hugsandambitions  asked:

Let's say I have just one ally on the field: Halimar Excavator. I play Rite of Replication (Including the kicker) and target HE. how do the 5 tokens interact with the etb trigger? How many cards get milled total this turn?

All six Halimar Excavators will see the five token Halimar Excavators enter the battlefield and will each trigger five times. You get thirty (30) triggers total, and each trigger that resolves will mill six cards, so in total you’d mill 180 cards.

hugsandambitions  asked:

Regarding storm (and similar abilities such as OotG's Surge mechanic), does replicate count as casting a spell, therby triggering storm or surge? What about rebound?

Here’s the easy guide to if a spell is being cast or not: If it’s moving from somewhere else to the stack, e.g. rebound, then it’s being cast. If it’s a copy of a spell that’s being created on the stack, e.g. storm, then it’s not being cast.