But what if… Bunny Beast Elves :v

“Similar to other beast elves, the second set of ears do not serve any purpose, being naught but genetic aberrations carried over from their bestial ancestors; whether they’re kept or not depends heavily on their human master’s taste.

Strangely enough, almost all members of this sub-species have been allowed to keep their beast ears, showing a strange pattern in human’s aesthetics…”

say hi to Schrödinger!!

he is a walking, talking and dreaming monolith. that thing in his chest is a multi-functional organ which can be used, for example, to establish a Wifi network, to hypnotize people, to play cassettes and CD:s or to listen to radio. he has an ability to travel long distances through hopping in and out of a special dimension. he likes to float freely in space (his body is not harmed by vacuum), lie on his back on the ground daydreaming, and snuggling with people.