This picture was taken by Photographer Oren Jeffries while he was exploring some un-mapped area of the Grand Caverns(Virginia). Jeffries liked to use long exposure technique to catch anything without any light what so ever. While he was setting up for his snaps, he heard something in the distance which spooked him. He set off one of his Blitzlicht flashes he used for taking traditional photos underground and ran. In a later interview he gave to a local newspaper, he said that he saw “humanoid” figures looking back at him. A few days after that he went back with a few friends to retreive his box camera which had this picture recorded inside of it.

“Lucky for you, Archangel is your boyfriend.” - Garrus Vakarian

I needed to release the stress from assignments. I’m also working on a comic of a humanoid Garrus. Maybe I’ll properly render this later.

Human Thane Krios —>

These two mean so, so much to us, we identify with their relationship and even with their respective personalities. I’ve never identified with a character (or a pairing) this much before, they hit so close to home that just thinking about Garnet and what she is makes me wanna cry lmao. I’ll be makin’ two prints of this as lil’ stickers just for us

oop also full version just b/c