Hungry Wolf


Little doodle double feature from the tablet today to kick off the new semester I suppose~!  Doodling tummies always helps me relax a bit, whether they’re empty or stuffed full heheh~  Rubywuff still needs a bit of a revamp on his design, but I’m slowly starting to at least get his body shape down the way I want it!

Surprise cameo from my lunch, Gunner!

Hungry Wolf
  • Hungry Wolf
  • Tom Hardy
  • Voice porn

Are you aiming for a muscular cut, being very thin? Whats the look you’ve envisioned?

Tom Hardy:  Imagine a hungry wolf. Or like when you put a cat in the bath. You grab a cat by the throat and stuff it under the fucking water. You know what it looks like? That’s what I’m going to look like. But like a puma. Very hungry at very dangerous. It’s imperative. This is the kind of guy who’s not well. So I have to create that reality.

Tom, on his look for Mad Max in Collider

I hope no one gets their panties in a twist over this  x Tommy is just being descriptive. He is a kat rescuer, after all.


“Tch, you think a paltry attack like that is going to stop me?” The Heavy Cruiser scoffed, almost insulted by the shells that whizzed past her head, barely making a scratch on her canons, “Open fire!”

In a brilliant display of pure firepower, the twice remodeled Heavy Cruiser’s canons blasted their payloads directly towards the abyssal with the full intent to sink her. The Hungry Wolf was eager for a victory.


“Is There Something I Should Know?” by Duran Duran

Duran Duran (1981)