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What do you think will realistically happen if the pacifist ending occurred in this world? like human sized talking animals and skeletons just appeared out of nowhere? How do you think the world will react?

Currently we kill each other for having skin with a different level of Melanin in it, and for how we may dress or speak, or for what religion you blindly follow. We are constantly afraid that immigrants will “steal our jobs” as if all jobs should only be filled by the people here, not the most qualified person for the job.

Those monsters would immediately be taken by the government, with special agents and SWAT moving in and killing any that didn’t obey, with the military using missiles to strike the monsters. It would be called a training exercise, the monsters would be contained and used for energy or military applications, and studied by scientists. Technology would be made to kill them. Any civilians that see them would be told it’s a marketing stunt for an upcoming monster movie, told it was a hoax, or killed or imprisioned in a mental institution.

Frisk would be taken and evaluated and studied, it would be determined that they hit their head when the fell down a hole, and that a combination of the brain trauma and active children’s imagination and possible mental illness caused hallucinations and imaginary friends as a coping mechanism for being lonely and struggling to survive. Frisk would end up being put in a children’s mental health institution or foster home, and parents charged with neglect and have custodial rights taken away (if Frisk has parents). Frisk would never see their friends again, and would be told that it was a hallucination and that it was just their imagination or mental illness and how scientifically impossible it would be for such a world as Undertale to exist.

The underground would be searched by the army and scientists, monsters killed or taken, and everything destroyed, the hole destroyed, and the caves destroyed and closed off, as part of a government mining operation.

If you ever thought that in real life the monsters would be okay and live in harmony, you clearly haven’t opened a history textbook or watched the news.


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Den didn’t mean to. He just wasn’t paying attention. So he didn’t notice the sign that said to keep off the grass. He was so busy checking his texts that he hadn’t noticed a strange little ball of white soon appear behind his steps over a broken grass leaf.

“ I…I’m free…? ”

The curious little ball of disfigured life asked as it looked toward the back of it’s strange liberator. When he had stopped in his tracks for a moment and turned about to look where he had gone, it lit up almost like a candle flame.

“ Wow….he’s cute….h-hello..?”

He couldn’t hear it. Of course he couldn’t. No one had heard them for so many years. They didn’t even have a mouth to speak with. Maybe though..maybe if they snuck into his pocket..maybe they could introduce themselves and…yes…it was decided! He looked like he could use a good haunting anyway.

Inspired by CardCaptor Sakura’s “shiawase no sakura namiki” which can be found here