We’ve decided to start a series of short videos showcasing each of our products, showing how to wear them, etc.

The first entry in the Training Room series is the Talon.

idk even in hardlinebutch!Haruka I see her indulging Michiru once or twice in wearing something pretty glamorous and girly, not so much as some deeper commentary but just cause costumes are fun 

though Haruka frames it as making a specific point she’s ~super hot~ either way and could do it if she wanted to

How to Wear: The Summer Co-Ord

How to Wear: The Summer Co-Ord

I’m just so pleased it’s sunny! I know I’ve been saying this for weeks now but sunshine just puts me in such a wonderful mood :)

This is the last (for a bit) instalment of my “How To Wear” series for co-ords and it’s my favourite by far because the colours make me so damn happy, although to be honest, it doesn’t photograph particularly well! (not for lack of expert photography, Fenella xx)


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