we are our moon sign as babies and young children, this is when we still have maternal consciousness too (no separation from self and mother)
we are more mercury in early education 
jupiter and the moon rules hormones so we can emanate this more through adolescence 
we are saturn as elders, usually there have been 2 or 3 saturn returns, so the wisdom appears 

Synchronicity is the fabric of the universe, and it validates astrology.

Mercury’s energy is electric; a quick and constant buzz – flexible, adaptable, progressive, perpetually busy, erratic but somehow remaining logical and systematic within that chaos. It is the entire aliveness of the cerebral mind embodied in one force, containing the eternal stream of mental processes within perimeters of reason: intellectual architecture, teeming with activity. Its title as a “messenger” originates from its mythological link to the Greek god Hermes, who lived to deliver information at lightning speed; the knowledge that such an energy belongs to or is created by Mercury is clearly ancient.

Celestially, Mercury has an equally active & extreme temperament. It revolves around the sun faster & more frequently than any other planet in our solar system; its surface varies between vast plains and deep, smooth craters to volcanoes and jagged ridges formed by rapid temperature changes; its internal temperature is hundreds of degrees colder than the external temperature, evident in the fact that ice forms upon it despite its close proximity to a star; it lacks an atmosphere so atoms are constantly cycling toward & away from it, and so on. It really could not be in more of an unstable position, yet there’s a delicate balance that holds it in place, and it continues to run regular laps.

The human cerebral landscape is strikingly similar. The brain contains approximately 100 billion cells on average & none of them ever stop moving. Every neuron has a specific job that is determined primarily by its location, and there is a particular structure to the functions of the neurons based on territory and purpose, but within that structure resides untamed fireworks of endless activity – cells are born & die rapidly, each of them exploding with information and stimulated receptivity, flooding the mind with a mosaic of collective motion so smoothly and so quickly that we are able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel, think, theorize, philosophize, understand, know, study, consider, remember, rotate, lift, flex, press, constrict, stretch, release, react…. able to be human, and to be present within that being: aware of it. Conscious. Alive. The very components that cause the brain to work – such as electricity and chemical reactions – are present in abstract energy and the physicality of planets.

These three planes are intricately interwoven & it’s incredible that they form such a cohesive whole (from an astrological perspective). They are separate strands of research & experience, formed on separate timelines with separate intentions – how could they possibly be this flawlessly parallel without a fundamental truth lying at the heart of it all? Astrology is a vital branch of the study of “why,” and choosing not to acknowledge that is essentially choosing to throw away one of the keys to unlocking that fundamental truth. We will never find all the answers if we continue to limit the questions.

Can I also say I’ve been talking a lot about Juno and Nureyev, but I LOVE Mick Mercury and Rita??

Such gems; Mick is SO funny and sweet and relatable, and Rita is hilarious, her voice actor is amazing- the love Juno has for both of them warms my heart, and seeing such good, blythe, sunny characters in such a world is lovely.

Also it’s tremendous when they call Juno out on his shit; I love that other characters (Ramses now too) have multiple times called him on being self-destructive and told him that his “selflessness” is actually really selfish–

(Oh man Ramses didn’t have to destroy his entire personality like that lmao)

Juno’s unreliability as a narrator is imo the biggest hope I have for a happy ending: it seems impossible for him to be happy because it’s JUNO doing the telling- but it’s not noble to destroy yourself and I love when he gets lectured by his friends to that effect…

Emerald: *places chili pepper on counter*

Mercury: *enters kitchen*

Emerald: *uses her semblance to make him think it’s chocolate*

Mercury: *pick up chocolate and bites in it*

Mercury: *gives the chocolate a weird look, then it shows it’s true form*

Mercury: *continues eating the raw chili pepper*

Emerald: Err, you do know that’s a chili pepper, right?

Mercury: Yeah. *takes another bite*

So I casually asked my big sis if she can draw something for me, just some Yang and Mercury and I said it’s up to her whatever pose they do but they both should be in one frame (take note she doesnt watch rwby– i only showed her some pics asdfghjkl;;)


I’m so happy omfg I’m about to combust !!!!!!!!!!
// shameless plugging my Gauntlets and Greaves fic again tho, // 💕💕

The contrast between the translated text and what’s happening on screen is HILARIOUS.

Haurchefant’s text: “Your return is most timely. Of their own accord, my thoughts had turned to your task and the progress thereof. I confess, my imaginings turned to the grim and bloody.”

Scene: lingering shot of the PC’s assets, lingering shot of the barechested soldiers doing squats, Haurchefant being very effusive about the PC in a way that elicits a D8 reaction

Anyway, considering that he continues,“But here you are now, and I suspect such frivolous wonderings do little justice to the reality of your travails,” I feel like SE was trying to get across that he cares personally about the PC, but they soft-pedaled it so much it comes off as generic and bloodless, which is a poor choice for a minor NPC that they wanted to elevate in importance.