Harry Potter House Aesthetics

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Slytherin: Laying in bed at two a.m. thinking about what you did wrong that day. And being proud of what you did right, because you deserve it. Slytherin means remembering that one moment at the top of the hill when you were on the top of the world and above all those who don’t understand. It means sarcasm and sharp retorts and hiding the vulnerability beneath that layer of self-defence. Slytherin is loving deeply but always doubting you deserve it because maybe, just maybe, you’re not good enough despite all the work you’ve done.

Gryffindor: Regretting the fight they had earlier that day with a friend and the harsh words that jumped off their lips without thinking much about them. But also being proud of addressing the issue and not keeping quiet, because something was wrong and they want to fight for it. Gryffindor means being protective over people they love and a fierce heart; a heart encased in walls they keep up because there are things to be scared of as well.

Hufflepuff: Always remembering to thank people for the tiny little things they’ve done and to say “please” and “you’re welcome” and to smile. To friends because they want to reassure them of their value. At strangers too because it may make their day. Trying to always think the best of people, but it’s hard sometimes because once, they were too naïve and mistreating does hurt, but they are trying.

Ravenclaw: Having the torturing “what if” somewhere at the back of your mind, always. Imagining what could’ve been if only. Trying to get the thoughts out of their heads and onto paper, losing yourself in it with passion but also that hint of despair because the demons are there and they are inside of their minds, wishing to escape them completely one day.


A day late (I know), but here’s my Harry Potter 20th anniversary post! The four houses of Hogwarts 18th century style! Hope you all like it :D

I remember my first Harry Potter book when I was a child: my mom bought the first one (as the Spanish version was quite new) for me to read while on vacation and BOOM a fan was born u.u When I think about Harry Potter, I think about one of the key literary and fiction influences from my childhood, along with A Series of Unfortunate Events.

What do these books makes you think about? What did you like the most about them?

Images from top:


  • “Madame Henriette de France playing the Viola da Gamba”, 1754, Jean-Marc Nattier.
  • “Portrait of Monsieur de Buissy”, 1745, Joseph Siffred Duplessis, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.


  • “Portrait of a gentleman", late 18th Century, British School.
  • “Portrait of Marie Leczinska”, early 18th century, atelier de Jean Baptiste Van Loo.


  • “Portrait of Marie Fel”, Maurice Quentin de la Tour.
  • “James Erskine, Lord Barjarg and Alva”, 1750, Allan Ramsay, Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


  • “Portrait of Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon", Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  • “Self-Portrait with a Harp”, 1791, Rose Adélaïde Ducreux, Met Museum.

After all this time?

Hufflepuff Headcanon #13

teddy lupin’s favorite prank to play was to turn himself into the professors and pretend to teach the class. just imagine:

“today we will not be transfiguring, but i will teach you how to make my famous upside down pineapple cake!” 




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“So put me on! Don’t be afraid!
And don’t get in a flap!
You’re in safe hands (though I have none)
For I’m a Thinking Cap!“


1) Damn right he’s “unafraid of toil”. How does he accomplish things? By working his BUTT off. Extra practices, extra training, 24/7 focus on his goal.

2) Community building. What’s most important to a Hufflepuff is their community and the people around them. Jack Zimmermann has given himself body, heart, and soul to hockey (and eventually to SMH). Everything he does, he does for them. This could look like a Slytherin, but unless you think Jack was like ”I’m going to train you until you’re not afraid of checking so that *I* can win at hockey” rather than, “I’m going to train you until THIS TEAM is the best it can be,” that’s a Puff move. 

3) Loyalist rather than idealist. Jack doesn’t wholeheartedly throw himself into hockey and history and SMH because he thinks it’s the “right thing to do” (Gryffindor) or the “smartest way to accomplish his goals” (Ravenclaw). He LOVES THE SHIT OUTTA THAT STUFF. It’s totally subjective and personal. 

4) Self-blame. This I’m taking from personal experience, as a Hufflepuff. A Puff’s tendency to try to see things from both sides of the story is great, and tends to make for a very empathetic person. HOWEVER, this can lead to a lot of guilt, confusion, and ultimately self-blame. Someone hates you? They probably have their reasons, because they are a person and deserve empathy…which to me, means that I have done something to make someone hate me. This is the dark side of the Hufflepuff people-oriented lifestyle–you can’t always control what people are going to think, feel, and say, and you feel responsible for it. Jack Zimmermann, hockey legacy, “fallen from grace” because he pushed himself just too damn far…shouldering total responsibility when his team loses. Ouch. Sure he lashes out sometimes, like “Bittle, it was a lucky shot”, but who doesn’t, when they feel the full responsibility crashing down on them and feel as if the infinite hard work they put into something doesn’t actually pay off?


Bitty is a Slytherin and I will fight you on this too here’s why:

1) Fiercely loyal to HIS people. “Everyone else is a person, but so are they, so a Slytherin’s job, before everything else, is taking care of them and theirs.” This can look like a Hufflepuff, sure: taking care of the frogs, baking and feeding everyone, fussing over his friends…but Hufflepuffs treat EVERYONE as a human being worthy of kindness and respect, regardless of if they are close friends or strangers. We have a tendency towards forgive and forget (within reason). For Slytherins, it’s them and their people against the world. 

THAT is a Slytherin. Someone came in and threatened HIS PERSON. He’s not looking to give him the benefit of the doubt, he showed up and upset Jack and did god knows what to him in the past, he is DEAD TO BITTY. 

2) Takes action because HIS PEOPLE need him. This is directly from Sorting Hat Chats (see below) “When Nursey and Dex are at each other’s throats, disrupting team harmony, it’s only his baby goalie Chowder’s distress that drives Bitty to care at all.” Hufflepuffs are always there for a person in need, whether it be friend, stranger, or enemy (within reason). Bitty is gonna mother the shit out of Dex when he’s sick because Dex is SICK and Bitty can and WILL take care of him whether he likes it or not.

3) Slytherin loyalty is earned. While sure, Bitty enters SMH pies a-blazing (you know what I mean), he does not instantly throw his loyalty in with the boys. For Slytherins, you EARN friendship, trust, and loyalty. Look at the first comics, in Year 1. Bitty doesn’t feel bonded with any of the team at first, and considers quitting (and perhaps would have, if not for his scholarship and having to explain to his dad). He especially can’t stand Jack, and hates putting in all the extra work for checking practice even though he knows it’ll benefit the team and himself (compare this with Jack, who THRIVES on extra hard work and completely puts his faith in toiling over something to achieve his goals). Here’s the first time we see Bitty actually reach out a hand of friendship (literally heheh, yay fistbumps), once he’s been confronted with the unavoidable truth that Jack is actually a person with his own problems. We got there eventually, but while Hufflepuffs come from an assumed place of empathy and caring, Slytherins need to get there in their own time.

TL;DR: Slytherin loyalty and friendship is something that you earn from the bottom up, but once you have it DAMN they have no chill. 

Wow this got super long and took me forever. Oops. I am passionate about Check Please and Harry Potter I guess? 

Quotes and many opinions taken from the Sorting Hat Chats, if you’re a HP fan and you haven’t checked it out YOU SHOULD! It takes the sorting WAY beyond “brave, smart, nice, and evil” and gives you actual personalities. I AM MORE THAN MILDLY OBSESSED WITH IT.


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19 with Cedric. But after he saves her from her abusive father + prompt list


Cedric took you to his home, far and away from the monster you’ve been trying to hide from for years now. You were beyond happy to leave your home when that Hogwarts letter arrived, even if your father refused to let you leave, for each year that followed you carefully crafted a nifty plan that would allow you to sneak out unnoticed. Each summer you’d pay the price for that. But not this time.

You lay in his bed snuggling up to his chest as his arms are wrapped safely around you, ready to protect you from every bad thing in the world. You can’t help the tears that fall from your tired eyes and roll down your red cheeks, you can’t help gripping his shirt tightly and you can’t help the frightened shake of your shoulders either. But Cedric doesn’t mind, not one bit, as he holds you close and rubs circles on your back as a wordless statement that you will be alright. Cedric loves you, you know this by how gentle his touch is and how tenderly he speaks, looks, acts when he’s around you. But most of all, how fearlessly he jumped to your rescue barely an hour ago.

The silence stretches and after a while of melting into the embrace you start to calm; outside you can hear the pleasant chirping of birds and rustles of trees. Your sniffles die down and you shift your head to face him. He cracks a smile, and you manage to paint one on as well, “If you want…” He murmurs, “We can stay in bed all summer.” Softly, he kisses your forehead and you have to close your eyes. The feeling is nice. Uplifting. Safe and absolutely wonderful.

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