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Ok so here we see Will Graham succinctly telling Peter Bernadone that he doesn’t hate Hannibal right? He’s basically elucidating the fact that he is entirely conflicted by what he feels. If he had a definitive feeling towards Hannibal, it would be easier to kill him. Whether that’s by confronting love or hate; it would allow him to make a concrete decision. 

In the following episode, the first scene we see is a dream sequence involving Hannibal tied to a tree. At first, we see Will facing Hannibal talking about the proceeding events being an answer to his problem. But it’s only when Hannibal begins talking about loving Will that we see Will advance on Hannibal and put the events in motion that result in Hannibal’s death. When Will wakes up, he is visible tense, like he has just been shocked into rigidity. That is because he has subconsciously confronted his own feelings for Hannibal. These feelings, summed up by Hannibal in the dream, aren’t rooted in hate at all but were definitive enough for Will to act. 

This is something that is repeated in the Wrath of the Lamb, only Will confronts his love for Hannibal on a conscious level. He is therefore able to take them over the cliff because he has confronted a definitive feeling; one that propels him to take his own life as well as Hannibal’s. 

Well. He attempts to. Bc we all know they ain’t dead.

lunarwench replied to your photosetI am death. And pain. You will die protecting this…

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re: The Happy Prince. The financing for the joint U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy production fell apart. They certainly had a very strong cast lined up: Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Tom Wilkinson in addition to Hugh and Rupert Everett. In a May 2016 NY Times interview Everett (he was starring in The Judas Kiss, David Hare's play about Oscar Wilde, at that time) said the movie was finally greenlit in March. If it's a go, then casting will have to start from scratch.

That’s good information. Thank you!


friendly reminder that this was all canonically said and it pains me to think of how much Hannibal wanted to create a family with Will and Abigail but it all went tits up what with the framing, the betrayal, the gutting and the brutal murder of their daughter-to-be *wipes away tear whilst Adele sings ‘they could’ve had it all’ in the background.