Ok the other day I was talking about ceramics but today I have to talk about HORSES.

Because if EU has an equestrian program, the horses totally have the Sight. Horses already go through their lives convinced they’re living in a horror film, one jump-scare away from gruesome, gory death at any given moment.

Because horses are the way they are, every rider develops this peculiar state of being while on a horse where you are hyper aware of everything thing going on around you, but also totally oblivious. We get really good at maintaining a very calm energy while we ride, because otherwise our horses freak out.

For example, I ride Hunter/jumper, an english discipline, so I’m only ever riding inside an arena. In an ideal world, I’d only have to pay attention to things inside the arena. Horses, however, are prey animals, bless their terrified little hearts, so my horse is constantly on guard, all the time, about everything.

Which means I have to pay attention to what’s in the arena, what’s outside of the arena, what my horse is paying attention to, what he hasn’t noticed yet, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will and will very shortly freak out about, AND I have to pay attention to how I feel about these things and what those feelings are doing to my body language.

Because if I react to something that my horse is already a little worried about, or even just react to him reacting, he’ll think ‘shit!! My girl’s afraid of it too!!! EVERYONES GONNA DIE’ and react accordingly. By panicking.

And this is all happing while we charge pell-mell around an arena and over jumps.

So I think if Elsewhere U has an equestrian team, equestrians in particular might be really good at assessing what’s out there, what’s dangerous, what will be dangerous, and what can be safely acknowledged on any given day, lol.


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