Like this wolfdog below that has a agouti-similar color which is not a natural color for a pure wolf. Still, the dog has some wolf in him.  


The wolfy traits I see on the wolfdog above is mainly in the head. The head itself is very slim, and the facial feautres as well is pretty wolfy - long narrow snout, yellow wolf eyes etc. Agouti dogs that are often mistaken for wolves are typically huskies and malamutes. These dogs have shorter more compact head shapes, shorter legs and a more compact body, curled tails or wavy tails (wolf tails are always straight and they are hanging straight down for most of the time. Lips are more droopy, ears are a little longer whereas wolves have shorter ears, and they stand a little more outwards on wolves rather than straight up. The fur on these dogs also look more dense, probably because wolves have a lot more and a lot longer cover hairs. Facial markings are also very different from wolves and huskies/malamutes which is a very easy way to determine whether the animal is a wolf or a dog. 

German shepherds of working lines are also often mistaken for wolves, but once you learn the difference they don’t look like wolves AT ALL! There’s no similarities whatsoever. Yes, both have standing ears, but that’s about it. Wolves have small ears pointing outwards, while GSDs have big ears pointing upwards. The backs on even the working line shepherds are more slope than with wolves. Head/neck are placed very different. Shepherd muzzles are wide and shorter than the wolf’s narrow, long snout, their tails are too long and often have a swing at the end.

[x] [x]

Differing wolves from dogs is one thing, but differing wolfdogs from pure dogs can be even trickier as the dog and wolf traits melt into one another. It takes a lot of knowledge and training to see the difference sometimes. You have to know the charachteristic of the body types and body features of not only wolves, but a lot of different dogs too. If you want to learn how to separate dogs from wolfdogs I recommend that you follow blogs such as yourdogisnotwolfdog. They consists almost entirely of posts explaining how they know the animals is a wolfdog or a pure wolf. 

Hope this helps at least a little! 

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holy poo!! that pixel is so good!! how do you do your pixel art?? ive never been able to figure it out?? maybe some tips? if you dont want to thats fine but holy sweet jesus that is a really good art i like it a lot uvu

I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to this but I figured it’d be easier for me to show how I do pixel art rather than tell ahah

I’m not gonna call this a tutorial since past experience has told me I suck at those so I guess this is just ‘here is how I do the thing’

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ask-xenos [Percival]

[ickle and pen added in the end because they’re doing stuff in town in her story >>;; ]


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your thoughts on mephadow made me laugh sooo much XD like you don't understand how funny that last one with mephiles spinning like a ballernia made my day xD


Ballerina Mephiles is canon and if people who actually ship Mephadow (or any other Mephiles ship for that matter) don’t make use of that in their fanfics and fanart they are doing it wrong

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do you have any pets?

I have two!

1. Luna is a husky/german shepherd mix

here is her as a puppy

and here she is in jail

she can be quite lazy and sometimes you have to carry her because she cant be bothered to get up and go home

2. Minnie is very tiny

she just came into our house one day and decided to stay with us

she has gotten a little fat because she likes going into strangers houses and begging for food

she doesnt like getting dry

Sometimes she comes with us when we take a walk in the woods by our house

She also likes fighting snakes, killing things, belly rubs and screaming


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27 & 17 ❤

Hi Anonnie, here you go:

17: best singers in K-pop? wah this is hard, and i’ll be strict and only naming KPOP(!) singer (aka no ballad, no rnb, only kpop!), stating that this is my personal taste/opinion/preference: males: Yoseob (Beast), Eunkwang and Hyunsik (Btob), Gunwoo (Myname), D.O (EXO), Jun.K (2PM), Tey (Mr.Mr), Baekho (Nu’est), Changmin (TVXQ), Lee Geon (Madtown), Rain, Kangjun (ex C-Clown)  females: Ailee, Hyorin, all of Mamamoo? lol

27: when did you get into K-pop? I really don’t know how when where it started… but it wasn’t that long ago, maybe around 2012?

Ok… This not an important post for every one… But, FOR HEAVENS SAKE @toxic-husky asked in his last doodle post if he progressed in any way…

Dude! You’ve improved so much!!! It’s awesome! Your proportions are (almost) perfect! Lineart is neat! Shapes you use are incredibely cute!
Keep going dude you really deserve it!