Mindy is on the move on the new posters for season four of The Mindy Project, which will premiere on Hulu on September 15th.

Among the guest stars of the forthcoming season are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Freida Pinto, who will play Mindy and Danny’s alternate-reality spouses in the Slinding Door-esque premiere episode; Ajay Mehta and Sakina Jaffrey will also appear as Mindy’s parents, bringing along Kunal Nayyar, a successful hedge fund manager who they think would make an ideal husband for their daughter. 

Find some stills from the premiere below.

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** For those who are still in doubt whether Will and Hannibal survived the fall. (If will have a 4 season. Fingers crossed.) **

Todd VanDerWerff

‘Obviously, this could serve well as an ending for the whole series, but it wasn’t intended to be. Where would this go in a fourth season or future movies or miniseries, and how on Earth would you ever wrap back around toSilence of the Lambs [as was rumored the show would eventually do]?’

Bryan Fuller

‘The Silence of the Lambs wouldn’t have been part of the fourth season. The fourth season would have been Will and Hannibal, having survived the fall, taking a new and dramatic turn in their relationship. For me, it was perhaps the most interesting chapter of Will Graham’s story.


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Can I just tell yall how much I love you. Can I just SAY that we were trending top in USA, and top three or higher in most European countries? We were number four in the world, at some point, I believe. We rocked the hell out of Twitter, and I am so proud of us, of all of you. Thank you guys so so much for showing your support tonight. I can’t imagine hulu , netflix , yahoo , amazon or anyone else being able to turn down this show after the turn out tonight. I did not expect us to get this far, especially number one in the USA? Do you know how long we have been working at that? We normally are always pretty high up there, but number one in more than one country and in the top five in the world!?!? Yall are crazy. Yall are true Fannibals. I expect nothing less than a renewal and a few more seasons after this, t r u s t. Thank you guys, really. It means a lot to people who care so much for this show and its actors.