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Hey @impextoo sorry I didn’t just reply to your question, for some reason it wasn’t showing up in my notifications, only on the post. Anyway!  Yeah, so I’m all for working lines. A lot of jobs require a VERY specific temperament and it makes sense to breed for that.  If you have diabetic kids who need a diabetic alert dog then you need a dog who has drive, and also has an amazing temperament. Same for guide dogs etc.  A lot of the behaviors like herding, retrieval, scent are not as breed specific as people think, and are more of a general DOG thing.  However, if you have a job to do it make sense to select for it, and purebred working lines have been doing that for a long time.  So it makes sense to cut to the chase and find a working line.  Here’s my caveats though, and it’s more for breeders than for buyers.  Working dogs are getting fucked up.  Breeders who endlessly select for high drive dogs have created the modern border collie, a dog who’s so neurotic that even with a job they have no idea how to just stop.  The Malinois is headed there fast.  And it’s not just for high drive, over selecting for any behavior can lead to extremes.  So, responsible and fore thoughtful husbandry needs to be more of a priority. 

And, since my priority will always be shelter dogs, working drive and the ability to do any job isn’t a purebred trait that you have to pay thousands of dollars to get. Rural shelters are FULL of hounds and spaniels that have gotten lost while out hunting, and no one comes looking for them.  I’ve had dogs that wound up in my care at shelters that went on to become: service dogs, police dogs, secret service dogs, drug sniffing dogs, international championship drug sniffing dogs, and my personal favorite; The little shelter pit bull type dog that went to a military “job interview” and out performed, out shined, and got the job over 22 Malinois to detect IEDs. Maybe it will end up that if you have a job to get done, that finding a well preserved working line is the best option, but I hope that folks will check the shelters first. Wednesday, the owner surrender turned Search and Rescue dog thanks you!

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Rosalie and Emmett on “another honeymoon” in late November 2005.

Okay, so this has always bothered me: Edward is suffering because of his  separation from the woman he loves– he’s a blithering idiot and his suffering is stupid and self-inflicted, but he is genuinely suffering. Given that Rosalie was opposed to his relationship with Bella from the beginning largely because she’s human you would think she’d try to be supportive, but I can sympathize with her apparent desire to flee from  Angst!ward’s general vicinity. Or, you know, the desire to put an entire ocean between them. ;) And if Alice said that Rosalie and Emmett had gone on vacation in Europe for a few months I’d have no problem.

However, Alice specifically said they had been on another honeymoon. Which implies that while Edward was suffering and barely holding onto his sanity, Rosalie and Emmett were getting married. Again.

I try to like her, I really do, but then there’s stuff like this and I just want to smack her on her beautiful, selfish head with one of their vampire-grade baseball bats.

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when you audition professionally, do you audition for a specific role or is it like school where you do a general audition and then they cast you however? sorry if that didn't make sense

Just depends! Sometimes it is for a very specific role, sometimes it’s for a whole season, in which case your audition will be more broad!

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3, 13, 17, 29 for the relationships ask meme, if you are so inclined :3c

Relationship & Courting antics Asks.

3. ♥ Tell us about a time they were rejected.
I feel like it’s more difficult to pinpoint a specific time, rather than it is to sorta generalize to Reinhardt’s nature of courting in general. I, honestly, strongly see him as demisexual—- he clicks with people he has the emotional bond with. However, it isn’t unknown for him to go out to bars and meet people that way. Never any hookups, just his nights of meeting new people and getting phone numbers with some buddies from the barracks/overwatch, depending on the time.

Of course, being it is his big burly self isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, i would imagine he’s had his easy let downs or his neglected call-backs and such on multiple occasions. It might hurt his heart for a day or two, but unless he really hit it off with them, he won’t be too sore about it for too long.

13. ♥ Do they sleep in the same bed/room as much as they can or do they sleep separately? 
He would absolutely insist on being in the same room. He likes that feeling. Nothing is better than holding someone else in one’s arms, specifically for. Stress. Support. Anything. Closeness. It’s intimate, to end nights and start mornings with one another as the first person to see. That, and that sense of.. protecting them. Knowing where they are. In his arms. Feelsgoodman.

17. ♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
AHHH reinhardt honestly just. Loves passion and strength and confidence. He likes the people who can keep their chin up and smile, with or without insecurities. No one likes a narcissist, but he hates when people would rather submit to the world than try to fight through it. Be passionate! He loves passions. He loves people who can rant about their favorite things for hours on end. Let them have goals. Let them smile. He loves people who are strong willed.

29. ♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
In every way, honestly. With every fiber of his little heart. With checking on them, making sure they’ll alright. Going out of his way to make them smile, always. Always always. Remembering their favorites. Paying so much attention and remembering. Knowing each thing that may make their days a little brighter. He loves with his whole heart and soul tbh.

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Hey its ksound Could you tell me some tips on making things in MV?

Hey! Well, I don’t know if I have any tips specific to MV. However, I might have something to say about making RPGMaker games in general.

I like to play lots of different RPGMaker games (or similar to RPGM) and make notes as I go along. Try to find what you like about the games and what you dislike, get a good feel for stuff and look at it from both a player and a developer’s perspective.

While you shouldn’t be stealing things, there’s no shame in getting inspiration. By playing lots of games, you can get all sorts of ideas and adapt them in your own way to make something unique! Try to ask yourself why something is or isn’t fun and apply that to how you make your game.

Little ideas can spark bigger ones that go in totally different directions. Don’t dismiss your ideas just because they seem a bit too cliche or overused, they can become more unique as you develop them further.

As you analyze other games, you can learn how to analyze your own game and improve it too! Hope I helped :)

#Tgirl: Passing as Female #Transgender / #Transsexual

I will now discuss what specific things need to be focused on when it comes to passing as a female.

Female Mannerisms

Regarding mannerisms, things like your body language, posture, walking, and communication, including your voice, are all important. When it comes to hand gestures and general movement and positions, there is a difference. Let’s take an example when holding a cup. When a male holds a cup, to me it looks more spaced apart and sturdy in their hand. However, this is how I hold a cup. Which one looks more feminine to you? As a female would hold a cup with all fingers, it would look more delicate and together, versus the male way of holding it.

Repeatedly, how you move your hands is also important. Females would have a more delicate way of moving their hands versus males. For instance, look how my hands are moving now. It expresses how I am talking. As a male however, I may have more erratic and jagged movement in my arms, hands, and shoulders.

Which bring us to the next point, your posture and how you present yourself. How you sit and move yourself is a big giveaway. So, here I am as a female and how I usually present myself. Notice how I am sitting and moving myself as well as my body and hands. Then, let’s switch over to male mode and notice how I present myself now. Notice how I am sitting and moving when I talk, versus the more feminine and female way of talking and moving.

Another thing is how you walk. Males legs tend to have more space apart and are generally heavier when they walk. Females on the other hand, their legs are more together and have more movement in their hips and body in general.

And lastly, your communication with others is key to passing as well. How do you talk and say your words, and how is your voice? I do have a video dedicated to finding your female voice that may help more in this area. [Female Voice] But, getting the right female voice is essential to passing. If everything is female about you except your voice, then that may lower your ability to pass and overall confidence in yourself.

By learning to speak in a female manner you will learn the other characteristics of the female voice such as how you pronounce words, as well as how you speak and talk. By speaking slowly and clearly, this will increase your chances of people recognizing your voice as being feminine.

Even though the idea may sound awful to some, record your voice and play it back and listen to how you sound and how you pronounce words. It would be the most beneficial if you could do a real-time monitoring of your voice with a decent microphone. With poor quality equipment, your voice is not going to sound as accurate as how it really sounds. If you could do a real-time monitoring, you can get the voice to where you want it to be that is not only feminine sounding, but also comfortable for you to speak at without straining your voice.

I’m now a teacher!

Correction: I’m now a first year teacher, which means this new job’s going to eat my life more than it normally would. I am very excited about it, but it will likely mean a sharp decrease in my presence online (as you’ve probably already been able to tell since I’ve spent the last month buried in work already). This primarily is why I closed off all my readings for the times being.

However I may have little windows open here and there where I open up general or specific readings, but these may no longer be free. (Most likely I’ll start doing them in exchange for donations, type of thing.) As much as I love this new job and am certain that its part of my Path, it’s unfortunately going to put me into a bit of a sticky financial situation, so yeah, don’t be too surprised or annoyed with me if you see a donation button pop up here please.

Anyway just wanted to give you all the update.