Clarifying: Miraculous IS Not cancelled, but it won’t be airing for the time being due to “scheduling experimentation”.

I was really hoping that Nickelodeon wouldn’t pull a Winx Club (hyperlinked for example) with Miraculous Ladybug, but it seems like the trend is already starting. This time slots have been so unorganized, there are no commercials running on TV, and it seems like there may be more problems ahead. The show itself is amazing <3, but the airings of the show need to be handled a lot better.

It’s bad enough that magical girls can’t seem to hold footing in the US, and some don’t even get a fighting chance in the states [Such as the French magical girl show LoliRock :( ]

Nickelodeon premiered Miraculous during the“Busy/Church Timeslot” (Sunday’s at 12, when many families are not at home!)

1.404 million people tuned in to the 12:00 P.M Noon premiere of Miraculous. Similarly in genre: When Winx Club premiered on Nickelodeon,  2.7 million people tuned in to the 7:30 P.M slot. It was later bumped to Sunday’s at Noon, where it received very low ratings.

First of all, Nick shouldn’t have started MLB off with such a bad slot, and changing it constantly is only going to hurt the ratings even more if they don’t find a consistent time slot soon. What’s even worse is that 1.5 Million Viewers was LOW for Winx Club in the 12 PM slot, and Miraculous is getting ratings way lower than that.
(Same target audience, ratings, acquired programming, and time slots which is why I’m using Winx as the prime comparison example)

The Miraculous ratings have gone like this:

SUNDAYS AT 12:00 P.M (Noon)

12/6/2015 - 1.404 Million Viewers (The Bubbler)

12/13/2015 - 1.091 Million Viewers (Mr. Pigeon)

12/20/2015 - 1.465 Million Viewers (Stormy Weather)

12/27/2015 - 1.170 Million Viewers (Timebreaker)

1/3/2016 - 1.294 Million Viewers (Copycat)

1/10/2016 - 1.115 Million Viewers (The Pharaoh)

1/17/2016 - 1.437 Million Viewers (Lady Wifi)

1/24/2016 - 1.186 Million Viewers (The Evillustrator)

1/31/2016 - 1.184 Million Viewers (Rogercop)

2/7/2016 - 1.272 Million Viewers (Dark Cupid)


2/21/2016 - 1.138 Million Viewers (Horrificator)

2/28/2016 - 1.064 Million Viewers (Darkblade) [THE LOWEST SO FAR]

Jeremy Zag confirmed that “The programming plans require continuous adjustments that will support Miraculous throughout all of 2016. Some weeks there will be new episode premieres, some weeks there will be reruns, and some weeks, Miraculous will be on rest.”.
SOURCE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sodimv

Nick could still do a much better job with promoting the show! More commercials, more reruns, more announcements. 

Honestly, I can already see similarities with how the scheduling for Nick’s girl power shows have been treated. A lack of advertising for the show, constant time changes, and bad timing is not going to help Miraculous when toys roll around in the fall. Time changes are necessary to find the best time slot, but the way Nick has executed this in the past (whether the reasoning was the same or not) hasn’t been successful. Nick needs to be strong for Bandai when toys roll around, which is why they may be saving newer episodes for later in the year.

I hate to feel like I’m on some offensive towards Nickelodeon because I love them for what they have given me over the past few years, but the fact that whomever has been running the scheduling for their network seems to not know how to do their jobs correctly is very annoying. Girl-oriented brands always get the short end of the stick.

No show deserves to be constantly bumped out of time slots like these two shows have experienced, Tikki FORBID that the show gets bumped to another network (Winx Club was off the air in the US for over a year before being moved to Nick Jr, where they now run the series [Which is unfitting since it’s TV-Y7 LIKE MIRACULOUS, and I think they may drop it again) (It has also aired on TeenNick AND Nicktoons, LIKE MIRACULOUS).

I called this back on LoliWinx (see hyperlink) right before the premiere of Ladybug (that this could happen to Miraculous) yet I honestly didn’t think it would. I’m pointing the finger at Nickelodeon, not because it’s easiest but because it’s the truth. We’ve seen it before, scheduling “experimentation” turns into “online releases only”.

I still love them for bringing the show to the states, but honestly my worst fears for the US broadcaster of the show are starting to come true… We should all be worried at this point, I’m speaking out, because I refuse sit by and let Miraculous go through what Korra and Winx Club went through with constant time changes.

No matter what Nick says, their advertising and scheduling departments are responsible for the destruction of US presence of Winx Club (Which still has a strong footing in 80+ other countries) and while I thought I had forgiven them, it seems like they honestly didn’t learn their lesson. They could just easily air repeats in the time slot, instead of new episodes. Episodes 13-26 will air later, which makes sense for a midseason break but that doesn’t change the fact that the show is still being put on a back burner.

If they keep this up, they’re going to hurt Miraculous. Something NEEDS to change. 

If the worst case scenario happens where Nick continues the same treatment no matter what we say, and the show gets axed from the network. At least we know that we tried to make ourselves heard and hopefully another broadcaster will pick it up.

Stay strong Miraculers! Hopefully things change.

But remember, Miraculous is still very successful worldwide and it has made a splash here in the states. Ratings aren’t everything, but they’re something to consider!

So reblog this, and make yourself heard.

The bottom line is that Nickelodeon needs to change how they deal with girl hero brands, especially Miraculous! Stop putting them on the back burner!

Hulu’s new animated lesbian fairytale is changing the game

While Disney remains silent on whether it plans to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in the upcoming Frozen sequel, Hulu has been quietly rolling out a series of LGBT-themed animated fairy tales from children’s book author and founder of Pajama Publishing, Daniel Errico. His latest, Rosaline, hits the web just in time for LGBT Pride month. 

  • Me watching a sex scene alone:They are so cute! Finally!!.... okay this has been going on for about 30 minutes... would this qualify as a porno?.... hmm... whatever.

Announcement: In the Flesh seasons 1 & 2 have been picked up by Hulu and can be streamed online now! If you don’t have Hulu, please, consider the free trial to watch the series! 

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, In the Flesh is a BBC television program about a queer un-dead teenager sprung to life after a zombie apocalypse. It approaches the zombie genre with more humanity than typical series as those who rose from the dead are rehabilitated back into society as Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers. Many characters, living, dead, or undead, suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression in a very real and human way, as well as the main character being a young gay man who killed himself at age eighteen and is dealing with the repercussions of that within his family. Its full of drama, action, sorrow, family, romance, and most importantly (at least to this blog) gayness, but in a way where it isn’t the main focal point of the story, making the character real and relateable.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after just two seasons, with a very open-ended ending and it very much needs a final season or a finale film. My suggestion is that all of you please check this out (even if you’ve seen it already), because Hulu, Netflix, etc check online viewership and have the ability to bring a series back from the dead (haha), they’ve done similar with things such as The Mindy Project and more.

Please consider giving In the Flesh a watch! If you’re a fan of sci-fi fantasy like Harry Potter, Doctor Who or Supernatural and a fan of LGBTQ drama programs like Please Like Me, Banana and The Fosters this might be just the show you’ve been waiting for!

A new study shows that ads on Netflix would be a disastrous idea

In a survey of more than 1,200 people on Reddit, AllFlicks asked respondents if they would rather pay more for Netflix or see ads while they were streaming, and found that 90% would prefer a price hike instead of ads. Mic even obtained a spreadsheet of comments left on the survey, and they are more revealing than the statistics.

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