Humanitarian Response

It doesn’t matter if you are documented. You have rights in this country.

Hundreds of Central Americans and their supporters gathered in front of the White House on Wednesday, 30 December to protest the US government’s plan to significantly ramp of deportations, beginning on January 2.

As US Steps Up Deportations, Advocates Push for Refugee Status for Central Americans

Since its creation more than 70 years ago, the United States has not only hosted the UN but played a major role in its work to prevent conflict, reduce poverty and promote human rights.

On Thursday, having seen the blueprint of the 2018 budget released by the White House, UN Secretary-General (through his spokesperson) said that he fully subscribes to the necessity to effectively combat terrorism but believes that it requires more than military spending.

“There is also a need to address the underlying drivers of terrorism through continuing investments in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, sustainable and inclusive development, the enhancement and respect of human rights, and timely responses to humanitarian crises.

The international community is facing enormous global challenges that can only be addressed by a strong and effective multilateral system, of which the United Nations remains the fundamental pillar.”

📷: Elif Gulec

No, no, no I don’t want Chole as the Bee. No.

Mostly because the creators did a PRETTY GOOD JOB at making her a generally unlikable character. In my opinion, she didn’t have a lot of redeemable qualities, if at all, and I didn’t really see any major indications that lead me to believe she WAS redeemable enough to be worthy of a Miraculous.

I don’t know how they’re going to undo all the damage and akumatizations she’s caused, and her lack of empathy for them all. She has never shown any kind of regret for the problems she created.

Like seriously? What she did to Kim was absolutely humiliating. Nope. No fault. Sabrina in Antibug? Yeah, I understand that she accepted Sabrina back, but it was ACCEPTING her back, not asking for forgiveness. There was no indication that she even changed towards Sabrina after the reconciliation, or in any episodes following that (regardless of having no ‘real order,’ there IS a sense of direction in this season).

This better be misleading (as in this character looks painfully similar to Chole), or she must go through a very intense, a VERY believable redemption arc in season 2 for me to even BEGIN being okay with it.

But I won’t be for a while. It boils my blood to think about Chloe somehow earning such a huge, humanitarian responsibility with little redemption cues to fall back on. Season 1 gave me no reason to believe she deserves it.

Again, I hope it’s misleading, but the design elements have me on my toes. The similarities are ridiculously obvious.

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Related to that "did Stewjon have a Highland Clearances equivalent" thing *whispers* Obi-Wan humming this tune that he's had in the back of his head as long as he can remember but he doesn't know what it is or where it's from and they visit Stewjon and they find out it's a Stewjonian lullaby (*whispers quieter* and the lullaby is "smile in your sleep bonnie baby")

I’d like to preface this by saying: What the fuck? That as a lullaby? That’s fucking dark, my dude. That’s real dark and I love it. I also love that it’s about the Clearances, and it would make total sense for it to have been written during them on Stewjon’s equivalent and for people to be adopting it and singing it. For anyone interested, here’s the lyrics to the song.

Have a ficlet that’s no longer a ficlet because holy hell, it got long.

“What song is that?” Anakin asked.

Obi-Wan glanced up from his datapad, tearing his attention away from the briefing he’d been reading. “Pardon?”

“The one you were humming.”

Obi-Wan blinked. He hadn’t realized he’d been humming. Had he been doing that the whole time?

When Obi-Wan didn’t respond, Anakin prompted, “You always hum it. I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing I ever hear you hum. You’ve been doing it since I was a Padawan.”

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Ukrainian authorities finally made a decision. Open war against Ukrainian citizens was announced.

After almost three months of constant protests in Ukraine’s major cities, President Yanukovych’s government declared de facto martial law in the country. Violent clashes have spread beyond the capital.

#Euromaidan Protests Spread Throughout Ukraine After Explosion of Violence

With worldwide levels of displacement by war reaching all-time highs, more than 477,000 refugees and migrants have reached Europe by crossing the Mediterranean so far in 2015, according to the United Nations. An estimated 4,000 people are arriving daily to the Greek islands. Nearly 3,000 people have died trying to make the journey.

Special Coverage: Streams of Refugees Seek Sanctuary in Europe

My heart aches to see the family members and loved ones of #MH17 going through such a tragic and devastating loss.

A Malaysia Airlines flight attendant highlighted on Instagram and Twitter the loss of lives on both flights: “Within 4 months I lost almost 30 friends.”

Only Months After MH370 Disappears, Plane Crash in Ukraine Sends Malaysians Reeling

Enough. Enough.

After more than two years of conflict and more than 70,000 deaths, including thousands of children. … After more than five million people have been forced to leave their homes, including over a million refugees living in severely stressed neighboring countries … After so many families torn apart and communities razed, schools and hospitals wrecked and water systems ruined … After all this, there still seems to be an insufficient sense of urgency among the governments and parties that could put a stop to the cruelty and carnage in Syria.

We, leaders of U.N. agencies charged with dealing with the human costs of this tragedy, appeal to political leaders involved to meet their responsibility to the people of Syria and to the future of the region.


Valerie Amos, Ertharin Cousin, Antonio Guterres, Anthony Lake and Margaret Chan

NYT “A U.N. Appeal to Save Syria”


By taking action, you are not showing your concerns only, but you join thousands of activists around the world to save Syrian civilians lives.

#withSyria campaign wants the world leaders to hear and act through 100K signatures to effectively stop the indiscriminate attacks of Syrians civilians. Help us by spreading the word.

#WithSyria Wants to End the Indiscriminate Bombing of Syrian Civilians

♒ It’s their unique way of thinking that separates Aquarius from the rest of the zodiac. Flooding with fresh and unusual ideas, these individuals are engaged by anything new and cutting edge and bring the future into the present. The sign of Aquarius is very responsive to humanitarian needs, and they often have no hesitation in partaking in protests or union movements


Horrible stories about North Korea is nothing new. But this may be one of the most extensive reports worth-reading on the country’s abysmal human rights condition.

UN Report on Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea

European leaders were confronted on Monday with a humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, as estimates that as many as 900 migrants may have died off the Libyan coast this weekend prompted calls for a new approach to the surging number of refugees crossing from Africa and the Middle East.

Even as efforts continued to collect the bodies from the sinking off Libya late Saturday and early Sunday — only 28 survivors have been found — Italian rescue ships responded to new distress calls from other vessels. A second migrant ship crashed near the Greek island of Rhodes, underscoring the relentless flow of people fleeing poverty, persecution and war.

European foreign ministers met in Luxembourg to discuss how to respond.Those governments are trying to balance humanitarian responsibilities against budget constraints and widespread public sentiment against immigration. Italy’s representative pushed for Europe to make “major commitments” to confront the crisis and European heads of government scheduled an emergency session for Thursday.

The disaster also underscored how Libya, reeling from violence and political turmoil, has become a haven for human smuggling rings along the African coastline. In Rome, the prime ministers of Italy and Malta on Monday called for targeted, nonmilitary intervention against Libya’s human traffickers.

This year’s death toll in the Mediterranean Sea is thought to have already surpassed 1,500 victims — a drastic spike from the same period last year. With the arrival of warmer weather, the number of migrants on smuggling boats has risen sharply, with more than 11,000 people being rescued during the first 17 days of April. Migrants also now seem to be coming from a larger geographic area — from Bangladesh and Afghanistan in Asia; Syria and Iraq in the Middle East; and African nations such as Gambia, Somalia, Mali and Eritrea.

“What happened on Sunday was a game changer,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat of Malta said at a news conference with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy. “There is a new realization that if Europe doesn’t act as a team, history will judge it very harshly, as it did when it closed its eyes to stories of genocide — horrible stories — not long ago.”

Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, expressed dismay at what he characterized as European apathy over the migration crisis. “How many more people will have to drown until we finally act in Europe?” he asked in a statement. “How many times more do we want to express our dismay, only to then move on to our daily routine?”