hmm… It’s quite complicated to describe what kind of emotion I want to show in this piece, I was charmed by his dialog with Hisoka in ch 352, [This isn’t meant to be a taunt, but believe me when I say my victory is 100% certain. Even with that in mind, do you still wish to continue?] or in short, “dude, don’t fite, u’ll die.” “fite me.” “… m’kay..”
So it’s like a mix between hesitation and ‘as you wish, sir’. The first thing I had in mind is probably it’s his indirect way to express his gratitude to Hisoka (for helping him getting his Nen back) since the same attitude can be seen through his Troupe member several times, they’re not ashamed to show their gratitude to their enemies.

This is so long overdue but this was my entry for the Hunger x Hunger zine earlier this year! Bisky’s having tea and biscuits with her two students ^^

To those who were interested in buying prints, I still haven’t gotten around opening a shop to sell my work (school just started again and I’m already drowning in work), so I’m sorry for the delay! Thank you for your patience.


I'ma touch the sky