Snarky Mugs For Those of Us Who Hate Mornings

There is no better delight than the perfect cup of coffee in your all time favorite mug. Usually, our favorite mugs are staples, we can’t live without or adorable ceramic ware, which instantly makes us happy. Manchester based designer Jenni Waldrop from Fuzzy and Birch decided to make snarky and hilarious mugs, along with t-shirts, pillows and other goodies for those of us who speak fluent sarcasm.

If you’re not a morning person and wished that work meeting was a simple email, you will give into Waldrop’s sense of humor and decide you can’t live without your morning tea or coffee in one of her clever written mugs. If you want to wake up and tell the world exactly what you’re feeling every morning, peak inside her Etsy shop.

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  • James:Hey Pads, What's your middle name?
  • Sirius:Lee.
  • Remus:Lee?
  • Sirius:Yep.
  • Remus:You're lying.
  • Sirius:Am Not!
  • Remus:Are Too!
  • James:Why do you think he's lying there Moony?
  • Remus:Because there is no way that Walburga Black named him Sirius Lee Black. That Woman has no funny bone. Never had one. Not ever.
  • Sirius:It's better than Orion though. Admit it!
  • Remus:........Okay fine! Lee would be a pretty wicked middle name for you Pads.
  • James:.... wait... so it's not Lee?

Animal Crew Creates Funky Art Illustrations Of Fashionable Animal Portraits

Animal Crew, an Etsy shop, creates fashionable and funky animal illustrations that add a spark of personality to your interiors. The vintage portraits feature animals in classic outfits that give them a unique identity. Animal Crew tames wild creatures into domesticated animals with the simple addition of a coat and tie, cowboys boots or an old fashioned frock. 

The neutral position they take up on the canvas, along with their outfits, provides an uncanny human perspective to the artwork. In the living room, the wilderness makes itself at home and the witty portrayals brighten your interiors with a touch of humor. Find them in their Society6 and Etsy shop.

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Thoughts I have during class
  • Me :What if I just screamed like a pterodactyl right now.
  • Me :I could just run through that door right now if I wanted.
  • Me :What am I having for lunch???
  • Me :I wonder if my future husband is in this room with me.
  • Me :Shit, did he just say that would be on the test??!!!?
  • Me :I should pay better attention...
  • Me :I wonder what thoughts dogs have.