Jürgen Horn & Mike Powell
Germany & USA
Sony A7

You travel the World 3 months at a time. Why in particular 3 months? What do you hope to achieve in this time?

There are a few reasons that three months sounded good. Primarily, because we thought it would give us enough time to truly become familiar with a country. Also, three months is short enough, that we never have a chance to get bored. Before any disenchantment sets in, we’re gone! Three months allows us to get to four places a year, which sounded perfect. And crucially, visas are often issued for a maximum of 90 days. (In these cases, we don’t quite make it to 91!)

Three months is usually enough time for us to thoroughly explore our new homes, learn about the history, culture and cuisine, and even make some friends. At the end of our time, we almost always feel like we’re leaving home; we’ve been to 14 destinations so far, and have a personal connection with each one.

What has been the best 3 months of this project, in your opinion and why?

That’s almost impossible to say; each location has had its positives and negatives, and each has surprised, impressed and disappointed us in different ways. For nature, Iceland was probably the best. For history, Istanbul. For excitement, Tokyo. And so on. I could easily move permanently to Buenos Aires, and just thinking about the food and wine of Palermo makes me want to start planning my return.

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