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what about the stairs in the forests!!! and what doc were you watching and would you recommend?

ok so I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE STAIRS IN THE FORESTS! mainly because I’m A Search and Rescue Officer for the U.S. Forest Service, and I Have Some Stories to Tell a) is posted on /r/nosleep so it’s definitely made up, b) the op admits to knowing about David Paulides, and lbr knowing about = being influenced by, so it’s definitely made up, and c) if you read all the way through to the end it stops being even vaguely believable and starts reading like a WTNV transcript, and then he plugs his book, so it’s DEFINITELY MADE UP. however, it is an amazing (read: terrifying) thread, some of it is obviously based on truths/insider SAR knowledge which means a lot of it is probably uncomfortably close to actually being true, and it’s a good Gateway Read into MISSING PEOPLE IN NATIONAL PARKS CONSPIRACY THEORIES, which is where I live now. (plus, if you read this before getting into anything else it imbues every single missing persons case with an unsettling sense of Eldritch horror, which is why I had to turn on three overheads and unfocus my eyes all the way to the bathroom last night at 2am.) 

so yeah, after reading that /r/nosleep thing for the first time I drew a line under it and moved on until SOMEONE (ahem@roundtop) sent me a link to an article called How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace (on a legit and sensible outdoorsy people website), like ‘haha, stairs in the forest!’ and I SWAN DIVED DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. thus: the documentary-watching, staying up till 2am and spending all day today trying to find copies of David Paulides’ books for less than $80 inc. postage. 

THIS DUDE DAVID PAULIDES. he was in law enforcement before, for some reason, deciding to become a ~*~cryptozoologist~*~ and certified gung-ho Bigfoot conspiracy theorist, and through that found out about how many people had disappeared without a trace from National Parks in the U.S., did 7,000 hours worth of digging, and wrote a bunch of books about it. his books are called Missing 411 and are about the ridiculous number of people who go missing in National Parks, the usually weird circumstances around their disappearances, the fact that when people are found (dead or alive) it’s often in places miles and miles and sometimes waaaaay higher up mountains than where they disappeared from, and all sorts of creepy crap to boot. like they can’t get bloodhounds to find a scent, or they find tiny children miles away from where they got lost, barefoot, without a scratch on the soles of their feet, human remains being found years later in places that were search dozens and dozens of times. not to mention the National Parks… People (? I really don’t know enough to be making this post) are aware of what’s happening but don’t keep a list of the people who’ve gone missing on their lands. 

(which is all part of why I’m A Search and Rescue Officer for the U.S. Forest Service is so freaky – enough of it (people being found miles away, kids being found up mountains, the people in charge being cagey about it all) sounds real that you can believe it was actually written by a SAR Officer. heebies!) 

it’s all real nightmare fuel, if you’re the sort of person who is absolutely terrified by all this Scary Forest Disappearing People Unexplainable Deaths stuff, i.e. me. luckily I can’t afford to buy any of them! phew! however, I haven’t let that stop me from a) SCARING MYSELF SHITLESS and b) BECOMING A TIN HATTER, and it shouldn’t stop you either: you can read loads of stuff over at /r/missing411, listen to one of his initial interviews (in which he talks about how he was approached by two park employees in plain clothes who were like ‘please investigate this, there’s SOMETHING going on and it’s so goddamn weird’) on Coast to Coast AM (which is, like, a paranormal radio station… I’m sorry), watch a bunch of Paulides’/CanAm Missing Project’s vids about disappearances on youtube, and listen to hours worth of interviews and late night spooky radio/podcast discussions with Paulides. 

the documentary I thought I was watching was Missing 411, which is based on his books and Kickstarted by the public in 2015, but it turns out that they’re apparently shopping it around at festivals so it’s not out yet. what I was actually watching (and quickly abandoned) was a weird supercut of all of David Paulides’ tv interviews and some cryptozoologist chatter about Bigfoot. Paulides, god love him, never ever SAYS Bigfoot in any of his books, and everything he presents is 100% factually accurate and extensively researched, but… I think we can safely say he thinks it’s Bigfoot. tbh, after reading about Jaryd Atadero I think it’s Bigfoot. I mean, goddamn. 

so, yeah. I’ve finished reading every search and rescue story on this blog (Hunt for the Death Valley Germans is LONG but awesome), I’ve got West of Memphis ready to watch after work tomorrow because I remembered how much I love that case and spooky true crime things, if you have any related LINKS or STUFF about This Shit then REBLOG THIS/MSG ME AND TELL ME, or if you have a copy of a Missing 411 book you wouldn’t mind mailing to me then LET ME KNOW, and in conclusion I can’t believe America is so fucking huge and unkind, goodnight.

My roommates are throwing me out. Please help.

Here’s the whole stupid story.

Yesterday, one of my roommates sent me a Facebook message saying that she and my other two roommates had independently decided that I was “too extroverted” (I’m not an extrovert) and that I “disrupt the vibe of the house,” “cause tension,” and “we just think you’re too weird and we don’t like you.” They’ve given me till June 30 to move out.

Up till this point, there was absolutely zero indication that they had any problem with me. I made repeated attempts to make them comfortable; I asked, over and over again, if I was talking too much, infringing on their space, etc. They always said it was fine. Always. They acted nicely to me. I bought them groceries when they couldn’t afford it, cleaned their dishes for them, fixed the broken drainpipe, fixed the internet when it went down, stayed out of their way when they had guests, and we had a lot of the same interests. I only ever wanted to be their friend.

But I’m apparently just ~too weird~ for their fucking house. 

In any case, I need a new place to live. Unfortunately I also don’t know if my job is renewing my contract yet, but I still want to cover all my bases. A temporary place to crash while I work out more permanent housing so I can be out of this toxic, passive-aggressive, two-faced house would be nice too.


  • Must be within ~30 minutes driving distance of Hunt Valley, MD, in any direction. City living / walkable neighborhood preferred but I’ll take anything really. 
  • Less than $500 a month.
  • My own room. 
  • Stove essential
  • No smokers, no 420 (I am allergic)
  • No dogs (I am allergic)
  • Parties are fine so long as they’re at a reasonable volume and not constant
  • Woman roommates preferred; yes that includes trans* women, and excludes trans* dudes (sorry trans* dudes)

About me: 

I am a 27 year old bisexual cisgendered (but trans* supportive!) woman. I am at the end of a 3 month contract as a QA tester for a local video game company (you can probably guess which one) and am waiting on renewal of said contract for another three months (It’s not a sure thing but I’m pretty confidant)

I am clean, tidy, and mostly friendly. I do need my alone time sometimes but for the most part I am a giant chatterbox and will literally talk your ear off if you let me… but! If you need me to, you just need to tell me to cool it, and I will. My own personal space can be a mess but I keep common areas clean. I love videogames, boardgames, classical literature (of all nations, Let Me Tell U About Genji), postmodernist literature, science fiction and fantasy, dumb action movies (AVENGERS), smart action movies (PACIFIC RIM), and cooking. I will cook for you. I am NOT a vegetarian, though I don’t eat pork. 

My work schedule can be a little nuts, and often involves 9 AM to 9 PM days and weekends. This does make it hard to plan sometimes :( 

Thanks guys. If you want to contact me privately, is a good bet, put ROOMMATES in the headline. 

                                  Red Arizona Dreams by Gleb Tarro,                                                  Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley, Navajo tribal Park, Arizona

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2017 BCOA National Specialty
Hunt Valley, MD
ASFA: Mr. Ian Davies & Mr. Donald G. Ewing
AKC lure coursing: Mr. Donald G. Ewing & Mr. Dean Wright
Rally: Ms. Sara J. Steele
CGCA: Mr. Javiar Ocasio
Sweeps: Ms. Christine Danker
Conformation: Helen W. Lee

Another successful BCOA National Specialty in the books, not only for me but those that own Starswift puppies. Very Proud of all their accomplishments and I warn you this will be a long post.
I’ll start out in order of appearance throughout the week and their accomplishments.

Freedom (DC Starswift Let Freedom Ring *CGCA SC FCH THDA RN *RA) - Owned by Martine Burton
-10 of 20 in LGRA
- Rally advanced score of 95 finishing his *RA
-Completed his requirements for *CGCA
- 4th in triathlon out of 18. 2nd year in a row.
- 4th in DC Sweeps Mature adult Dog 3-7 yrs, 8 competing.
- Made 1st cut in BOB, 49 dogs competing.
- He also recieved a ribbon for Top 5 2016 Annual Versatility Award winner III.

Bayla (BIF FC Starswift Teine FV Vixen SC FCH *RN) - Owned by Adrianne Hopple and Anne Midgarden DVM
- AKC lure coursing 3rd in specials
- 1st place in rally novice with a score of 100 completing her *RN.
- 6th of 18 in triathlon
- 1st in altered class of 8 (special attraction for neutered and spayed borzoi)

Kodi (Starswift FV Kodiak *CGCA SC THDA RN *RA) - Owned by Martine Burton and Myself
- 4th place in Rally Advanced with a score of 87 and finishing his *RA, 7 competing
- Completed his requirements for *CGCA

Justice (Starswift Justice For All SC CGC TDI *RN) - Owned by Kathy Lucy
- Rally Novice score of 87 completing her *RN.

Brie (Starswift FV Aleutian Ballad CGC TDI SC *RN) - Owned by Kathy Lucy and Myself
- Rally Novice score of 92 completing her *RN
- Made the cut in Am-bred bitches and was given a really hard look by the judge, 17 competing

Stardust (Teine RunTuff Suffragette City)
- 1st in Sweeps 15-18 Junior bitches, 4 competing
- 4th in 12-18 bitches, 19 competing

King (Starswift FV Fierce Allegiance JC)
- 4th in BBE, 6 competing

Lightning (CH Starswift Lightning Quick SC FCH DCH)
- 4th place DC sweeps mature adult bitches 3-7 yr, 7 competing
- Made 1 cut in BOB, 50 bitches competing

Lola (Can CH Otrada Alenka Dusha Poley)
- 1st in Open bitches, 22 competing.

Stryker (Starswift Mustique Lightning Strikes Twice) owned by Ameera and Kevin Hoffman & Raphael Finkelstein participated in the Parade Of Companions.

Wizard (CH Starswift FV Wizard) owned by Frank Zajac showed beautifully in BOB. He didn’t make a cut or go home with any ribbons but I’m extremely proud of Frank and all the work he puts into his dogs! Wizard looked wonderful out there!

I hope I didn’t forget anything or anyone! If I did please let me know. Big thank you to my Starswift family and supporting friends! You make my life complete and very proud to be a breeder as well are your friend! Also thank you again Kathy for being a great help this entire week from start to finish. You are the best!!!!!

Congratulation to all the winners.


DSC_4561 by Chris Walsh