I’ve been looking forward to this session for months. Our dear friends and their ridiculously adorable twin girls invited us up to Irvington for a family shoot at Scenic Hudson Park, and it was everything I had imagined leading up to the big event. A perfect spring evening on the water with people that we hold close to our hearts—and as a bonus, I was able to bring my own family along for the ride (they played at a nearby playground while I captured these four)! I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking, but in short, I can’t begin to explain how honored and grateful I was to have had this opportunity with such awesome people whom we love so dearly.

A Winter Wonderland Causes the Hudson River to Freeze

Lower Manhattan viewed from the Staten Island Ferry. (February 25, 2015)

With the appearance of huge shards of ice in the Hudson river, New Yorkers wondering one thing: how long until we can walk over the river from Manhattan to Brooklyn? Although it is described as one of the worst winters in a 28 year history by ferry operators, to our surprise in the 1800s the river often froze giving its residents the ability to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn across the ice covered water. 

Although this, now, unlikely discovery sounds alluring, New Yorkers will have a long wait until the river completely freezes. Due to heavy boat traffic and a high level of saline, it becomes more difficult to transform the Hudson River into an ice skating rink and passage to Brooklyn. 

With temperatures dropping to 15 to 25 degree below average, the East River is filled with ice chunks. 

Surrounded by ice, the historic Brooklyn Bridge reveals a freezing river. 

View more stunning aerial images of the Big Apple below. 

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