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Wait, I’m confused, how do we know it happened after Waters of Time?


In the beginning of End of Time, when Ten meets with the Ood and he has the lei on and stuff? He talks about taking a bit of a detour on his way, and he mentions “Good Queen Bess”, aka Queen Elizabeth.  So his time spent with her- which would be what he remembers of the events in Day of the Doctor, I guess, though that leads to some questions to what he thinks happened with the Zygons or whatever- happened between Waters of Mars and End of Time.

Also I think it was said somewhere in an article or interview before the 50th? I’m not positive, I don’t keep up with DW media because I honestly don’t care a lot anymore. :)

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i can confirm that with tumblr savior, this post is blocked if I block “gore mention”


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it’s best to use slashes and dashes bc those arent searchable at all and if you put too many numbers/letter, it slows xkit or savior down. (this sounded meaner than i meant it to i promise)

yea i heard about this i think but i use at least 1 dash and usually like two - four numbers max so i think thats ok?? & it doesnt sound mean omg thank u fr lettin me kno :^)