It says so much to me...

…that the most virulent ani-feminists and anti-diversity comic “fans” cannot fathom a white, hetero, cis creator who wants to include diversity in their work just ‘cause it’s, like, a good thing to do on it’s own merits. The only reason they can conjure someone would want to do such a thing is to pander, to go for cheap sales or get in feminist’s pants. 

What a bankruptcy of empathy that betrays. What a shallow and narrow view of fellow humans. 

It’s also weird because it implies (to me anyway) that these people must insulate themselves from diversity in their own lives to some absurd degree. Why are women in my work? Because half the people in my life are women. Because I was raised by a woman. People of color? People of different racial background? Dude, the person most responsible for my stylistic choices as an artist is a black man. My best friend through all of my 20′s and 30′s is Vietnamese. I’m not pandering when I include people of similar backgrounds in my work. I’m representing in some small way the world in which I personally live. When it comes to people of differing gender presentation (pardon me if that’s a clumsy turn of phrase) and sexual orientation, some of my favorite comic creators and commentators are not cis-gendered. So many of my friends aren’t straight (or sexual at all) it’d be hard to count them all. These people are fucking important to me, and these topics are important to them. 

I’ll go one further. It doesn’t even matter that I know and care about these folks. They are important without the personal validation of this particular rando’. They are important because they’re other humans deserving of respect and consideration. I may not always address this stuff perfectly, and my work won’t always be expansive enough to accurately or even appropriately encompass all of this, and that’s why outside of my work it’s also important that a diverse range of creators get their voices heard as well. It’s not just important that we have diverse stories, we need diverse people telling stories of their own. 

And I’ll throw this out there, if you’re reading these paragraphs in disgust, you should send your hate mail and unfollow me now, because as imperfect as I may be, and as imperfectly as I may sometimes represent these ideals, these are ideals I find crucial to my creative output, and that shit’s not changing. 

I always advocate picking a good hill to die on, and this hill has a fine view.

Apologies to anybody who’d like me to be posting more art or whatnot lately. That recent thing I reblogged from Jim Zub just stuck in my teeth and I wanted to talk more about it. 

My life right now resembles nothing so much as my pre-driver’s license having adolescence, except now I’m responsible for another human.

I have weird hours, I’m obsessed with made-up people,  I don’t put on pants until there’s a risk of my husband coming home to find that the baby and I are still in our jammies, I watch an unhealthy amount of television, and I can’t go anywhere.

Humans Are Weird

So there has been a bit of “what if humans were the weird ones?” going around tumblr at the moment and Earth Day got me thinking. Earth is a wonky place, the axis tilts, the orbit wobbles, and the ground spews molten rock for goodness sakes. What if what makes humans weird is just our capacity to survive? What if all the other life bearing planets are these mild, Mediterranean climates with no seasons, no tectonic plates, and no intense weather? 

What if several species (including humans) land on a world and the humans are all “SCORE! Earth like world! Let’s get exploring before we get out competed!” And the planet starts offing the other aliens right and left, electric storms, hypothermia, tornadoes and the humans are just … there… counting seconds between flashes, having snowball fights, and just surviving.