A tribute to Hugh Laurie and the Blues (saw him in concert 9/10, amazing!) - From L to R - Jelly Roll Morton, David Piltch, Hugh Laurie, Kevin Breit, Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Ray Charles, Dr. John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jay Bellerose, Duke Ellington, Irma Thomas, Cab Calloway, Muddy Waters, Huddy Leadbelly, Bessie Smith. 

Mechanical Pencil. 


If I were to wear a band shirt that I own every day, I’d last over two weeks without reusing a shirt:

  • Two Monty Are I’s (gotten at concert)
  • Nightwish haltertop
  • Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band (gotten at concert)
  • Two Coheed and Cambrias (one from concert, one homemade)
  • Iron Maiden (concert too)
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon
  • Two Queen’s
  • Creature Feature (homemade)
  • Shinedown (homemade)
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (concert)

No clue if I’ve missed any, some are probably in the wash


Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band doing the final encore (of, like, seven) on November 2nd at the Florida Theatre. “(I Wanna Be) Someone Like You” from The Jungle Book is absolutely amazing when played live with a jazz/blues band, and this is proof. Plus the Copper Bottom Band (and Hugh Laurie) are pretty amazing already, and Hugh has a great voice for the song!

My battery was nearly dead, so I didn’t start recording right away, and then it cut out before the song ended, but you can still get a decent idea of the song. Enjoy!

(Using HTC One phone camera)


Saw Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band earlier this evening in Jacksonville at The Florida Theatre.  It was a beautiful venue, and a fantastic concert.  Best I have ever seen, Hugh Laurie and the bands energy and love for music is contagious.  

He tweeted this after the show:

“Jacksonville FL my new favourite city. Rollicking crowd keen to put the football result behind them. We sucked the encore barrel dry.”


Today’s Doctor
Dr. House is good medicine. His music did well.

Sola fighting to get through the clouds and made it through almost the entire concert on the pier early Friday evening.

It rubbed off on people, it’s not every year you see so many smiling people at a concert. It’s fun with Dr. House and the people wanted to cuddle him.

There was no television series figure standing on the stage, it was music lover and performer Hugh Laurie did it. But he is not acting for nothing, there were many funny antics when he was away from the piano stool.

And he was often.

To mingle with his band: The Copper Bottom Band. Great interoperable, and virtually brilliant separately.

Some theatrical events here and there, but thus performed more a standing character.

Old blues and trad songs. Dr. Johns “Wild Honey” was the only song sung by a living composer.

And Hugh Laurie can play piano, what we realized when he made the intro of “St. James Infirmary. ”

Some danced, even more moving body rhythms. A good Friday in the sunshine.