Howard's End

fic idea, maybe?

(unless it exists already - in which case point me in that direction?)

arabian nights-esque howince au where vince is mistaken for a woman by the king (howard) one day in the market and is brought to the palace. on the night the king is to sleep with vince, he tells the first story to keep the king from discovering he is man and killing him on the spot. on the 1001st night, vince has no more stories to tell and is forced to reveal that he is a man, but the king has fallen in love with him (and vice versa). stricken by the conflict this creates within himself, the king sends vince away to be locked  in a cell. he is counseled by his shaman (naboo, of course) and reminded of the stories vince told, how they conveyed that love doesn’t have to be about gender or sex or someone’s genitals, how that message doesn’t only have to hold true in vince’s stories, and asks him to consider how/why he fell in love with storyteller.  the king goes to vince’s cell and (insert happy resolution & ending here).

bonus if you include the 1001 stories

extra bonus if its all really one story cos vince is the juicy dangler


smoke gets in your eyes 

“It all happened. It was real. He was a good man, and he loved you. And I’m going to find him for you.”

the ironmonger’s bed 

“They know Captain America. Goddamn Captain America—”

“We didn’t. We knew him, Howard. That can’t be taken away.”

It’s not good enough.”

“I know.”


The waiting that makes the desire rise. 

I took these photos in the morning, when it was about 9 o’ clock. Even if the gig would have started in twelve hours, there was an impressive quantity of people. I felt like we were a big, single family. And we were there, from every piece of Italy, only for them. 

Memories of 28/06/2013 pt 7.

Muse - Live in Turin. 


The Egregiously Overlooked Underappreciated Individuals:

Emma Thompson (1959-)

“My godfather said that story was abut taking the chaotic jigsaw of life, making it into a picture and putting a frame around it so that we could look at it, have control over it. Story and art are the humanizing elements of us.”