Kate Hudson

People, y'all need to stop sleeping on Fantasia, Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, and Melanie Fiona. They got some bomb ass music and I never hear people talking about it. Y'all barely even got their music on Tumblr. K. Michele & Tamar Braxton got some good music too. Y'all can’t complain about no black R&B singers thriving when y'all don’t check for them. Holla at me if you have any other suggestions..

The Signs as Black Female Singers

Aries: Beyonce

Taurus: Missy Elliott

Gemini: Estelle

Cancer: Jennifer Hudson

Leo: Rihanna

Virgo: Alicia Keys

Libra: Nicki Minaj

Scorpio: Mary J. Blige

Sagittarius: Janet Jackson

Capricorn: Whitney Houston

Aquarius: Tinashe

Pisces: Mel B

Sherlock One shot (Sherlock x Reader)

Summary: Sherlock and Reader are close friends but when the reader is kidnapped by Moriarty, he realizes he has deeper feeling for her.

Paring:Sherlock x Reader

Today is your only day off for the week from your job at Scotland Yard and you plan to spend it gossiping with mrs. Hudson at flat 221 B. You sat across from her sipping at your coffee and talking about how Sherlock managed to cause a fight yesterday at the Yard. “He pointed out, very loudly, that Anderson and Donavan were having an affair.”
Mrs. Hudson only laughed at the story and when you told her how Donavan acted she broke down. “(Y/N), Sherlock is a trouble maker but he has a soft spot in his heart.”

“For crimes.” “Nope. A very special someone that works at the same place you door.” Molly. Your heart sunk at the thought. You didn’t have a crush on Molly but you where head over heels for Sherlock and surprised he necmver pointed it out.
Time passed and soon it was time for you to go home and catch up on some sleep. You bid the land lady good bye and headed out to the street to hail a taxi. Once you stepped in the taxi, the driver took off with out asking you where to go. “Umm, I never told you where I needed to go.”
An Scottish accent replied. “Don’t worry princess, I’m taking you somewhere important.” The screen divider rolled up and a white gas was released into you section of the car soon you passed out.
The world was spinning. At least for you it was. Each of your limbs were tied to a chair in the middle of the room. “Good Morning (Y/N). Now I know your a good friend of Sherlock so tell me his weakness.”

“No” The man you recognized as Moriarty pulled a blade out and stabbed your leg making you scream in pain. “What is his weakness?” He said each word slowly as if speaking to a child. Through tears and the burning sensation in your leg you managed to grit out a very violent no. Slowly he twisted the blade. Tears streamed down your cheeks as he continued the torture. “Moriarty let her go.”
Sherlock voice rang clear as a bell even through your screams of agony. “OR what Sherly? What if I do this?” He yanked the blade out and quickly reinsert ed the blade into the spot causing you to scream at the top of your lungs. “MORIARTY STOP PLEASE!”

“Is the great Sherlock Holmes begging for a miserable goldfish? How the mighty have fallen.” With out warning Sherlock shot at your attacker and the consulting criminal bolted from the scene.

“(Y/n)!” He ran up to you with he coat flailing behind him. “Hey Sherlock, solve any new cases?”

“Just the one where you mysteriously disappeared.” He untied you from the chair and carried you bridal style out of the warehouse. “(Y/n), I love you. I’m sorry this happened.”

His words caught you by surprise. Sherlock Holmes loves you. All you could think up was a silly reply that consisted of. “It’s not your fault Sherlock and I thought you said Sentament was a chemical defect found in the losing side.”
“Your and exception I’m willing to make.” He kissed your forehead as the ambulance arrived to the front of the building. The doors swung open and he carried you inside and we’d both let go of you until you got to the hospital. Even then the Nurses had a problem with him not leaving after visiting hours but you never complained or even mined you detectives company.

Before you drifted off to sleep you stretched and yawned to Sherlock. “Sherlock, I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“That groupie? She was a Band-aid! All she ever did was love your band, and you threw her away! She almost died last night while you were with Bob Dylan. You guys are always talking about the fans, the fans, the fans. She was your biggest fan! And you threw her away! And if you can’t see that, then that’s your biggest problem. And I love her! I love her!”

Who run the world?  More girls! Just a teeny tiny fraction of the amazing Queens of music out there :) I’m actually going to do a second set of singers because there are SO many I wanted to include-any you think should be on the next set?