There’s a lot of great quotes and thoughts and jokes and insights from Cate/Lamezone in our interview, but this part has been something that’s been turning in my head ever since we talked about, and it’s definitely helped guide a lot of how I’ve been interacting and talking about and producing art. She’s honestly one of the most comics people right now, and I genuinely believe her work is gonna last as something influential & emblematic. 

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We sat on the bathroom floor for hours just talking. She started talking about art and how much it meant to her but I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I was listening but all I wanted to do was stare into her eyes because I was so entranced. The sparkle in her eye when she talked about something she truly loved pulled me in so fast I couldn’t catch my breath. Her smile would stretch from ear to ear and she would blush and her eyes sparkled brighter than the North Star and in that moment, I realized how fucking beautiful she was. Her thoughts, her mind, her passion for the things she loves. It’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. She’s so god damn fucking beautiful.
—  My favorite part about last night

does it ever just hit you how amazing drawing is??? like you can literally take a stick and put it to paper and create worlds and people and creatures straight out of your head????? you can make visual stories and convey emotions and give tangibility to your imagination anD MAN I LOVE DRAWING SO MUCH

There seems to be some contention in the fandom today over if Levy has curves or not in canon, and if drawing her with wider hips isn’t correct.

As a girl with thick thighs, wide hips, and small boobs, I offer you all a hearty fuck you and the promise to always draw my draw my Levy’s with big thighs, wide hips, a perfect ass, and stretch marks.

Whoa. Do you ever just– ya know?

I never felt like that in a while..

I went to my brother’s basketball game to watch & film it, and this guy who was on his team years ago showed up. We haven’t seen him in a long time. He was– He looked– Yeah. Mhm.~

  • Me then:"League of Legends sucks and the community is so terrible, I'm never going to play it."
  • Me now:Plays League every day, owns a million skins, cosplays champions, draws fan art, forgets how to talk to anyone about anything other than League of fucking Legends.

Art historian and curator Christopher Lloyd comments on its “slow, methodical method” and its “psychological import”, bringing in mentions of Albrecht Dürer and Leonardo fucking da Vinci.

One of the wonderful aspects about this portrait is the sense of mystery. That comes very much from the dark background, but also the hair framing the face in that way that has a kind of kinetic sense of movement about it.  


You also get the two eyes and a glimpse of the earring, which are really an exercise of the circular.

… I guess Christopher Lloyd was that guy in precept.


Sometimes I get weird thoughts and wonder if some people here follow me out of politeness or obligation. If we’re friends (online & RL) and what I post on any of my blogs doesn’t interest you, be it now or any time later, please feel so very free to unfollow me!

I ultimately post what I like and what is relevant to my passions and I do ramble quite a bit, and I understand some people might not have realized what they signed up for when they found me & followed me.

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This sjw was talking about how white people have never contributed anything to art or culture, so I said something about classical/baroque/Renaissance music etc and all the different eras of art in Europe, and she called me "pretentious" and said that "something's not art unless it's enjoyable to everyone". I was literally at a loss for words.

… she’s obviously never been to an European city. Most of the time you’re surrounded by art and culture without even realizing it. She probably wouldn’t recognize art if it punched her in the face.

This is a talk given by Katie Gall and Lauren Clinnick from Lumi Consulting in Melbourne, Australia that I helped contribute to given at the Freeplay Festival 2015. You can find the slides here:

Are you about to release your princess zombie pirate viking platform rail shooter RPG? Here’s some helpful tips for getting it out to the world. 

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sometimes i’m like ‘oh yeah i’m gonna get so much math done today!’ & then I look at it & try to do art then I look at that & I’m just like ‘nevermind’