Hunter Hayes previews ‘A Capitol Fourth’

“Cry With You” by Hunter Hayes

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Warnings - mentions of accidents, mild swearing, other than that not really :)

Summary - You receive the news of your cousin being involved in an accident and her condition. You took the day off, as you didn’t want Owen to worry about you. Owen comes to checks on you and sees you crying, and tells you that you can confide in him in anything and that he’d always be there for you.

A/N - this is an imagine based off the song “Cry With You” by Hunter Hayes, hope you like it :D thanks to anon for requesting :) folow me if you think i’m worth your time :) enjoy x



You were eating your breakfast when you got the heart-shattering news. Your cousin, Y/C/N, had gotten into a car accident and was in a coma. The doctors weren’t sure when she was going to wake up - if she was going to wake up. When you put the phone back on its stand, you did the only thing you could do; you broke down. Since there was no one there to see it, it made everything easier. It made crying your heart out and screaming into cushions easier.

When you had finally managed to calm down, your phone rang - Owen. He always called in the mornings to ask how you were doing. It was adorable, really. But right now you wanted nothing more than to curl up in your blankets and cry all over again. However, you didn’t want Owen to worry and come over, only to see a mess of tears and snot. Reluctantly, you picked up your phone, clicking the green ‘Answer’ button as you did so.

“Morning, Owen. What’s up?”

“Morning, babe. How’s your day going so far?”

It’s been shit; thanks for asking though. “It’s going great, thanks babe. And yours?”

“Better now that I’ve heard your voice.”

You smiled at that. Owen had always been able to lighten up your day with a few words. That was one of the many reasons you loved him; he’d always managed to make you smile - even if it was just a little up-turn of the corner of your lips.

“Charming.” You giggled.

Owen started to ramble on about today’s schedules, and to be honest, you weren’t really listening. Your mind kept going back to Y/C/N, and if she was going to be okay. You decided that you had to take the day off today, as you knew that if you did go to work, you’d feel (and seem) off all day. You didn’t want to be a burden and have Owen worry about anything else; he already had Hoskins on his back all day.

“Owen, listen,” You interrupted him

“Yeah? What’s wrong, baby?” Owen’s voice was full of concern.

“I’m actually not feeling very well today, I was wondering if I could take the day off?” You lied. Well it’s not completely false…

“Yeah, of course you can Y/N. Do you need me to come over and bring you anythi-”

“No! N-no, uh… I’m good. I just need to get some rest.” You replied too quickly.

“Are you sure?”


“Alright, but make sure to call me or Barry if you need anything, okay?” He sounded reluctant.

“Okay, thank you, Owen. And good luck with the girls today.”

“Thanks, babe. Rest well, okay? The girls will need you back by tomorrow.”

“Do the girls need me back, or do you?” You smirked.

“A bit of both, actually,” You could see the grin on his face, “seriously though, get well soon, okay?” He added softly.

“Will do. Bye Owen.”

“Bye baby.”

You heaved out a sigh and sat down on your couch. You could feel a new set of tears starting to escape your eyes. Although the phone call with Owen had distracted you from Y/C/N, it was only temporary. You tried to think about something else; something happy. But it seemed as though your cousin and the accident were the only things in your mind at the moment. You laid down, trying to relax. Not long after, your eye lids were feeling heavy and started to droop.


You woke up to the sound of your door opening. You lifted your throbbing head, seeing Owen at the door with a plastic bag. Why did I have to give him my keys?

“Sorry I woke you up babe,” He apologised, “I got you some soup and medicine.”

“It’s fine, Owen. And thanks. Could you leave them in the kitchen?”

“Sure; do you want me to make you anything?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Alright,” he walked closer to you, narrowing his eyes slightly, “have you been crying?”

Oh crap. How did he know?

“N-no… why?” You tried to steady your voice.

“Don’t lie to me, babe; you’ve been crying haven’t you?” Owen’s voice went from stern to worried in a matter of seconds.

“I just-” You started.

“Is that why you didn’t come to work today?”

You sighed, “Yeah. I’m sorry, Owen.”

“Hey,” he lifted a warm hand and caressed your cheek gently, “don’t be sorry. Can you tell what me happened?”

“I- Yeah.” And so you began re-telling the story, starting from when you got the call.

“… And that’s why I look like a mess right now.”

“You don’t look like a mess, babe. And if you did, you’d be my mess. My beautiful mess.” Owen pecked your temple.

“Well aren’t you the sweetest thing,” you jokingly pinched his cheek, “I feel terrible…” you murmured, laying your head on his shoulder, now back into your serious mood.

“Why would you?”

“I don’t know, I mean… I just feel like I’m such a burden to you sometimes. And I don’t wanna be that girl who’s got so many problems that her boyfriend can’t even live his own life.”

“Hey, don’t think like that,” Owen’s brows furrowed in seriousness, “you aren’t - and never will be - a burden. Ever.”

You, not believing him (no matter how convincing he was being), looked down at your lap.

When you try not to look at me,” He said softly, “scared that I’ll see you hurting, you’re also hurting me, you know that? I hate that I can’t make it go away, but keeping it inside won’t fix it.”

Your eyes were fixated on Owen’s green orbs now, trying to absorb every single word he was saying.

“It’s just- I don’t want you to have to sit there and listen to me while I just cry my heart out…”

“I’m here for a reason, Y/N. You’re not alone, I’ll listen to your tears give out.

Your eyes were starting to water again, except this time they were happy tears -  very happy tears.

Owen wiped away a few stray tears with the pad of his thumb, “Whatever’s hurting you, I feel it too. I mean it when I say when you cry I’ll cry with you.” He finished in a determined tone.

There was no way to stop the tears that were flowing freely down your face now. You engulfed Owen in a massive bear hug, mumbling an almost incoherent “Thank you.”