thunderbird headcanons
  • thunderbird prefects who have started hikes for the forest and hills that surround ilvermorny 
  • thunderbirds who stop every five minutes to take a picture of a butterfly
  • thunderbirds who take pictures in general, tbh
  • thunderbirds being first to volunteer to go skydiving 
  • thunderbirds who spend hours in the library, pouring over books - trying to gain as much information about other places in the world as they can. if they can’t go there, they want to know what it would be like 
  • thunderbirds who take their time to go exploring mountains instead of studying
  • thunderbirds are often the best writers of ilvermorny. maybe not in terms of putting the pen to paper, but they’re the best writers through words. they are daydreamers. they’re able to dream up an entire universe - filled with characters with distinct personalities, stories, and adventures. 
  • thunderbirds are the ones who take deep breaths as they watch their crush walk by, then leting that feeling of adrenaline course through them, before taking the plunge and asking them if they like to grab a mug of butterbeer or a cup of coffee
  • the thunderbird common room is very much like an old cabin; it has a cozy fireplace, wooden benches (but have several plump pillows and warm, fuzzy blankets on them, and they’re so large, that in many ways they are comfier than any lazyboy), high, long windows, wooden floors, rugs that students have made over the decades, as well as pictures of the places where the students live (they also have scrapbooks of all of the students’ years at Ilvermorny), and framed pressed-flowers, as well as geography books and maps and globes and there are several “how to do _____ for dummies” books in the common room. There are dozens of candles, as well (a common scent is french vanilla latte) 
  • thunderbirds are the best ones to take to thrift stores. you’ll catch them staring with awe in their eyes, as they examine every small artifact. they would babble on about the history behind each artifact, and how amazing it would be to know what it went through

Hey everyone, as you can read above, @lisv is doing a study on Hogwarts Houses, and she really needs more puff participation! I just did it, and it’s only 35 questions so it will only take a few minutes of your day. If you could take it, that would be awesome! Here’s the link, since you can’t easily access the picture:


If any of you follow me on my twitter, you’d know that I’ve fallen back HARD into Harry Potter. I thought it’d be a good time to redesign my old Hogwarts bows since my first batch was designed back in 2011 and that was…SO LONG AGO. These new ones will have a star charm in the corresponding house color attached on the bottom! They’ll be available in my shop by the end of October!

How to Request a HP Wedding Aesthetic!

On this blog, I will be creating wedding aesthetics for the Harry Potter world! there are a couple different ways you can request these:

1. Character x Specific Hogwarts House
(ex: Harry Potter x Slytherin Wedding, Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff Wedding)

2. Character x Reader Description
Send me a description of yourself, similar to what you would send in for a ship, and a character and I will make a wedding aesthetic for the two of you!

3. Shipped Character x Reader Description
Send me a description of yourself as you would send it in for a ship and I will ship you with a character and do a wedding aesthetic for the two of you!

4. Specific Hogwarts House x Specific Hogwarts House
(Ex: Ravenclaw x Slytherin Wedding)

Start sending them in!

Hufflepuff Moment #37

Dealing with the death of a loved one can take a great toll on anyone, and Hufflepuffs are no different. With an undying loyalty, Hufflepuffs find themselves often being a victim of denial, defending there loved one until the very end. Coping can be difficult, but not impossible. Just remember that it’s perfectly okay to be anything but okay, and that goes for everyone.

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