Ksenny calls Seriyan’s thongs “Butt Floss” and proceeds to tell her sister that she has no idea how she even functions in half the stuff she wears.

Seri sashays around and sometimes does a little dance to show off her movements while smirking and saying, “Just like this~”

Ksenny then throws pillows at her and calls her a pagan.

This scene was, for me, one of the most powerful scenes I have ever come across. This is Viola Davis who plays a successful, aggressive lawyer on the hit series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. She wears full make-up and a wig. In this scene she takes her wig and make-up off and opens up to her husband. If Viola Davis can be ‘bare chicken’ on worldwide television, why can’t I wear my natural hair in front of my friends and peers?