Hudson Mohawke

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do you have any song recsssssssssssss

Uh, sure. This is just what I’m into at the moment, I’ll sort it into types though, if that makes sense.

Upbeat Songs:

  • Caravan Palace - Wonderland
  • Mystery Skulls - Money
  • Blonde - All Cried Out (featuring Alex Newell)
  • MAX - Holla
  • Hudson Mohawke - Ryderz
  • Studio Killers - Jenny

Downbeat Songs:

  • AQUILO - I Gave It All
  • Ellie Goulding - You & Me 
  • ELXR - Lost In Thought
  • SOHN - Ransom Notes
  • Years & Years - Eyes Shut
Benny Benassi's Remix of Audion's Rework of Tiga's 'Make Me Fall In Love' is Three Times The Funk

What do you get when you remix a remix? A super hot and fresh dance floor favorite, or so it goes with Benny Benassi’s rework of Audion​'s version of Tiga’s latest single “Make Me Fall In Love.”

Tiga Reveals ‘No Fantasy Required’ Album, Releases Hudson Mohawke Collaboration 'Planet E’

The original, as featured on the Canadian producer’s album No Fantasy Required, is techy and subdued and rich with analog vibes in true Tiga fashion. Audion then got his hands on the bugger and turned up the drums 'til it was a certified house banger. Benassi’s rinse pumps the funk up even higher until it’s the kind of house anthem that sends feet running to the dance floor.

It’s a song within a song within a song. Layers upon layers of groove here. Can we take it one deeper?

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Hudson Mohawke made an amazingly diverse album with Butter, nobody liked it, and so now all he does is that Inception Horn thing and everyone loves it so he does it all over everything.