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I have a fat fetish, as in only fat people, turns me on and activate my crushing/squishing (I'm like aro/ace towards other people, don't hate them for not activating my attraction, theiy're humans, which fat people are too!) But I know that I lose all the attraction towards someone if they hate being fat or want to lose weight, and it hurts emotionally. I don't know why it ended up as fat people attraction, but it has always been like that from my first ever attraction. Never dated (1/2)

(2/2) and I have a hard time ignoring my encouraging side, so my question is, should I just give up on the idea of finding a partner and live like a hermit, and/or just kill myself? Since nobody seems to like a person with a fat fetish…

There are priorities and the safety and lives of human beings will always be mine and ours. Forget about fetishism. Forget about fat activism. Your safety and your well being are the priorities. The rest becomes unimportant. 

If our activism is something that affects you so deeply, please, try to stay away from what we post here. Stay safe. Your situation and problems are obviously beyond fetishism or activism.
And while we cannot provide the help you need here, I’ll remind you that you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 if your thoughts of self harm become too overwhelming or you realize you are thinking of a SH plan. 

Please stay safe. And when you are, come back if you feel like it and we will discuss about fat fetishism. 

- Mod Guillermo

i promised not to self harm again but the scissor is right there and i feel that if i keep it to myself i’ll end up doing it, or I’ll excuse it by spreading the blood on a canvas and calling it art but it will not be art. 

Art is the two tattoos I designed to put onto my skin that told me NOT TO DO IT AGAIN, to never emotionally hurt people again, to never stab a bed that isn’t mine to avoid stabbing myself. Art was getting high with my friends and slapping “It’s a perfect day for some mayhem” on my deepest scar, allowing the scar to erase part of it. 

I am art, and art never dies. I’m still this little girl somewhere in there.

I am embarrassed to be a U.S. citizen

I really just spent the last 10 minutes sobbing becasue of this election. Forget about the emails, forget about how many times Trump went bankrupt or how successful you think he is. Let’s talk about Americans, we voted for a man who degrades women, has slandered the Hispanic community, and has targeted Muslim citizens in America. He gives no shits about our environment and the world we live in, he could care less about women’s rights, doesn’t give a shit about LGBTQ+ or black lives. That means as Americans, we don’t care if we degrade women or not, we don’t give a damn about the Hispanic community, fuck Muslims, the environment can so suck a dick, LGBTQ+ doesnt mean shit, and Black lives don’t matter. 

And I think part of the reason it hurt me so bad emotionally is becasue I had a lot of faith that we were more, that we were past those times. And now I sit here and learn that I don’t mean shit to most Americans, neither do my friends. That my life doesn’t matter, neither do my black friends and family. And that it is perfectly okay to degrade me and think of me as less than. 

It really fucking sucks.

His perspective

Her taking control of you for you when you can no longer handle things

Being able to expose yourself and she accepts you for who you are

Laying back and feeling her arms wrap around you from behind

Her fingers roaming your body and tracing circles on your weak spots

Watching her whilst shes in her working habitat staying on top of everything

When she climbs ontop of you

When she cups your face and leans in for a kiss

You getting tired so you fall asleep on her shoulder

That feeling of love when you are hurt emotionally and she tried her best to make you feel good

Those cute names she calls you when you see each other

When you try your best to surprise her and she loves it

That feeling of happiness when she coos sweet nothings to you

Her stroking your hair and petting you

Being able to be her rock to lean on when things get tough

When youre wrapped up tight like a burrito with each other both afraid of letting go

When she loves you

Idk any other /rr/ or /gfd/ things to write sorry :c
🌹 Rose Quartz Healing Tears 🌹

inspired by steven universe, a spell to help heal what is hurt (emotionally)

“I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you and loving being you. Because you’re going to be something extraordinary.”

🌹 gather: full moon water, a piece of rose quartz, pink salt, lemon balm

🌹 mix the pink salt and lemon balm into the moon water. let it soak.

🌹 dip the rose quartz into the water

🌹 let the water from the wet rose quartz drip onto your skin, like tears.

🌹 let it work. let it out. things often hurt before they can heal.

My ex hurt me emotionally the other day, unintentionally I am sure, and I thought I had let it go. But, instead, I feel that I am transferring my feelings onto others instead.

I know people are not all uncaring or unthought and selfish. But, today I feel that they are. 😕

Of course I am okay. Life is beautiful in its ups and downs. ☺️

its fine if you wanna vote for hillary to keep out trump go ahead the main thing i truly detest are people that invoke guilt-tripping arguments involving “not caring” about marginalized people if you dont back clinton like honestly fuck off you can talk about marginalized people getting hurt but the emotionally manipulative shit is unnecessary and ignorant bc it goes into the whole weird “only rich cishet white men have radical left politics” thing

childhood viktuuri prompts

-yuuri becoming an amazing braider because viktor always liked to style his long hair and yuuri loved to play with his hair so it all worked out

-them going to the movies with yuuri liking movies with an extra deep plot with amazing fight scenes and strategizing and viktor just crying over sad romance movies and sad dog movies

-them shamelessly sharing everything from clothes to food to beds

-when 5 year old yuuri starts off skating 9 year old viktor would hold his hands and skate around the rink for him and do tricks for him

-them actually never having large fights?? but viktor would sometimes accidentally hurt yuuri emotionally but they would always solve the issue

-17 year old viktor getting the idea from cheesy romance films where friends sleep in the same bed and somehow end up cuddling to sleep in the same bed as yuuri and and slowly waiting for him to fall asleep and then pulling him to his chest and just not letting go until he wakes up

-viktor would steal yuuri’s glasses and try them on and yuuri would always get flustered because he looks absolutely stunning with the blue glasses and his gorgeous silvery hair

more under the cut! :)

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An observation regarding how Peridot has treated Lapis Lazuli compared to how she’s treated the other Gems...

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“Enough talk! Prepare yourselves for annihilation!   Die, die, die, die, die, die, die!

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“Yes!  Feel my unbridled rage!”

“As if I’d negotiate with you [Garnet], filthy war machine!

“You’re a Pearl! You are beneath me! I’ll always be better than you and nothing I’ve seen today will ever change that!”

“Who cares about how [Amethyst] feels? Who cares about any of you! You’re all just rocks! Ruddy, muddy clumps beneath my gravity connectors!

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”What do you know about the Earth?
"Apparently, more than you! You CLOD!

“Just being on a ship with Jasper made me tired”

Peridot has been shown to directly insult, hurt (either physically or emotionally), attack, speak ill of, disrespect, or otherwise offend every single Gem that she’s come into direct contact with at least once on-screen.

Well, except for one…

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Lapis was angry with Peridot when we first saw them meet on-screen, but we don’t actually know the exact nature of their relationship off-screen and whether or not this anger is, in fact, justified - it’s pure speculation at this point, because we’ve never been able to see what happened for ourselves and have not been given enough details to piece it all together meaningfully.  We only know there was an “interrogation” of some kind; we literally don’t know how Peridot treated Lapis during this interrogation and probably never will.

But, from what we’ve actually seen directly on-screen, Peridot has never once been shown to behave negatively towards Lapis and has always treated her with respect (often arguably bordering on adoration) on-screen.  Which is in direct contrast to all the other Gems who she’s crossed paths with.

It’s interesting, really - it appears to imply that Peridot has always kinda liked Lapis Lazuli or something…


Request: Draco and Y/N are best friends, but he starts dating Pansy. Y/N is in love with Draco so she distances herself from him because she hates to see them together. It hurts him emotionally when she avoids him because he’s in love with her but thought he didn’t have a chance, and he finally confesses.

⇢  Draco x Slytherin Reader; no Voldemort; requests are paraphrased

“We need to talk.”

You raised an eyebrow and looked around the genial Slytherin common room. A soft green glow settled, casting a calming shadow in the bustling space. “Then talk.”

“In private.”

Ignoring the ooh sounds made by Crabbe and Goyle, you stood up and followed Draco to his dormitory. “Is something bothering you?”

“No,” he replied, sitting down on his bed, his head resting on his arms. Feeling your weight next to him, he sighed. “Yes. Maybe. I’m not sure.”

You folded your arms as you leaned against the headboard, peering at the small slither of Draco’s exposed face. “I’ve been your friend for all these years, yet I’ve never seen you look this disgruntled.”

Best friend,” he corrected, giving you a slight smile. 

“Who knows you more than anyone,” you agreed. “So, tell me, then. Who’s the girl?”

“How did you know this is about a girl–” Draco ran his fingers through his hair and adjusted his body to face yours. “Forget it. That was an idiotic question. You know me too well.”

“Of course.” You stretched your legs across his lap. “What’s the problem, then? Afraid she doesn’t like you?”

“Afraid she likes me too much, more like.”

You shook your head and stared up at the ceiling in mock disdain. “What a hard life it must be, being Draco Malfoy. How terrible it seems for all the girls to fall for your bad boy facade.” You shot him a sympathetic glance. “Sounds rough.”

“But the only girl that matters won’t fall for me.” Draco paused and looked at you theatrically. “Or so she claims. I believe she has something else to tell me…”

This has been an on-going joke between you and Draco for a while now, but lately, when he’d kid about liking you, you caught your heart skipping a beat. Of course, every time that happened, you would shove your unbearable feelings away in disgust.

“Keep dreaming, Malfoy.” You looked down, examining your manicured nails. “Well? Aren’t you going to tell me which girl you’re talking about?”

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10, 17 and 54 w/ Theo Raeken

10. “Promise me you’ll stay.”

17. “I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”

54. “The sun could never truly divorce the sky.”

“Please Y/N. Don’t do this.” Theo begged as tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

“Want do you want me to do then, Theo?” You replied, your voice hoarse. You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying not to breakdown.

You were heartbroken and Theo didn’t need werewolf senses to tell. He wasn’t much better though. He was on the verge of tears, knowing he had made you heartbroken had made him hurt physically and emotionally.

“Run away with me.” He blurted, his eyes widening.

You simply shook your head and looked at the ground. “I’m sorry Theo-” You began.

“Y/N. Listen to me please,” Theo interrupted. You sighed and nodded your head, signalling for him to continue. “We can move. We can pack our bags and drive away. I don’t know where yet, but we’ll figure it out. Please.”

“I’m sorry Theo,” You began once again.

“Please, Y/N. Promise me you’ll stay.” Tears ran down his face, but if he noticed he didn’t let on.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.” You sobbed, tears now running down your face.

“You can’t trust me, or you won’t leave your pack?” He questioned.

“Both,” You admitted. “But what am I supposed to do? You tried to kill Scott, Theo!”

“But I would never hurt you! You know that, Y/N.” He screamed. He didn’t wipe away the tears. He didn’t try to hide how he felt. Instead he let them flow freely down his face.

“Please, Theo. Just leave me alone.” You murmured, he simply nodded in response, tears till steaming down his face. It hurt you to see him like this.

He watched helpless as you walked towards the front door.

That was three weeks ago.

You hadn’t spoke to each other since, just glances in the hallway or quick, pained smiles in the cafeteria. You hadn’t lost feelings for each other either. You still loved him, and he still loved you. But it just wouldn’t work. Not at this moment in time. Not with everything going on.

There were times when he had tried to talk to you, just to chicken out at the last minute and walk away. There were times when you would get home and open your phone to call him and tell him about your day, then you remembered you weren’t together anymore. There were times when someone told a cheesy joke and he would look to see if you were laughing, and then he remembered you weren’t there.

You were still madly in love with each other.

Maybe you’d meet again, later on in life. Maybe you’d meet again, and it will be like you’d never left one another. Maybe you’d meet again, and you will finally get a chance at true love.

Because after all, the sun can never truly divorce the sky.

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she wants to say: I miss Gary so much like I know his last episode aired just yesterday but I still feel so empty. I would miss seeing him on screen. Being sweet to Ji Hyo. Arguing with HaHa on who is more handsome. Having those bickering fights with Kwangsoo whenever KS betrays him. I will miss hearing Gary call Seokjin "seok jin hyung" and SeokJin calling him "gary-yah" in return. I will miss Kim Jongkook with the Kids (gary and Haha) the trio would never be the same. I will miss Jaesuk's random life lessons directed at Gary. I will miss seeing Go Straight Gary, Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyriend Gary, HaHa's best friend Gary, Sudden Commander Gary, Squid Gary and most especially Running Man member Gary. Gary means so much to me and no matter how much it physically and emotionally hurts to see and know that he is leaving for good, all I really want is for him to go for and aim towards what will make him the happiest because that's how happy he made me feel for 6 years.
Blurbs Masterlist

1. Sick or Horny

A smutty one where harry is sick and clingy but horny too.

2. Baby I want babies but you too

One where Niall wants to have babies but Y/n doesn’t.

3. Love is you

One where Liam’s love is Y/n

4. Thanks Liam

One where Liam stands up for Y/n, Harry’s girlfriend

5.Oh shut up!

One where Y/n is being teased for her short height by Niall.

6. Finally

One where Y/n and Harry are interviewed.

7. Soulmates

One where Niall and Y/n discovers and finds out their soulmates.

8. Please?

One where y/n and Niall break up.

9.Stop hurting me

One where Harry hurts Y/n emotionally.

10. Don’t leave me

One where harry doesn’t want y/n to get out of the bed.

11. Sad ending

One where harry loses interest in y/n


One where Niall is staring at her because she’s way more prettier than anything.

13. Million pounds

One where fame gets to Harry’s head leading to a heartbreaking break up.

14. You seduced me

One where harry tries to seduce y/n

15. Accident

One in which y/n gets in car crash after fighting with harry.

16. Disturbed by her

One in which y/n keeps disturbing harry while he’s gone to work.

17. Loved you first

One where harry loved her first.

18. I can never mean it

One in which harry assures y/n that fights won’t change his love for her.

19. Learning from dad

One where harry’s 16 year old son is taught driving by his father.

20. Drunkly adorable

One where harry is drunkly adorable.

21. Sick baby

One where harry is sick on christmas day :(

tony telling peter he’s not an avenger… while still sporting his black eye and forehead cut from the cap 3 battles… like… the avengers hurt him… physically and emotionally… half of them likely still resent him… like i am fully aware that it’s Not That Deep but tony “this doesn’t mean you’re an avenger, in case you were wondering” stark who doesn’t want to include peter in their ranks at all partly because he’s still so fucked up by the avengers