Alternative names for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them:

Fantastic Beasts and And The Purest Cinnamon Roll Newt Scamander

Fantastic Beasts and Credence Did Not Deserve This

Fantastic Beasts and A Really Good Looking Cast

Fantastic Beasts and Why Hufflepuffs Are Particularly Good Finders

Fantastic Beasts and Tina and Queenie Slaying

Fantastic Beasts and The Lovable No-Maj

Fantastic Beasts and My Death From This Movie

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Ravenclaws!  Well, It seems I put you off for a bit, doesn’t it?  Terribly sorry, didn’t mean to.  I’m really no expert on this, but I’ll do my best to give my opinion on… all of these questions, I suppose.

The simplest, to begin with.  I always admired Ravenclaws- I was paired with one for Potions once, and I did better in that class than any other.  You always seem to have an answer for everything, don’t you?  And still I sometimes felt that, and I do apologize if this seems imposing, but you always seemed to have a delicacy about you.

I think, now again, don’t want to assume anything, but I think, that Ravenclaws have gotten a bit of an unfair reputation for being cold and distant.  The intellectuals and the scholars, and while that might be true for many of you, I can say with certainty that it wasn’t for my Potions friend.

There’s a side of Ravenclaws that so many seem to forget.  Wit.  A great deal of sarcasm, which is really quite refreshing.  And that logic, which so few wizards and witches seem to possess.  It seems these days that all that’s expected from a Ravenclaw is brutal intelligence, but that really isn’t the case.  Out of all houses, Ravenclaws showed some of the most diverse students I ever saw during my school years.  I think it was because they alone understood completely that intelligence isn’t quite quantifiable with tests and classes, although those are very important.  You have a wisdom about you that others will want to gravitate towards, so be prepared for that, and try not to shy away.

Your delicacy, I might say, comes from a desire to do well in all areas.  You like to succeed in all things, which is a wonderful trait really.  Here, I would suggest just a bit of patience with yourself.  There’s a good muggle quote for this; “You never fail until you stop trying.” And Ravenclaws, I’ve never known a house more willing to keep trying until they prove themselves right.  If you fail, don’t see it as a final thing.  You’re not broken or different, or, perish the thought, unworthy of your house.  It simply means that you get to try again, and chances are, this will only make you stronger.

I believe, Ravenclaws, that your time to shine is still to come.  I do hope you’ll stick around until then, because the rest of us would be hopelessly lost without you.

  • Newt: I love you. You're just fantastic and adorable!! *gives a little squee of delight*
  • Tina: That's so sweet of you to say! I love you too, Newt!
  • Newt: Er, what, Tina?
  • Tina: wait what
  • Newt: I was... Umm actually... talking to Pickett...
♡°•Newt Scamander headcanons•°♡

-tells bedtime stories to his creatures.
-he really likes Earnest Hemmingway’s books, along with the Secret Garden and The Great Gatsby.
-he really likes to travel.
-he doesn’t really make eye contact with people, it’s really hard for him and it makes him very uncomfortable in situations.
-mumbles a lot.
-he also gets frustrated and confused easily.
-sometimes when he’s angry or sad he’ll spend days in his case, with the creatures. Tina always leaves food out for him.
-platonic hand holding with Tina, Jacob and/or Queenie.
-he gets up like, really early.
-his favorite subjects are care of magical creatures and herbology.
-he drinks a unhealthy amount of tea.
-he would always bundle up in the many hufflepuff scarves he collected through his years at hogwarts. He stole some of them from people.
-he read a lot because people never really talked to him that much.
-has extreme social anxiety.
-he has really bad posture.
-pro oversized sweaters.
-owns wayy too many scarves.
-vvv shy bean.
-he’s a really good listener.
-smol queer.
-he gives really awkward compliments.
-sometime he’ll fall asleep with his creatures and they try to keep him warm. It’s the cutest, Tina takes many pictures.
-he bounces on his toes when he gets nervous.
-autistic Newt !!! :)
-blushes 24/7
-he gets excited easily, it’s vvv cute. Like you’ll bring up his magical creatures and he’ll just go on and on.
-vvv clumsy.
-he tries baking with Jacob and Queenie and he ends up knocking a few things over and he’s just really clumsy.
-he cares about everything and wishes everyone the best.

Things I Associate with hogwarts houses


Black coffee, sharp knives, knee high socks, rain drops on windows, freshly cut flowers, mountain forests, dark lipstick, broken mirrors, leather jackets, new high heels, long nails, Crystal chandeliers, sharp eyeliner, high ponytails, clean rooms, red wine, dark chocolate, tight fitting sweaters, skinny jeans, cold showers, mint gum, reaching for things on high sleeves, white ink tattoos, swimming in lakes, pencil skirts, almost constant swearing, cold nights, 1% phone battery.

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I heard you like slytherpuff ships, so... I'm a 'Puff, and my girlfriend is a Snake.I can defend myself but she don't think so So very god damn time anyone insults me she just 'wtf did you just say bout my precious puffy bae do u have a death wish--'

This is a perfect example of the Classic SlytherPuff Dynamic™, I love it.