I usually don’t want to get involved in fandom drama because to me it’s all fictional and a lot of the arguments happening are kind of irrelevant.

What I CANNOT tolerate is how many of you seem to disregard THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. These are people that your are harassing, verbally assaulting, and threading. Real life people that are made of flesh and blood and have a soul. And for what? A fucking idea? A fucking figment of someone’s imagination that you have no ownership over??? Is this really worth it????

And now that there are actual professional consequences for things that have been done and SOME OF US still can’t swallow our goddamn pride.

Grow up.

Fandom Grandma Out.

Heith Week - 15 to 21 July

Join us in celebrating Hunk and Keith! All kinds of fanworks are accepted! Make sure to read the rules and the about.


  • Day 1 (15/7): laughing/crying
  • Day 2 (16/7): gain/loss
  • Day 3 (17/7): fighting/touch
  • Day 4 (18/7): dreams/reality
  • Day 5 (19/7): family/friends
  • Day 6 (20/7): colours
  • Day 7 (21/7): free day

Feel free to interpret the prompts as broadly as you like. You can participate for however many days you want!

Please use the tag #heithweek2017 so we can find and reblog your creations on this blog.

This is a discourse-free week. We accept all poly ships and side ships, although the focus should be on Hunk and/or Keith. NSFW works will be accepted but always tagged. SFW works will be tagged as such for your convenience.

Have fun!