For Desiree!

777 followers. Desiree leaned back in her seat, a content smile on her face.
“Well, might as well wish on it,” she laughed to herself as she posted about it, saying her wish was for Lindo Tachibana to be real. Well, it was! Everyone wants their favorite characters to be real…
She sighed, reveling in the thought of being able to really lay in Lindo’s arms. Man, that would be great.
“What are you goofing off on the computer about this time?” A pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders from behind. But it was the voice that really made her eyes open wide. Lindo’s. She spun around, thinking she must’ve finally gone crazy or something. But instead, her forehead collided with the redhead behind her’s. He released his gentle hold on her, completely disregarding the fact that she had smacked into him in favor of seeing if SHE was alright.
“Desiree, are you okay?” He placed a gentle hand on her forehead. When she winced, he sighed and shook his head.
“Is this what I get for giving you a hug?” He gave her a joking grin. “I’ll get you some ice.”
“Wha- No!” The girl stood to her feet, grabbing his wrist as he turned to leave. What if he left the room and never came back?! If this was an illusion, she sure as hell wanted it to last as long as possible!
“You seem really flustered,” he indeed stopped, concerned. “Is something wrong?” His blue eyes shone, and she couldn’t help but feel herself be drawn in. She closed her eyes and leaned up for a kiss.
“You had me worried just for a kiss?” He chuckled, and connected his lips to hers before she could respond. And she felt it. She felt his presence, felt the love radiating from his as he wrapped his arms around her, and just…knew it had to be real.
“…I really wanted that kiss,” she said as they parted, regaining her nerve and composure. Well? What else was their to do? The only option was just to relax and go along with it.
“You know you can always ask,” he planted a soft kiss on her forehead. “That way you don’t hurt yourself. But you already do that a lot, and there’s not much I can do about that.” They both smiled at each other. Desiree placed her hands on his chest.
“Mm..can we stay like this a little longer?”
“Of course,” Lindo let his hands rest on the small of her back, and she laid her head on his chest as they stood, completely engrossed in each other.

“Desiree!” She woke with a start to the sound of someone calling her name. The voice didn’t register; all that did was her disappointment. Dammit. It had all felt so real…well, at least the follower count was. She rubbed her eyes and trudged out of her room, sighing. But what she found in the kitchen stopped her in her tracks. There stood Lindo at the stove, in his signature apron. He turned at the sound of her footsteps.
“Finally up, I see,” he looked her up and down, noticing her sleepwear and how flattering it was. “And still looking beautiful, as always. You’re the best thing to see in every morning, you know.” Desiree knew, in that moment, that it was real. And boy, was she happy.

(Okay so this is a late night fic written on mobile so there are probably a few errors n shit but ENJOY! Also I hope Lindo isn’t too ooc or anything)

And no, Lindo was pretty on point! :D
Ahhhhh thank youuuuuu!
Now, to business… -runs to kitchen to take care of “business”-

Lanny really wants videos to be our new “thing.”

I don’t why, but lately my mind keeps going back to a conversation he and I had over a coffee date New Year’s Day. We discussed our goals for the year, for ourselves and for each other as a couple.

We also had the “if something happens to me…” conversation. On the inside my fingers were plugged into my ears, my eyes were closed and I was singing “lalalalala…” On the outside, I was calm and collected and fighting back tears as I listened to all the adult words he was saying.

He could see I was getting upset. He stops speaking, places his hand on top of mine, smiles and says, “But this isn’t going to happen for years. YEARS. We’re going to live forever, girl.”

And suddenly my mind goes to Brandi Carlile,
“I’m going to die on the exact same day as you.
On the Golden Gate Bridge, I’ll hold your hand and howl at the moon.
Scrape the sky with tired eyes and I will come find you.
And I ain’t scared, ‘cause I’m never going to miss you.”

Today I am a mess.