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Day 148 - floral top and a puppy for national puppy day
Over 5 lbs lost

I’m back to fitting in multiple pairs of jeans, so why not wear them. I paired these cropped jeans with a floral top from Joie, flats, and a black jacket. I’m also holding Wiley for national puppy day.

I’m another 1.1lbs down, which means 5.3 lbs down from when I started posting my weekly weight. I’m celebrating this success and looking forward to more in the future.

This week’s weight: 165.4 lbs
Last week: 165.5 (-1.1 lbs)
Total weight loss: 5.3 lbs

(Top: Joie, jacket: aday, jeans: Hudson, shoes: Tory Burch)


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Snippets from yesterday.

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Snippets from last night.