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coorohusky for the brotp meme :3

ahhhhhhhhh i think this meme is meant to make/edit individual posts per thing, but i’ll go ahead and make a short version (if i have time tho i might actually fill these out in full this is some good stuff)

[1] otp/brotp

brotp: crow don’t do it

[1] the moment they became your otp/brotp

gosh, i can’t really think of a particular moment, but i think i really started appreciating their relationship after reading some of Moofy-Fan’s fics

[2] quotes

“Come with me! I’ve been looking for other +anima. I bet it’ll be more fun with two of us!”


“What about you, Cooro?! Try telling us what you want for once! Don’t just leave us!! You owe us…that much!!” heck me up

[2] colors

idk what to do with this it’s a manga n/a

[3] funny scenes

1. Cuisine cuisine! Clothes clothes!



[3] heartbreaking scenes

When Husky tells them that he’s not coming with them and Cooro is done with Husky’s tsundere bs just flies away

When they overhear Cooro talking with Fly and Husky’s remembers my 1st quote and is like “f*ck is that what he meant”

My 2nd quote that part when Husky is literally holding Cooro back from flying away f*ck me up.

[3] favorite scenes

Again that big final scene man just heck me up

When Husky is talking with Nana about Cooro and about how he didn’t stop them from leaving like, Husky’s understanding of Cooro there is some 👌👀 good stuff

When they’re confronting Cyranova about him lying about Cooro actually being a messanger of death, and Husky is like physically threatening this kid and Cooro is just like “husky. chill”

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im going through your cute sonic tag and you have broken me im a mess of tears hes so cute and so dorky im going to cry

I’M VERY GLAD ANON the power of cute Sonic leaves no survivors <3

Here have some more cute Sonics (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:☆・゚✧

Ceo!Michael Blurb

Ceo!Michael blurb

You sat in your office as the assistant of a huge company, doing paperwork. “Why do I have to do this all on my own, I mean I always have to stay late and never actually see anyone else around!” You thought frustratedly, looking down at the pile of paperwork, laying weightlessly on your desk. You wrote down all the things needed to be written until you heard your office door open and close. “How’s the paperwork coming?” A husky voice asked. You looked up and saw your boss Michael Clifford. “It’s going great Mr.Clifford!” You smiled kindly. “I’m sorry you always have to stay late instead of everyone else, but your my best worker and without you, nothing would get done. So I wanted to ask if you wanted to be moved into my huge office and be my assistant?” He asked kindly with a smile. “I would be honored Mr.Clifford.” You said with surprised eyes. “Please call me Michael, Mr.Clifford is not punk rock.” He said with a smirk. He walked closer to me and leaned over your desk. “Maybe if you want, you could come over my house and we can have a little fun…cause I gotta say…you look so sexy in your dress right now..” He suddenly whispered in my ear from behind me. “Sorry Mr.Clifford, I’m a little…busy, with paperwork to do anything.” You smirked. “You can take a nice break with me..” He smirked, kissing down your neck. You laughed" sorry sir, but I don’t stop doing my work because we might get behind cause I am your best worker.“ He grumbled and sat on your desk in front on you. "At least a little taste of your plump red lips?” He asked pouty-like. You smiled and said" anything for my…boyfriend.“ You pecked his lips and laughed. "Oh also, some day we will be public baby, I promise.” He smiled. He kissed you softly and then picked you up from your chair and spun you around. You squealed and held onto him tightly. He put you down and hugged you. “It’s time to get home baby, I’m not gonna make you work anymore tonight.” He smiled. You nodded and took his hand. You grabbed your stuff and walked out.

(This was when Ceo!Michael is your secret boyfriend and also letting you finally work in his office with him and he was horny but you weren’t taking it.)

This is for blurb night hosted by txhohood and malumsbooty.

#246 - Sneaking Around

Harry: You walked down the street, the time nearing one in the morning. The park was yours and Harry’s go to meeting spot, and every second night, the two of you got together and just spent as much time as possible together. When you arrived, the park was empty. To anyone else, the dark, isolated park would seem like the perfect place for a horror movie, but to you, it was your safe place. It was the one safe place where you and Harry could get together with no risk of getting caught and no risk of being torn apart. Sitting on the swing, it was time to wait. It wasn’t long until you heard footsteps in front of you, and the familiar silhouette coming through under the streetlight. “(Y/N)?” his husky voice asked and you stood up. “It’s me Harry,” you smiled widely, starting to walk towards him. When you two reached each other, his arms went tightly around your shoulders and he squeezed you against his chest. Your arms went around his torso tightly and you two stood in silence for a few minutes. “I missed you today…” he murmured against the side of your head, placing a gentle kiss right under your ear. “I missed you too,” you whispered into his neck. Harry pulled his face back and looked at you with a soft gentle gaze, leaning forwards to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, then to your nose, and then your lips, letting the last one linger for quite a bit longer. “I promise the isn’t forever…” he whispered. “The minute we both have enough money… we’re gonna go away somewhere special and safe… and we’ll be happy… together.”

Liam: Your families had the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding, but the night before, you and Liam couldn’t take it. After you had made sure everyone was asleep, you quietly grabbed a room key and snuck out of the room. Liam and yourself had managed to set up a meeting spot down by the pool because there would be no one else around. Walking on the concrete pad, you bit your lip when you saw him. The blue light from the pool hit his face as his legs hung in the water, his pants rolled up to his knees. Silently, you came up beside him and sat down, sliding your arm around his waist. He looked over with a startled expression, but once he realized it was you, he instantly relaxed and put his arm across your shoulders. “Hey baby,” you mumbled quietly, leaning into his side and stretching up slightly to attach your lips to his. Your hand rested on his chest and he put his over top, molding his lips against yours happily. For a moment, you two got lost in each other. The surroundings disappeared and all sounds went away. All you were focused on was him and his embrace, the way his lips felt against yours and the way his thumb constantly brushed over your engagement ring, soon to be replaced with a wedding ring. When you two pulled back, the smile on his face was like no other. “This time tomorrow we’ll be married… can you believe it?” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours. “I know Li… I’m so excited…”

Niall: Your parents absolutely hated Niall. Your father had banned him from ever coming back to your house, but that wasn’t going to stop you two from getting together. Once you were sure your parents were asleep, you opened up your window and carefully slid out. Taking a deep breath, you dropped out onto the grass and quickly took off in the direction of the headlights. The car was one that you would be able to pick out of a thousand. When he pulled up beside you, you opened the door and smiled widely when you saw his face. “Get in princess,” he smiled widely, and without hesitation, you slipped into the passenger seat. As soon as your door was shut, you two drove off. “I’m so glad you came…” you said softly, reaching over the middle console to take his hand tightly. “Why wouldn’t I?” he grinned softly, driving down the street and turning onto the main road, going nowhere known to you. “Where are we going?” you questioned softly, looking out the window. “I don’t know. My parents don’t know I left either. But I figured we could just drive down to the lake. It’s only half an hour away,” he suggested. You weren’t about to protest. Any time with Niall right now was precious. “Sounds good…” When you two finally got there, of course, it was empty. It was nearing 1 in the morning and everyone around would long be in bed. You walked ahead of Niall and sat down in the soft, cool sand. His presence came up beside you, and soon his arm was back around you. “It’s our time… so just relax…”

Louis: You chewed your lip, looking around as you knocked on the hotel room door. The hallway was empty, but you were still nervous that someone would come out and see you. Thankfully, the door opened revealing your boyfriend, his eyes going wide and quickly pulling you in the room. “What are you doing?” he whispered, shutting and locking the door behind you. “I wanted to see you!” you whispered back, resting your hands on his chest. “What if someone would’ve caught you?” he questioned, sliding his hands onto your hips. “Then let them… what would they do anyways? It’s not like they can keep us apart for long, I mean… We are getting married tomorrow,” you chuckled, leaning in slowly to give him a soft peck. “That’s right… we are, aren’t we?” he teased, chuckling out quietly. Rolling your eyes playfully, you slid your hand into his and tugged him over to the bed that was unmade. He got in under the covers first, smiling up and you and pulling you next to him, throwing the blanket over your body and letting out a happy sigh. You moved over so you could be closer to him. Louis’ arm draped over your waist, and you two just laid there taking in each other. “How do you feel about tomorrow?” you asked softly. “I’m so excited baby, you have no idea…” he whispered in reply, his smile growing. “So you’re not going to leave me at the alter?” you giggled, teasing, but with a serious undertone to your question. “Never baby. Never ever, I love you… And we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. Happily.”

Zayn: You leaned up against your boyfriend, letting out a deep sigh. His arms draped over your shoulders as you sat between his legs. “You know this isn’t forever right?” he murmured softly, pressing his lips to the back of your head. “I don’t know,” you murmured quietly, grabbing one of his hands and gently playing with his fingers. “I don’t like not being able to see you when we want. I hate that we have to sneak around and hide from everyone.” You felt Zayn’s chest expand and contract slowly and deeply. “I know, but right now there’s nothing more I can do… your parents won’t give me a chance and my parents won’t give you a chance… It’s a loose-loose situation…” “But we’re not kids anymore Zayn… We could go and buy a place and just forget about everything…” It seemed like such an easy solution, but in reality it wasn’t. You were in school and you hadn’t been able to find a job that would give you enough money to pay for half the rent, let alone live by yourself. “(Y/N)… you know we can’t do that right now. I can’t take you away from your parents and your schooling.” “I know…” you grumbled, completely tossing the idea from your head. It just wasn’t possible right now. “I just need you to know that this isn’t forever,” he said softly, rubbing your arms and shoulders soothingly. “We will be able to have our own home… but for now… this is what we need to do, and I’m so sorry I can’t give it to you. I’m so sorry.” You maneuvered your body around so you were able to look up and face him. “I love you, you know I do… and I’ll wait.”


(txhohood, I made a blurb if you would like to put this on your account, I know it’s not really good, but I tried! Lol)

Prince!Calum blurb

You were working in your usual position in the kitchen as head chef. You loved you job, especially since you could always see the Prince once and a while. You had to bring out a quick snack to the king and queen and they were very picky about timing. You rushed down the hallway only to bump into someone and drop the food. “Oh god.” You panicked as you picked up the food off the floor. “I have to go back to the kitchen to make more before they fire me from my favorite job.” You cried out quietly. “Miss, are you okay?” Asked a husky voice. You looked up only to make eye contact with the prince. You stood up quickly and curtsied for him. You saw a stain from the food you dropped, on his shirt. “Oh god sir, I’m so sorry!” You exclaimed worriedly. You called for one of the maids to tell the kitchen to make two more snacks and to hurry it to the king and queen. You then looked back at Prince Calum. “I should get that stain out for you!” You said while looking at the brown stain from the chocolate frosting. “No miss, it’s fine, what you should be worrying about is your outfit. It’s a mess!” He chuckled. You blushed" sorry again Prince Calum.“ You said in shame. "No need to be sorry, it was an accident, now let me help you get cleaned up.” He said kindly. “You really don’t have to.. ” but before I could finish my sentence he was pulling me to the laundry room. “Calum you shouldn’t be in here!” You exclaimed. “As long as my parents don’t know, I’m fine, miss really.” He chuckled. You blushed embarrassingly. “So your gonna have to take off your clothes if I’m gonna wash them for you.” He said while taking off his jacket. You grabbed a black dress and ran to the back room and took it off quickly and threw the clean feed on for now. You walked back out and gently handed him the clothes. “Thank you dear, and you look amazing in my sisters dress.” He smirked. You blushed even more and looked away. “How do you know to wash clothes?” You asked softly. “I used to do it with my favorite maid when I was younger.” He said softly while cleaning my clothes for me. “You know you don’t have to do this, your the prince, your suppose to be doing something a royal would do.” You said softly. “Like bossing people around? I hate that, people are people and not slaves.” He said frustrated. He hung my clothes up to dry and took my hands. “I never got your name beautiful.” He said with a wink. “It’s Y/N.” You replied blushing. “Well Y/N, will you be my date for the ball?” He asked kindly. “I-i-i can’t, I’m working in the kitchen for it.” You confessed. “Please, take this one night to be my date. I promise you won’t regret it.” He said slightly pleadingly. You finally gave in, that night, you dressed in a gown he gave you that was his sisters and you both danced the night away, at the strike of 11 o'clock, you guys stood out on the balcony and kissed. Later that month he asked you to marry him and you lived happily ever after.

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holy poo!! that pixel is so good!! how do you do your pixel art?? ive never been able to figure it out?? maybe some tips? if you dont want to thats fine but holy sweet jesus that is a really good art i like it a lot uvu

I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to this but I figured it’d be easier for me to show how I do pixel art rather than tell ahah

I’m not gonna call this a tutorial since past experience has told me I suck at those so I guess this is just ‘here is how I do the thing’

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If I could turn back time...

If I could turn back time and do it all over again I would. I wouldn’t treat you like shit. I’d listen to you. I would’ve changed. I’d do all the things you wanted to do. I was always so fucking grumpy and idk why. You used to love huskies. You always asked me if we can go in the dog shop place at the mall and pet a dog. I should’ve let you be happy. I should’ve let US be happy. But instead I ruined it all. I tried but I couldn’t manage it. Then the day came. I felt lost, I felt the anxiety tearing my heart apart. I should’ve treated you like a princess. I should’ve made feel the butterflies. But instead I made you feel scared, scared enough you didn’t want to go on. I’m sorry. I really am. And if I could turn back time to get one more chance, then I would change it all. I’d do anything for you to be happy. I just feel so alone right now. It’s been like this since we broke up. It’s not easy. You were my first true fucking love. And although you’ve moved on to a better and happier life… I’m still stuck here dreaming of what we could’ve been.

Horror Movies

CHARACTERS: derek hale x reader


The screen turned black as the movies credits began to roll. My heart pounced in my ears, my fingers still gripping the blanket. “ Wow Y/N, ” you said, quietly scolding yourself. “You know you hate horror movies and you go watch one. By yourself. In the dark.” Throughout the movie my braveness slipped away, slowly but surely, leaving me full of anxiety and fear. The credits finished leaving me in complete darkness. Crap. 

CRASH. A sudden sound coming from outside made me jump about a mile in the air. “Just a tree. Just a tree.” I reassured myself unconvincingly. With trembling fingers I reached for my phone as the fear became too much to bear. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. “Babe?” a husky voice asked from the other line. “Derek?” I whispered. “What’s wrong? It’s 1am. Why do you sound like you’ve been crying?” he frantically said. Surprised, I quickly wiped away the tears that had been unknowingly streaming down my face.

 “Um, this might sound a teeny bit stupid, but I watched a horror movie. With no one else. It just finished and I’m sitting here in the dark and I’m scared out of my mind.” I explained in a hoarse voice. A few seconds passed before he replied. 

“ It’s not stupid. ” he reassured me. The sound of clothes being thrown around filled the other line. “Listen, I’ll be there as fast as I can, okay?” he said breathlessly. “I’m sorry. ” I replied. “You don’t have to come. I’m just being an idiot. Go back to sleep Derek.” “I’m already coming Y/N. Plus I’m not gonna leave my favorite girl by herself. I’m not even that tired anyway.” he said. As if on cue he yawned. 

“Yeah right Derek. It’s fine just go back to bed. I’m fine.” I muttered into the phone. “Your voice tells me otherwise.” he states. I could almost see his smirk. A sudden knock pulled me away from my train of thought. It also frightened me half to death. Slowly the doorknob turned, my heart beating louder by the second. 

“Don’t worry it’s just me princess.” chuckled a familiar voice. Letting go if the breath I’d been holding, I leapt onto Derek burying my head into the crook of his neck.His strong arms wrapped around my waist and held me, my fear evaporating in an instant. “Thank you.” You mumbled into his lips as you gave him a kiss. “For being my personal superhero.” His grin lit up the whole room as you both leaned in again for a kiss.

Those are the days when you miss him so bad. When you miss him a lot. Those times when you want to rush to your phone and text him ‘goodmorning’ & 'I hope your day will go well’. Those nights when you want to call him to hear his husky voice and ask him how his day had gone. It is when you want to prepare him a simple nutella sandwich, cause you know it’s his favorite and you know that he’ll appreciate it no matter how simple it is. Those times when you feel like you’re the most supportive girlfriend ever having to watch him play his favorite sport, basketball, and cheering him like you are the only one in the crowd. Those times when he does the things that make you happy though you didn’t even told him to.

It is when you want to see him and finally got to see him. But this time, you see him holding the hand of another girl and you see him having the smile that someone brought back after you took it away from him. The smile that took years to recover. And when you finally see him wearing that smile again, that genuine smile. It is then when you realize, that someone else is doing it better for him now.

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Husky inu mixes are cute and seem to have good body shapes

nooooo its not something that should ever come from a breeder and its not something you should be paying for…. its irresponsible to allow that and would really turn me off from any breeder. Mistakes happen but nope not from a breeder. 

loss of life.

A/N: All of the Maximoff feels have been happening lately.

So, here, have some angst.


Wanda found it difficult to speak with anyone in the few days that she waited for Pietro’s recovery. No one would tell her anything.
So, she spent the better half of her time standing by the large window in the New Avengers facility, looking out over the beautiful property.
“Beautiful view, isn’t it?” A husky voice asked from behind. Wanda jumped and turned to see Thor moving to stand beside her.
Wanda swallowed hard before nodding.
“It’s nothing compared to the view from where I am from.” Thor added, “Asgard… The views are incredible.”
“I bet.” Wanda nodded.
“Has the Lady Cho spoken to you yet?” Thor asked.
“No, she hasn’t.” Wanda spoke softly.
She felt his hand gently on her shoulder, and it was surprisingly comforting.
“Worry not. I know the feeling of losing someone.” Thor said solemnly.
Wanda looked to him then, furrowing her brows.
“Yes. I lost my brother just last year.”

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How come Boris looks more wolf-like than Tasha?? If i want one like him do i have to ask specifically?

Huskies can be so many different colors– all white, red & white, black & white, silver, etc. Some colors (like all white) are almost impossible to have in a litter unless one or both of the parents is that color. Boris is “wolf grey” like his momma, and Tasha is black and white with red on her shoulders, hocks, and tail (her dad is black & white super plush and momma is dark red with shorter fur, so she is kind of a mix of both). 

The best way to get the husky of your dreams is to find a reputable breeder with huskies that look the way you want.. because chances are their pups are going to grow up to look very similar to their parents. I asked our breeder specifically for one of Boris’s momma’s pups before she had her litter and that I wanted a wolf grey boy :)

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hi husky. <3 happy one direction anniversary! and thank you for being such a lovely person to follow. i always associate smiley and happiness when i see your url and your icon. your blog is a place of joy for me and i am very grateful for you!

kelll PLS. i super hope it’s ok to publish this its just made me feel very warm and happy and i wanna keep it but lmk if ud rather i didn’t! thank U so much for being part of my experience, youre such a rad person with such golden glowy vibes. ahHh this is so so sweet. ily happy 1dversary