I love Bill Cunningham’s street photos, but still, I hadn’t expected that much out of this documentary. 

One of the best things was the story of how Bill Cunningham quit Women’s Wear Daily. He’d taken a series of paired photos–a dress on the runway, the same dress seen on the street. He was fascinated with what people did with the clothes, how the clothes looked in real life. But the editors changed his copy so that it mocked the real women for all the ways their look deviated from runway perfection. 

It isn’t just that he quit. It was that he was so pained for those women, deeply hurt that they’d been humiliated and that he had had a part in humiliating them. (The story is told by someone else, in the movie.)

Also, after decades in a tiny rent-controlled studio above Carnegie Hall, the city was moving him out. There’s a scene with a realtor showing him an apartment–enormous windows, stunning views of Central Park. There’s no excitement on Cunningham’s face. The realtor says, “…and the kitchen, which also has a view of Central Park.” “Well that’s embarrassing.” 

How to Wear: The Summer Co-Ord

How to Wear: The Summer Co-Ord

I’m just so pleased it’s sunny! I know I’ve been saying this for weeks now but sunshine just puts me in such a wonderful mood :)

This is the last (for a bit) instalment of my “How To Wear” series for co-ords and it’s my favourite by far because the colours make me so damn happy, although to be honest, it doesn’t photograph particularly well! (not for lack of expert photography, Fenella xx)


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