Hula Hooping

When Lynn Spencer Nelson of IndyHoopers taught a Groups and Couples workshop at Flow Campthis year, some amazing photos came out of it later that night. Students from her class taught others what they had learned and soon even the night sky was amazing. Flow Camp was held this year at Terrapin Hill Farm in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA. Lynn lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Photo by Jason Mooney.


Hey y'all! Remember that photoshoot I was a couple of weeks back? Well I just got the pics back! :)

The off the shoulder crop top is one by me @ and the shoes are my favourite go to heels from The red lippie is Red Velvet by Lime Crime, also my go to red lipstick. Who knew hula hooping could be so fashionable? ;)

Many thanks to Alicia Foster, the awesome photographer! x