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“I would like to make a film to tell children “it’s good to be alive”.“

- Hayao Miyazaki

My roommates are throwing me out. Please help.

Here’s the whole stupid story.

Yesterday, one of my roommates sent me a Facebook message saying that she and my other two roommates had independently decided that I was “too extroverted” (I’m not an extrovert) and that I “disrupt the vibe of the house,” “cause tension,” and “we just think you’re too weird and we don’t like you.” They’ve given me till June 30 to move out.

Up till this point, there was absolutely zero indication that they had any problem with me. I made repeated attempts to make them comfortable; I asked, over and over again, if I was talking too much, infringing on their space, etc. They always said it was fine. Always. They acted nicely to me. I bought them groceries when they couldn’t afford it, cleaned their dishes for them, fixed the broken drainpipe, fixed the internet when it went down, stayed out of their way when they had guests, and we had a lot of the same interests. I only ever wanted to be their friend.

But I’m apparently just ~too weird~ for their fucking house. 

In any case, I need a new place to live. Unfortunately I also don’t know if my job is renewing my contract yet, but I still want to cover all my bases. A temporary place to crash while I work out more permanent housing so I can be out of this toxic, passive-aggressive, two-faced house would be nice too.


  • Must be within ~30 minutes driving distance of Hunt Valley, MD, in any direction. City living / walkable neighborhood preferred but I’ll take anything really. 
  • Less than $500 a month.
  • My own room. 
  • Stove essential
  • No smokers, no 420 (I am allergic)
  • No dogs (I am allergic)
  • Parties are fine so long as they’re at a reasonable volume and not constant
  • Woman roommates preferred; yes that includes trans* women, and excludes trans* dudes (sorry trans* dudes)

About me: 

I am a 27 year old bisexual cisgendered (but trans* supportive!) woman. I am at the end of a 3 month contract as a QA tester for a local video game company (you can probably guess which one) and am waiting on renewal of said contract for another three months (It’s not a sure thing but I’m pretty confidant)

I am clean, tidy, and mostly friendly. I do need my alone time sometimes but for the most part I am a giant chatterbox and will literally talk your ear off if you let me… but! If you need me to, you just need to tell me to cool it, and I will. My own personal space can be a mess but I keep common areas clean. I love videogames, boardgames, classical literature (of all nations, Let Me Tell U About Genji), postmodernist literature, science fiction and fantasy, dumb action movies (AVENGERS), smart action movies (PACIFIC RIM), and cooking. I will cook for you. I am NOT a vegetarian, though I don’t eat pork. 

My work schedule can be a little nuts, and often involves 9 AM to 9 PM days and weekends. This does make it hard to plan sometimes :( 

Thanks guys. If you want to contact me privately, is a good bet, put ROOMMATES in the headline. 

Wolves from the Mollie’s pack trail bison in Yellowstone National Park in March 2007. The pack lives in the Pelican Valley in the east-central portion of the park. Elk migrate out of the region in winter, leaving bison as the pack’s only large prey. Consequently, the wolves have had to adapt to killing bison. [x]


IN THE MOHAWK VALLEY - Upstate, New York

This valley consists of a narrow inner valley of river flatlands hemmed in by the rolling hills of the outer valley, which rises to the Adirondack Plateau on the north and the Allegheny Plateau on the south. This cut dividing two mountain ranges is the only water-level pass across the Appalachian barrier and joins the Atlantic seaboard with the Middle West.  -New York: A Guide to The Empire State (WPA, 1940)


Today I shot a deer.

I find myself back in the Mohawk Valley, New York’s second most famous waterway, gateway to the West when the west was in the east.

I grew up here, Princetown and Rotterdam, Schenectady county. Wanted to leave. Felt like I was passing through, almost everyone here seems like they are just passing, or so I thought. Either that or they’ve become so fixed, so part of the landscape that they’ll talk about farming and not seeming to notice that the barn collapsed 20 years ago and the bailer has saplings growing through it. Thousands of people zoom through here everyday. It’s always been a corridor. Ever since a glacier beat a retreat on it’s way to somewhere else.

Now I like to come back. For the cheese and the hay fever, for the boredom and slowness. For the sound of a train approaching from 5 miles away.

One morning outside my motel I meet a woman who tells me about her childhood trips to her grandmother’s home near Nelliston. She and her younger brother would disembark (it’s what she said) the train at Canajoharie and then they would dine in elegance at the Hotel Wagner.
“The painted mural in the dining room” she exclaims, “the ladies in their beautiful dresses…”
As she reminisces on the Edwardian splendor that was 1950 Canajoharie I watch the trucks roll on the Thruway and think of the travelers in their finest sweatpants enjoying TCBY at the rest stop.
“On Sunday afternoons” she says “we would take a ride to the inn at Stone Arabia for a big country dinner.
I picture her and her dear beknickered brother gliding along in a four-in-hand through the countryside, freed at last from all time and space with a chicken dinner between them. “Probably gone now” she muses.

Travel along.


Erik Gould was born and raised in upstate New York, and now lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with his wife and young daughter. He is the museum photographer for the Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design. Erik’s personal work can be seen piling up at

                                  Red Arizona Dreams by Gleb Tarro,                                                  Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley, Navajo tribal Park, Arizona

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2011 Hunt & Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon

Ready to go hunting with my Garden & Gun magazine and this wine in paw! Very ripe cassis, blackberry jam, dill, oak, green pepper, and jalapeño on the nose. Tarter on the palate with less ripe cassis, ripe cranberry from the acidity, candy-sweet raspberries, and bay leaf. Quite a nice Napa cab!

3/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon

13.5% abv

Napa Valley, California, USA


We finally did it!! First California quail!

I’m up North at my parents house for the holidays and the fields here have no bunnies in them, so Kai had no choice but to either chase quail or jacks or go home hungry. He chose to chase ;) We found a covey along a steep hillside and had at least 15 chases before he finally connected. He would chase and pin, chase and pin, run around in the bush like a coopers hawk, chase and pin again. It was great to see him so enthusiastic for a change! (it only took two years lol) Thanksgiving came a day early for us :)

The hunt by Christian Benetel
Via Flickr:
Dog treats can go a long way, Hallie is such a cooperative dog when food is involved :) Hope you’re all going well! <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Like me on Facebook for extra uploads and behind the scenes!</a> <a href=“”> Previous picture incase you’ve missed it!</a>


DSC_4561 by Chris Walsh