Howard's End


This blue Edwardian style gown has been around for quite some time.  It was first seen in an episode of the 1972 BBC Mini-Series, The Edwardians, on the episode entitled E.Nesbit.  Only black and white copies of this episode still exist, so we are unable to see the blue color, though the distinctive flower patterns on the front make it obvious that it is the same gown that has gone on to be used at least three other times. A lace collar was added when was worn by Helena Bonham Carter in the 1992 film Howard’s End.  It appeared again in1997 on Michelle Charles as Jessie Conway in The Wingless Bird.  Lastly it was seen with a different collar and an added sash in the 2010 first season of Downton Abbey, where it was worn on Sophie McShera as Daisy.

Costume Credit: Shrewsbury Lasses

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