The signs as...

Television: Aries & Leo

Steven Universe, a real gem of a show, takes back No. 1.
⬆ Your Sunday is complete again. Game of Thrones is back, moves up to No. 5
⬆ Diamonds are allegedly some girls’ best friend, but Pearl Mackie is Doctor Who’s (No. 8) new  companion.

Movies: Sagittarius & Taurus

The Jungle Book (No. 7) is top of the box office, but only middling in Fandometrics.
☆ It’s just starting to get warm out there, but The Huntsmen: Winter’s War debuts at No. 15.
The Magnificent Seven debuts at No. 18. Will hopefully be better than The Disappointing Septet.

Music: Virgo & Capricorn

Beyoncé is No. 1, ain’t sorry.
☆ The loss of Prince (No. 2) was felt by everyone. 💜
Jay Z is No. 13, a number as lucky as he’s probably felt lately.

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Celebrities: Gemini & Libra

Civil War hasn’t opened yet, but Chris Evans (No. 1) wins the battle of Fandometrics.
Chyna (No. 7) will always be remembered as one of the most influential female WWE wrestlers.
⬇︎ Robert fell Downey Jr., all the way from No. 5 to No. 10.

Games: Aquarius & Cancer

⬆ Break out your spare ocarinas. The Legend of Zelda powers up to No. 4
Dark Souls III moves up VI to No. VI.
Five Nights at Freddy’s (No. 17) might be getting a new game. So many nights spent at Freddy’s.

Web stuff:  Scorpio & Pisces

danisnotonfire is No. 1 again, right where you can usually find him.
Critical Role released their 50th crucial episode and returns at No. 9.
⬇︎ BLAMMO! Markiplier (No. 4) has been given his own comic book series.

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RWBY Season 4 Episode 2
Movie Synopsis:
The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class.


#kristenstewart was spotted at a army Warehouse in Idaho Falls, Idaho:


We had Kristen Stewart in the store today! She was awesome!


“She was way nice. I was a bit nervous for some reason. Haha.”
“She said she was just driving through.”
“I saw somewhere that she is headed to Montana to do a motion picture.
That’s what she told me too.”
“I was picking up clothes and she walked over to me and said sorry she did that and she would clean them up. I said no it’s ok, hey are you Kristen? She said yes, was super friendly. She talked about how this area and idaho was beautiful. I asked if I could take my picture with her cause no one would believe me and she laughed and said of course. I did see a small smile too! Haha.”

[ she’s headed to Montana for her next film, i suppose she’s not taking that break after all ]

Okay, this probably doesn’t mean anything at all, but

At the end of World of Remnant: Huntsmen, during this awesome shot, Ozpin says “But all are expected to serve humanity… and never succumb to the darkness.”

When I first watched it, the music during that part sounded familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on what RWBY song or music piece it’s from.

I rewatched the video again and again and couldn’t figure it out, but now I’ve got it!

Black the beast descends from shadows.

I find it interesting that this specific tune plays while Ozpin says “But all are expected to serve humanity… and never succumb to the darkness.”

Either this means nothing, or… something is going to happen with Blake.

The Tale of Grimm

In the beginning there was Dust, and from the Dust came life. Every being on the planet was born from it, and when they died to Dust did they return. Such did the cycle of birth, death and rebirth continue for countless millennia, marking the rise and fall of unnumbered species and civilisations. And when it was Man’s turn to join the cycle, they too accepted it with peace and innocence.

But there was one who did not. A human, his true name long since lost to time, refused to allow his fate to be determined by the will of rocks and magic. And so he turned to the darker arts, all of which are mercifully no longer known to this land, and crafted new life of his own that would be free from the controlling power of Dust. Taking the name Grimm, he used his newfound army to declare war on all who refused to join him, intending to snuff out the light of Dust once and for all.

The First War was long and bloody, for never had the people of the world had reason to fear one another, and all were unprepared to defend against the onslaught of Grimm and his creatures. One by one the cities fell, driving mankind back across the planet until only a few strongholds remained.

It was in those strongholds, where defeat seemed inevitable and hope had been all but extinguished, that a discovery was made that would change the course of the First War and the entire world. A handful of humans found a way to use the Dust buried deep within the ground as an energy source, which they used to repel the invading monsters. These first Huntsmen and Huntresses brought hope to humanity, and a counterattack was launched against Grimm’s horde. While never did the balance tip too far in favour of either side, over the next few years mankind gradually reclaimed most of their old territory.

Grimm, sensing that it was only a matter of time before the Huntsmen and Huntresses came after him personally to end the war once and for all, crafted a device that allowed him to flee to the moon high above the world. But the power of Dust is not so easily escaped, and the human armies eventually followed him even there. In desperation, Grimm used every forbidden magic he had ever discovered in one final, apocalyptic battle. Countless Huntsmen and Huntresses died and the moon was left forever scarred by the conflict, but the warlord was at last vanquished.

Stripped of the controlling force behind them the creatures of Grimm became little more than feral beasts, and fled to the wild lands out of Mankind’s reach. The surviving Huntsmen and Huntresses took up the mantle of humanity’s protectors, dedicating their lives to protecting the world from all threats, be they man or monster. The civilisations of the world, after many years of endless battle, were at last able to return to peace.

And what of Grimm himself? Most believe he died, but few returned from that final battle to speak of it and none are alive today. Certainly he has not been seen since then, and his creations have never shown the strength and coordination that they once did. But the appearance of the Faunus over the last few generations, bearing the qualities of both man and beast, has sowed the seeds of doubt and fear in people’s minds. If Grimm had indeed survived…

Then mankind’s fight would be far from over.