Hungry Wolf


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Liam Dunbar x Reader

Requested by @alphanerd5sos

Warnings: Sexual content, smut, nsfw.
Word count: 2 134

Request: Can you a write a Liam Dunbar smut where the reader and him are bffs and she asks him what to do when you have sex and they kinda have feelings after they do it??

A/N: With the combination of the one Anon asking for ‘First time with Liam’.

You looked back and forth between your books and Liam, who was sitting at his desk, writing down information you needed for your presentation next week in history class. He was shuffling his feet under the chair in the same rhythm he tapped the tip of his pen against his textbook.

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On May 4, 1982, “Hungry Like the Wolf” was released as a single in the UK.