Team Hoyt Beats the Heat at the AZ Cup

Temperature maps for USA Archery’s first outdoor event of the year, the AZ Cup, were covered in red-and so were the podiums. This World Team qualifying event offered little in the way of reprieve from the 90-degree heat aside from the switching breezes that added to the suspense of the finals. But a little warm weather wasn’t enough to keep Team Hoyt shooters from showing up and doing work.

Tate “Tater” Morgan wins back-to-back gold, first at Versus and now at the AZ Cup.

Hot off a win at Versus MX, Tate Morgan was intent on harnessing his momentum to stretch his first-place streak. After qualifying second, Tate burned through the head-to-head matches to earn gold. He wasn’t the only one entering the competition with something to maintain, however, as Steve Anderson hasn’t missed a podium since securing the US National Indoor Championship. A perfect 150 in the bronze medal match was more than enough to keep “Big Cat” Anderson’s streak alive.

Steve “Big Cat” Anderson continues his podium streak.

Crispin Duenas, Zach Garrett and Brady Ellison sweep Men’s Recurve.

Team Hoyt’s recurve shooters were out to make a statement, as well. Hoyt shooters Crispin Duenas, Zach Garrett, Brady Ellison and Collin Klimitchek comprised an all-Hoyt final, each shooting the Hoyt Faktor Series. Crispin Duenas and and Zach Garrett each shot the Faktor HP model, securing gold and silver, respectively. Brady Ellison joined the two on the podium, securing bronze. In addition to sweeping the finals, Garrett, Duenas, and Ellison also swept qualifications.

Solid shooting from Crispin Duenas earned him gold at the AZ Cup.

(Left to right) Linda Ochoa-Anderson, Erika Jones and Toja Ellison on their way to sweeping qualifications.

The men weren’t the only ones to sweep qualifications, as Toja Ellison, Linda Ochoa Anderson and Erika Jones took 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the Women’s Compound qualifications.

Mackenzie Brown at full draw.

In Women’s Recurve, Mackenzie Brown stood apart as the top Women’s Recurve Qualifier. When it came to finals, however, it was Christine Yeri Kim and Ariel Gibilaro who walked away with silver and bronze, respectively.

Christine Yeri Kim on her way to clinching silver at the AZ Cup.

Congratulations to these Team Hoyt shooters, on their successes and commitment through the heat, and thank you to all Team Hoyt shooters who competed. We look forward to watching more of your successes unfold throughout this outdoor season.

All photos courtesy of USA Archery.

Outdoor Kicks Off at Versus Mx

Is there any better way to jump start the outdoor target season than the Versus Mx Shoot? Tate “Tater” Morgan submits that there is not. Tate fought through 30 MPH winds in the finals to secure gold.

Tate “Tater” Morgan took gold at Versus Mx.

The Versus Shoot consists of 72 record arrows shot from 50 meters during qualification, a total of 720 possible total points, followed by Round Robin play and culminating in the finals. 

Julio Fierro pulls arrows while his score is recorded.

Tate faced off against Team Hoyt’s Julio Fierro, the sole representative of the host country of Mexico to reach the Men’s Compound Finals, in the gold medal match. Both shooters battled the wind and performed strongly, with Tate Morgan ultimately prevailing to secure gold.

Steve “Big Cat” Anderson had his sights set on continuing his medal streak.

Steve “Big Cat” Anderson joined Hoyt teammates Tate and Julio in the finals, determined to keep his podium streak alive. He did so, securing a bronze medal to accompany his recent USA and NFAA Indoor National golds.

Tate Morgan, Steve Anderson and Julio Fierro joined forces to sweep the Men’s Compound competition.

Team Hoyt was successful in the Men’s Recurve Division in addition to the sweep of Men’s Compound. Brady Ellison showed up to Versus Mx to do what he always does–torch the competition. After qualifying in 1st place by a full 25 points, a single arrow away from the standing world record, Brady cruised through Round Robin play and into the finals rounds. After winning a tie-breaker in the semis with a closest to center arrow, Brady successfully defended his 2016 Versus Champion Title, winning the Gold Medal Match 6-4.The man is no stranger to back-to-back titles. 

Brady Ellison defended his 2016 Champion Title for back-to-back gold.

Congratulations to these shooters, and to all Team Hoyt shooters on their strong performances at Versus Mexico. We are proud of each of you and your accomplishments, and cant wait to see what you do next! In the meantime, Get Serious Get Hoyt. 


♚  (  black + white + red, aesthetics month; FC 3 villain \ character( s ); Hoyt Volker )  ♚

~”Hoyt was arrogant, mocking, taunting, smug and overly confident in dialogue but also a highly intelligent and calculating human trafficker and drug lord who until his death, was arguably the most dangerous man in the Rook Islands and the leader of the “Rook Island food chain”, he compensated for this with his agility and his surprisingly strong knife fight skills. He also showed that he was a man whom not everyone would mess with and showed impressive leadership skills - he controlled an army of bloodthirsty mercenaries and had control over a vast amount of regional supplies, leading the largest slave-trade organization in the South-Pacific Archipelago.”~


The burning of the marijuana fields at the hands of Jason Brody in Far Cry 3 is widely considered one of the most triumphant, fulfilling moments in gaming history, yet, being the hopeless fangirl that I am I can’t help but view things from the perspective of the other side the villainous spectrum ‘cos I’ve a thing for developing forgotten, underwritten characters as a whole. Someone has to. No more, no less. Hoyt must have been pissed beyond belief. (Ubisoft, why didn’t you show this? Ubisoft, must I care for your creations more then you do, hmm? Shame on you! My beloved antagonists need more screentime, goddamnit!) Mental breakdowns, fired soldiers, death amidst his unhinged raging, a crumbling empire, a disbanded, murdered set of long-term associates and a deep existentialist crisis ensues, leading the anti-climatic, shaken, distorted, disorganized Volker who pretty much just lost the one thing that ever mattered to his dark, amoral little soul bent on proving itself; His supposed “pride and joy” - his organization. His kingdom. A fall well-deserved, and a fall I believe should have been more explored nonetheless. In honor of that - here’s this piece of shit I slapped together and randomly made on a casual evening whim. My disgusting, evil, Afrikaner papa earned it for being so completely and utterly vile. ♚ ♥