hey dudes, here’s a playlist of TMG songs that calm me down and make me (often literally) jump for joy. if you’re ever having a bad day, put some of these into a playlist, hit shuffle, and calm down. 

Tulsa Imperative 
Pure Heat
Downtown Seoul
Going to Queens
California Song 
Noctifer Birmingham 
Going to Utrecht
Cheshire County
It Froze Me
Going to Scotland 
Going to Port Washington
Twin Human Highway Flares
US Mill 
Evening in Stalingrad
Island Garden Song
There Will Be No Divorce
We Were Patriots
Color in Your Cheeks
Pink and Blue
Riches and Wonders
Against Pollution 
Woke Up New 
San Bernardino 
So Desperate 
Genesis 30:3
1 John 4:16
Isaiah 45:23
Never Quite Free
Transcendental Youth
The Legend of Chavo Guererro 
Animal Mask
The Ballad of Bull Ramos 
Marsh Witch Vision 
Steal Smoked Fish 
New Chevrolet In Flames 
Korean Bird Paintings 
Untitled (Stuck in Time)
Nikki Oh Nikki 
You Were Cool 
Real Good Girlfriend 


So this is something i’ve been meaning to draw for months but school always got in the way, now that i’m in summer I was finally able to do it! The big fight between Beta Flowey and the fallen humans (plus monster/human hybrid Highway) I made a speedpaint of the whole process but it was so long even super sped up that I broke it into two different videos. 


Myra (Bravery) belongs to @spacegate

Don (Justice) belongs to @thekindestdays

Frisk (Determination) played by @snapfoo

Finn (Kindness) belongs to @sorrowfuldreemurr

Jack (Patience) also belongs to @thekindestdays

Catherine (Justice) belongs to @snapfoo

Cecil (Perseverance) belongs to me!

Kristoph (Determination) belongs to @sushinfood

Leah (Kindness) is also @thekindestdays

Charlie (Patience) belongs to @zcfilorux

Renetta (Integrity) belongs to @bluedew12

Highway (Bravery) also beglond to @sushinfood

the bruabba fic recommendation list no one asked for but is here anyway

I’ve swan dived into the buccellati/abbacchio tag on ao3 and found gems.

♡ - fics that i make it a point to reread again

Sojourn (2001)  by platinumfinale ♡

               Vento Aureo; Everyone Lives AU. Abbacchio loves Buccellati and doesn’t know what to do with it (so mostly does nothing) and is especially messed up now that Giorno’s been made boss, stripping away the pedestal that previously separated the two. (Don’t worship people, they’re not symbols, they’re human.

cold as ice  by rangerhitomi

Bruno Buccellati is living on borrowed time, and Leone Abbacchio is the first to realize it. They had never been real lovers, but Abbacchio wishes they had, and now it’s too late.

Take a Deep Breath and Cry  by deathbyVA

Leone Abbacchio has been holding in his suffering for too long, and Bruno intends to fix that. Sometimes the best way to deal with emotions is to cry.

That Teenage Feeling  by etymologyplayground  ♡

“You’re a cat dad,” Narancia gasps. Abbacchio rolls his eyes. “Of course. So you want to die surrounded by cats?”

“Yes, but more importantly, I want them to eat my corpse when I die,” Abbacchio says, an awful grin spreading across his face.

The Other Side of Life  by clowntown  ♡ ♡ ♡

The universe resets and when everything is said and done, Leone is just a cop in Italy who doesn’t say good morning to a fisherman on his way to work. (A Post-Stone Ocean Vento Aureo fanfic, centering around Passione and more specifically Bruno and Abbacchio.)

No Rest for the Rigid by morosezeal (missmonster)

Abbacchio figured taking up a RA position at his dorm would be a piece of cake. Abbacchio clearly thought wrong.

In vino veritas by morosezeal (missmonster)

In which Bruno realizes that a quiet night with a good friend and a bottle of wine is something far better than anything he can find in a club.

How To Embrace A Swamp Creature  by etymologyplayground  ♡

    Abbacchio tips forward until his forehead rests on Buccellati’s shoulder. “I spent so long waiting to die, and now you’ve gone and beat me to it,” he mumbles. “Jackass. Can’t believe you let me exist in a world that didn’t have you in it.” Death, and what comes after.

There Will Be No Divorce by etymologyplayground  ♡

“I’m only single because there’s no girl on Earth who could handle all this.” Narancia gestures at himself, and Mista giggles again, and then cringes. His nose still hurts.

“That’s definitely it,” Trish says, rolling her eyes. “But what about the rest of you? Are all of you just bachelors?”

“No,” Fugo says. He’s been shuffling cards, and now he begins dealing them out. “Buccellati’s married.”

You! Me! Dancing! by etymologyplayground   ♡

Buccellati looks at him. “Abbacchio. I can take it. Just fucking spar with me.”

“Is that an order, capo?” Abbacchio asks him, narrowing his eyes.

Buccellati sighs and lifts his arms over his head to stretch. “No, Jesus. If you really don’t want to, I won’t force you to. But I’m not leaving you alone here and I figured sparring would be more fun than watching you destroy yourself with equipment I don’t even know the names of."  Abbacchio copes.

Twin Human Highway Flares by etymologyplayground   ♡

"Ah!” Ghirga exclaims. “Goofy face man! You have eyebrows now. You’ll let me in, right?”

Abbacchio frowns at him. “Not until capo says so. If you’re gonna be part of his team, you can’t tell him what to do, you impertinent little goblin.”

Ghirga’s face falls. “Sorry,” he says. “I just wanna be part of the team. Polpo said I could.”

“Ugh,” Abbacchio says, and he pulls back into the apartment, closing the door in Ghirga’s face again. “Buccellati, I think he’s serious." Buccellati builds his team.

Loose Ends by buccelatte

Bruno has the tendency to unzip himself in his sleep and Abbacchio Suffers Greatly

Pretty Lips, Sharp Tongue, Blossoming Words by MasterBates  ♡

“He offered his hand to help him up. His prideful side of him was compelled to slap it away and stand up with a defiant face, to show him that he’ll be the one to become his pillar of support. The other side of him – the side that longed for the familiar yet forgotten warmth of another person – drove him to grasp that hand and lace their fingers together, a silent plea of ‘Don’t let me go. I’ll never let you go.’”

The story of how Leone Abbacchio met Bruno Buccellati and subsequently how he joined Passione.