Saw this on Pinterest creds to owner. But like this has been happening to me at the library like I want to know what the book is about not someone’s opinion


Hogwarts {1513}
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ok, so here’s the thing. I don’t ship Harry and Hermione at all. I am actually happy with the way they are, like really happy. they are best friends, they hug, they hold hands, they dance, Harry protects her, Hermione looks after him and they are just friends and I think that is beautiful, because these days you can’t even talk to the opposite gender without people thinking you have a thing. I am so happy with the way Hermione and Harry are. they are just friends and I have never wanted them to be anything more.

Texting Those Three magical words
  • Hufflepuff : I love you
  • Slytherin: yeah me too.
  • Hufflepuff : no say it
  • Slytherin : ILY
  • Hufflepuff: I'm not talking to you until you say you love me
  • Slytherin: stop it!
  • Hufflepuff: stop what?????
  • Slytherin: stop fucking saying I L**E you!!!!!!
  • Hufflepuff : L-O-V-E
  • Slytherin: I swear I'll kill you if you say the L word again.
  • Hufflepuff: fine :(
  • Slytherin :
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Slytherin: hey ?
  • Hufflepuff: hmm
  • Slytherin: I Love you

Random thoughts Slytherins have

• Is it acceptable to say gucci and fam in the same sentence?

• I’m gonna be the most aesthetic

• actually, fuck that

• I just want to go home

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

• I’m just gonna pretend that didn’t happen

• ew look at that person over there… breathing like a bitch

• I’m too tired for this

• I’m gonna shove a cactus up your ass

• Google that shit

• Is it possible to get high off crispy onions?

• fuck this

• Maybe if I say ‘fuck me’ more often when I do something wrong, someone will say ‘I’m trying’

• Why are people so stupid sometimes?

• I’m back bitches, missed me?

• how come no one ever misses me

• you’re all gonna be sorry when I’m richer than you


• I hate hugs

• If I don’t get a hug in the next two minutes I’m literally going to start crying

• wHy Am I cRyInG

• fuck this, fuck you, fuck that, fuck me

• Your rules don’t apply to me

shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

• I like being alone

• I hate being alone

• If you tell me what to do one more time I swear I will slap a bitch

• Well fuck me up and call me Florida

Shit Slytherins Say: #141

If you can’t dazzle them with brillince, baffle them with bullshit.