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Blaze x Amy

I always seem to associate this ship with shutupfaker ahah

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Shops for groceries - Amy, but she tries bringing Blaze too. Somehow the food shopping gets abandoned in favour of Amy getting Blaze to try on cute outfits.
  • Kills the spiders - Spiders who intrude on Amy and Blaze’s personal space get squished with a hammer which is on fire.
  • Comes home drunk at 3am - Blaze.
  • Makes breakfast - Team effort breakfast again :D Amy makes sweet things which Blaze then bakes.
  • Remembers to feed the fish - Amy refuses to keep fish knowing that Blaze will fatten them up.
  • Decorates the apartment - Amy, but Blaze insists on some rather high-quality decorations that are a bit beyond Amy’s imagination (and budget).
  • Initiates duets - Amy!
  • Falls asleep first - I’ll say Blaze due to her royal duties being tiring.

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I'm probably going to regret asking this, but: Vecpio

Time to find out if you regret it ;D

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Shops for groceries - Neither, they’d order Charmy to do it (and give them some space).
  • Kills the spiders - Re: The Chaotix’s office has numerous ninja stars in the corners of the ceiling from Espio killing the spiders.
  • Comes home drunk at 3am - Vector. Espio is just sighs to himself and gets Vector to sleep it off before he starts trying to sing. Even if Espio somehow thinks he and the Chaotix are good singers, he probably knows Vector’s drunk singing would be (even more) awful.
  • Makes breakfast - Espio. He seems the most trustworthy in the kitchen ahah
  • Remembers to feed the fish - Re: Charmy getting forced to do the boring stuff.
  • Decorates the apartment - Espio, Vector probably doesn’t have the patience.
  • Initiates duets - Vector, then Espio joins in. And then Charmy joins in and gets thrown out.
  • Falls asleep first - Espio tries desperately to sleep first, but inevitably Vector does and snores for ages.

I would only ever ship Vecpio if it involved Charmy constantly getting in their way otherwise it is nothing to me

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Shops for groceries - Amy.
    …even though it’d be pretty OOC Sonic and Shadow competing for Amy by both going to town and doing the shopping for her would be kinda funny though
  • Kills the spiders - Shadow doesn’t care, Sonic would try to free the spider, and Amy would already have her hammer out and be so focused on smashing it she wouldn’t realise Sonic is trying to catch it to put it outside and hits Sonic instead. Shadow “hmph”s to himself in amusement when Sonic ends up unconscious, until he realises Amy is pouring affection over Sonic and taking special care of him.
  • Comes home drunk at 3am - Shadow. Amy tries to get him to sleep while Sonic is busy being extremely unhelpful and laughing his head off.
  • Makes breakfast - Amy, but her efforts probably go a bit unnoticed with Shadow being unresponsive and Sonic preferring chillidogs.
  • Remembers to feed the fish - Amy.
  • Decorates the apartment - The entire apartment is frilly pink stuff thanks to Amy. After a while Sonic and Shadow’s eyes get sick of the pink and they decide to work together to redecorate while she’s out shopping, but their DIY skills are awful and they make a huge mess. Amy is very displeased when she returns.
  • Initiates duets - Either Sonic or drunk Shadow.
  • Falls asleep first - Amy or Sonic.

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do you have any tips for differentiating between wolves and agouti dogs? I can usually tell the difference naturally, but I can't really back it up because I don't know what the differences I notice actually are. I just see a lot of people with GSD/malamute/husky mixes claiming that they're wild wolves and I don't want to correct them without having my own shit together first.

I’m so bad at explaining this too, but I’ll try! :) 

Firstly, the agouti color is very unatural type of gray for a wolf. It’s way too plain gray. Instead of having just one shade of gray, wolves usually have a lot more brown, black and/or white in their fur.

[x] [x]

Another way to distinct a wolf from an agouti dog can be the charachteristic back markings of the wolf. Some dogs (including agouti dogs) might have something similar, but it’s never quite the same! Below is a picture of a wolf where the markings are quite distinct and easy to see. Some wolves have less distinct markings, and summer coats tend to be more blaze than winter coats, so they might not always be so easy to see. Anyhow, most wolves have it so just look closely. 

Back markings on a light black wolf: 

[x] [x]

However, I think what is best is to learn the differeces in body type between wolf-like dogs/dogs and wolves rather than color differences. Especially when it comes to wolfdogs seeing as the mix can have the color of a dog, but still have wolf in them. How people indetify wolfdogs is to look for wolfy traits in the body building rather than the color. Like this wolfdog below that has a agouti-similar color which is not a natural color for a pure wolf. Still, the dog has some wolf in him.  


The wolfy traits I see on the wolfdog above is mainly in the head. The head itself is very slim, and the facial feautres as well is pretty wolfy - long narrow snout, yellow wolf eyes etc. Agouti dogs that are often mistaken for wolves are typically huskies and malamutes. These dogs have shorter more compact head shapes, shorter legs and a more compact body, curled tails or wavy tails (wolf tails are always straight and they are hanging straight down for most of the time. Lips are more droopy, ears are a little longer whereas wolves have shorter ears, and they stand a little more outwards on wolves rather than straight up. The fur on these dogs also look more dense, probably because wolves have a lot more and a lot longer cover hairs. Facial markings are also very different from wolves and huskies/malamutes which is a very easy way to determine whether the animal is a wolf or a dog. 

German shepherds of working lines are also often mistaken for wolves, but once you learn the difference they don’t look like wolves AT ALL! There’s no similarities whatsoever. Yes, both have standing ears, but that’s about it. Wolves have small ears pointing outwards, while GSDs have big ears pointing upwards. The backs on even the working line shepherds are more slope than with wolves. Head/neck are placed very different. Shepherd muzzles are wide and shorter than the wolf’s narrow, long snout, their tails are too long and often have a swing at the end.

[x] [x]

Differing wolves from dogs is one thing, but differing wolfdogs from pure dogs can be even trickier as the dog and wolf traits melt into one another. It takes a lot of knowledge and training to see the difference sometimes. You have to know the charachteristic of the body types and body features of not only wolves, but a lot of different dogs too. If you want to learn how to separate dogs from wolfdogs I recommend that you follow blogs such as yourdogisnotwolfdog. They consists almost entirely of posts explaining how they know the animals is a wolfdog or a pure wolf. 

Hope this helps at least a little! 

jhock115  asked:

Ship Post: Epsilver

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Shops for groceries - HMM… Espio maybe? I can kind of see him being ordered to buy groceries for the Chaotix, so maybe he’d offer to get things for Silver on his way to the shops.
  • Kills the spiders - My immediate thought is there are many ninja stars and spider corpses in the corners of the ceilings
  • Comes home drunk at 3am - Espio probably has to drown a hard day at work at detective agency every now and then.
  • Makes breakfast - Re: Silver opening bedroom doors with his mind and his partner being awoken by a floating bowl of cereal.
  • Remembers to feed the fish - …both maybe??
  • Decorates the apartment - Silver and his psychokinesis again.
  • Initiates duets - The one rule Silver would be very strict about if they were in a relationship: Espio is banned from singing. Forever.
  • Falls asleep first - Like Blaze for the Silvaze ask I doubt Espio would let his guard down quickly, so I’ll say Silver.

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sonjet?? (/'ouo)/

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Shops for groceries - Jet would probably order Storm to get groceries in his place. Sonic would not bother waiting for the inevitable failure and buy them himself.
  • Kills the spiders -

    Seen above: Jet discovering a spider. Replace Wave with Sonic running for his life.
  • Comes home drunk at 3am - Jet comes home on his Extreme Gear very drunk and being chased by the police for drinking underage and… drunk riding?
  • Makes breakfast - Out of the two, Sonic.
  • Remembers to feed the fish - Racing is more important than fishies.
  • Decorates the apartment their room on the Babylon Rogue’s airship thing - Jet. His ship.
  • Initiates duets - Sonic, but he likes to sing alone because he doesn’t like how Jet’s singing sounds like his own singing but out of tune and with 50% more squeaky parrot.
  • Falls asleep first - Sonic!

officialsegaofamerica  asked:

Huski I really hope you're enjoying sonic boom and continue to!!! I thought it was super fun imo and while I experiences a couple glitches it's not nearly as bad as ppl say and on top I think the graphics are outstanding in backgrounds too and yeah just seriously have fun ok ; v;

aaaa thank you Beca ;v; YES I AM 100% LOVING IT DON’T WORRY