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Hey Wily, can you give some pointers on anatomy? I love how simple you make it look, so I was thinking you could give some great advice

Yeah! When doing a general sketch of a character, no matter how loose, it is pretty beneficial to use a couple of “landmarks”. For me I sometimes like drawing out the general shapes of the head, the collar bones, the shoulders,  the curve of the spine, and the hips and the joints regardless of how detailed the sketch is.

Elbows will be sorta on the same line as the belly button.

Wrists will always sorta be online with the crotch area. 

And these things are pretty consistent no matter how tall or short a character is.

That being said when you have a better foundation with anatomy, you learn how to push, and distort it without it looking super wonky =)

But anatomy is tricky. Just practice it a lot. I frequently have to make a dumb pose in a mirror, or need to track down a reference to remind myself how things work

How to Talk About Comic Books Like You Know a Thing or Two About a Thing or Two

Comic books!  They’re great.  Movies based on them are popular!  They’re fun to read, and fun to talk about!  But how do you do that?

First, start by double majoring in English and Visual Art.  

I’m kidding, but knowing how to talk about literature and art semi-intelligently is your first step.  Know what stuff like color theory, lighting, negative space, narrative coherence and character development is, and how to recognize good examples of that, basic stuff.  You might even want to learn some theatre terms like the fourth wall, since that might get broken, and you’ll want to know how to talk about it!

Captain Atom breaks the fourth wall in Pax Americana #1 (with bonus fourth wall breaking from Ultra Comics #1 too).  Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Next, learn some comic terms!  

Art and writing are easy, but what about stuff specific to comics?  Floppies are the individual magazines that springs to mind most immediately when you hear the term “comic book,” also called issues.  Trade paperbacks are softcover books collecting multiple issues, usually comprising a complete story arc in ongoing comics.  Ongoing comics are serialized comics with no set endpoint.  These are usually superhero comics like Superman, which run basically forever and tell a multitude of stories by many different writers and artists, or but can also include a long-running series of an original property by a single writer/artist team, like The Walking Dead.  Limited series or miniseries are serialized comics, but usually only for a few issues to tell a single story.   And perhaps most importantly, what’s the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel?  In “””””technical””””” terms, a graphic novel is a comic book publishing a complete, non-serialized story all in one go.  So, Watchmen is not a graphic novel, since it was serialized initially, while The Killing Joke is.  However, it’s best to avoid the term graphic novel altogether since comic book describes what you’re talking about just as well and doesn’t make you sound pretentious.

Watchmen #1.  Despite commonly being referred to as a graphic novel, it is not, due to being published as individual serialized issues originally.  It also heavily relies on the serialized issue format for a large portion of its storytelling, making its designation as a graphic novel problematic, to say the least.  Alan Moore, David Gibbons, and John Higgins.

Wonder Woman: Earth One, a true graphic novel.  Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette.

We’ll come back to that strikethrough in a bit, but first let’s go over some terms for the insides of comics.  Panels are the boxes on the page, the gutters are the white space in between.

Kyle Rayner explains and points out panels and gutters in Omega Men #12, while leaning on the fourth wall.  Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda

Panel-ING is how the panels on the page are laid out, basically the narrative structure of a page.  Splash pages are the big, single panel pages showing one cool moment.

Splash page from Kingdom Come #3.  Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Coloring is how the page is colored (which yes, is important to the comic!), and the colorIST is the guy who does the coloring (and no, it’s not as easy as it sounds).  We’ll take a slight detour here to explain all the different art jobs.  The penciller is essentially the “main” artist, whose art is the baseline of the comic, generally following from the writer’s (self-explanatory) script.  The inker then takes the penciller’s work, and adds the blacks in ink.  This creates the illusion of depth and lighting.  Then the colorist (see above) takes it and adds their colors, which in turn adds more depth and reinforces and adds to the illusion of lighting.  There may occasionally be a layout guy, who does a rough sketch of how the panels and basic actions will be laid out on a page.  If layouts are done, they’re usually by the writer to give the penciller a rough idea of what they want, but very rarely  there will be a separate person doing layouts.  These art guys can be three guys (one for each job), two guys (penciller does their own inking), or one guy (penciller does everything).  Finally, this finished product gets passed on to the letterer, who takes the dialogue from the script and adds it in the lovely speech bubbles and text boxes we’re used to.

An inked but uncolored page from Hellboy: Conqueror Worm #2, Mike Mignola.

A color process by Moebius

Now that we’ve covered the bits and bobs of the jargon of comics, let’s return to that strikethrough from what feels like ages ago but was probably only a couple minutes.  As a reminder, it was about not sounding pretentious.  This paragraph might end up filled with a lot of “don’ts,” which I’d hoped to avoid, but hopefully we can make it through together without too much trouble and mental anguish.  As I said earlier, avoid the term graphic novel.  It does have a real meaning, but in practice it’s essentially used by adults to avoid having to say they read comic books.  Consider: do we try to mask our enjoyment of any other medium by using terms of another medium?  Do we call music albums listening novels?  Or paintings still movies?  All this to say, DON’T BE ASHAMED TO SAY YOU READ COMIC BOOKS!  Other adults won’t care, and those that do aren’t worth your time.  Beyond that, “pretentious” can be a little more vague.  Basically don’t be a snob about genre either way, and ESPECIALLY don’t be a snob about companies.  Superhero comics can be great!  So can indies!  So can all-ages!  DC and Marvel both have quality works to offer, as does Image, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, BOOM!, Dynamite, Humanoids and even Avatar!  Of course, which works are quality is a matter for the very conversations I hope you use this post to have, we’re not here to make value judgments.

Now, for quite possibly the most important part of being able to talk about comics like you know a thing or two about a thing or two: ACTUALLY READ COMICS

Shocking, I know, but as with any interest, if you want to talk about them in any sort of high-level critical discourse (or just a casual discussion, whatever makes you happy), you need to actually consume a fair bit of it.  Wikipedia and movies ain’t gonna cut it here.  But what do you read?  Comics seem so hard to get into, after all.  Well never fear!  No one is expecting you to read all 900+ issues of Action Comics in order to know a thing or two about a thing or two.  Just read a wide variety of writers, find some you like, and become familiar with their work.  Odds are good that you’ll find something to talk about with somebody.  I won’t recommend any particular works in this post, since I like letting people form their own opinions and learn on their own, but here are some writers and artists with whom you generally can’t go wrong, and I won’t even say what’s good about them.  Almost every creator has their off days, however, so don’t write off a creator if you stumble upon one of their more lackluster works.  Anyway, the creators:


Grant Morrison

Alan Moore

Brandon Graham

Neil Gaiman

Frank Miller

Frank Quitely

Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez

Goran Parlov

Héctor Germán Oesterheld

Mike Mignola

Greg Rucka

James Stokoe

Jack Kirby

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Nicola Scott

Denny O’Neil

Evan “Doc” Shaner

Bill Watterson

Cliff Chiang

Robert Crumb

Christopher Priest

Greg Pak

Mike Carey

Kurt Busiek

Tom King

Mark Russell

Steve Lieber

This of course is but a small sampling.  If you’re trying to get more into comics, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations!  I sincerely hope this primer helps you in your journey, and I hope you read some great comics!

badboy!au ;; kim taehyung

hissorta basing it off of this

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  • he’s not your everyday rich boy, but he’s not that average poor boy either
  • he knows how to get by with having a couple of change in his pocket when feeding a few people with his talent of art
  • and because he’s trying to live his dream, he’s told of being a lowlife
  • everyday getting into fights because of how his classmates talks smack about his art and calling it poor
  • sleeps in from the freelance he does because it makes him stay up late
  • grades in class begins to fail him, but taehyung still tries hard to bring them up so he can get accepted in a good college at least
  • and when getting by after saving himself some free time, taehyung would stop by to give a few stray animals he found, some food
  • upon doing so, he meets you when a few bullies attacks you and the blind kitten he had saved earlier in the week
  • beating the kids up and scaring them away, both you and taehyung rushes the badly injured kitten to the nearest vet and places it inside a decent sheltered home
  • “taehyung, we don’t have room for all these animals, you know? no one even adopts them anymore”
  • “gotta keep a positive thought to keep them alive”
  • you used to be scared of taehyung because of the whispers in the hallway, but it becomes different when he starts tending to your wounds
  • you can tell how careful he is and how tender his touches are, for he’s afraid of hurting you
  • everyday you begin to bother taehyung 
  • “have you checked on the kitten?”
  • “how are you today?”
  • “you need to wake up if you don’t want detention”
  • taehyung never pushed you away, but he was confused as to why you glued yourself to him
  • “hey, let’s go check on the kitten today and grab dinner later”
  • “you want to eat dinner with me?”
  • you were the one to always ask taehyung out for dinner and brunch on weekends, and it stuns him that you care to know about his life
  • you learn that taehyung isn’t good terms with both of his parents, who are just literally fostering him since his biological parents had passed
  • you regretted asking him but taehyung doesn’t mind talking since he has no one to talk with anyway
  • him enjoying your presence when you talk about the nothings that taehyung has never heard or seen of
  • him still getting into fights and you lecturing him, and he likes how you get mad at him with the way your eyebrows furrow angrily at him
  • he also loves how you gently take care of him and even make him delicious home cooked meals when out on tiny picnic dates
  • “if you don’t mind, do you want to go out with me?”
  • “but we are out, tae”
  • “i’m talking about letting me be your boyfriend”
  • you laughing hysterically at his shyness when he has this bad boy image written entirely over him
  • “yes”
  • you two dating but then people starts making judgment and it begins to scare him
  • him hearing people say you are too good for him and that you don’t deserve him
  • him pushing you away slowly because everybody is right, and him letting his frustration out on dirty kids who picks on him
  • you staying with him still because taehyung is lost and confused and you’re willing to fix him
  • “why are you even with me? i am nothing for you to like! just get away!”
  • “i am with you because it is my choice, kim taehyung. why do you even listen to dumbasses who judges us?”
  • taehyung sinking into your arms and melts in your warmth when you hug him
  • your single mother disapproving of him at first, but later approves of him when she sees that taehyung is really a ball of sunshine
  • taehyung building his grades up and getting accepted in a great community college
  • you congratulating him and gets accepted in the university
  • him getting a decent job with good pay, and moving out to rent in the apartment near his college
  • you visiting him and finding the blind kitty now grown and being taehyung’s acclaimed pet
  • “you went bought her without my knowledge?”
  • “because it’s a surprise for you that she is now ours”
  • you smiling at this lame bad boy and pinching his cheeks before giving him a sweet deep kiss to the lips.
WIP Wednesday - Boueibu

Hey, you, magical boys fan. Do you create fan content for our lovely little fandom? If so, do you wish you had a way to be more productive? If not, do you wish you could find some motivation to start and finish a project? 

Look no further than WIP Wednesday, an exchange for Boueibu fan artists and authors! 

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So! What is this anyway?

#boueibuwipwednesday is a weekly (or bi-weekly) exchange of fanworks for critique, feedback and idea sharing. The idea came from a discussion on the Boueibu Discord chat about how talking about fic or art ideas is often more fun than actually writing or drawing them, which winds up being not very productive. Inspired by writing workshops (wherein deadlines and promise of discussion help with motivation), I decided hey, we should organize something so our teeny fandom can keep increasing in size and diversity of fanworks! So, here we are!

So! How does this work?

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I really enjoy your art style! It's like the perfect mix of whimsical and well defined.. that probably makes no sense lol im not an artist so i don't know how to talk about art but i really love how i can always recognize your stuff on my feed before i even see your name

oh boy!! thank you so much!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Let’s Talk about DMFR

I saw some pretty sound advice recently about how if you never talk about your art, people won’t care, which is why I’ve been answering questions publicly lately… However, I feel like this isn’t enough to really show what my works mean to me on a personal and emotional level. So I wanted to take a moment to talk about my fanfic, Digimon Frontier Rebirth. It’s ok to reblog this if you like. It will be a lot of rambling about the history of DMFR’s conception.

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Sanji and Nami, hints or not?

Sometimes Oda makes me wonder if I’m just insane and incredibly biased which makes me see things that aren’t really there… But then once in a while he puts in things that I can’t help but question. Oda’s sense  of detail and ability to foreshadow is the best I’ve ever seen in a manga. And therefor it makes we wonder if some things might be intentional. I’ve just made a few observations I’d like to talk about.

There will be spoilers for the most recent chapter 827.

Remember how some people talked about Jora’s art having foreshadowing for Momo actually being an heir to the ruler of Wano country because he’s wearing a crown? I think this picture could actually have much more to it than that.

It also shows us night and day which might stand for Inuarashi and Nekomamushi being rulers of night and day. And then we also have a crying eye next to Nami which could very well be about her reaction to Sanji. Not sure if the spiral/whirlpool that Chopper is caught in could be about the Vinsmokes… But either way there are plenty of things here that seem to be intentional by Oda.

So what about these two then?

First Nami’s climatact looks very much like her tattoo as Jora has transformed it. But even that to begin with could be seen as an S with a swirl on it… And we also get a clock. I don’t think it’s saying 3 o’clock, but still this could all imply Sanji. And the second one, as Jora attacks Nami she has a freaking eye with a curly eyebrow above it… I don’t know what Oda wants to say with this, but I just can’t help but see Sanji being referenced when it comes to Nami.

The latest chapter too did something rather odd and I can’t help but wonder if Oda is trying to make a small hint or if it’s just me being being crazy.

Spoilers for chapter 827 unde the cut!

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Hi Abbi! I'm considering going to MICA next year and was wondering how your experience was there? Did you find living in Baltimore safe?

I loved MICA.  It took me 3 years and actually taking a leave of absence and going to Emerson for a semester to realize how much I loved it, but I loved it.

I learned how to see things at MICA, how to express myself in any medium, how to improvise.  I learned how to talk about art and my feelings about art and the world.  I met crazy interesting people.  I lived in a beautiful little apartment on one of the most beautiful little blocks I will EVER live. My apartment got broken into + I used to sprint home at night from parties and bars, but I learned to love Baltimore even if it’s not the safest place in the world.  I learned how to be safe in not the safest place.(SNEAKERS, bitch!)  I found teachers who helped me and wanted to make me see things and be better.

I couldn’t recommend a better place to spend 4 years of your life growing and changing and making things.

I think its really funny how sometimes we’ll all talk about our art craft like we know what we’re talking about, and then come time when we need to execute the knowledge we have, we just completely lose sight of it and just start screaming internally as we work, not knowing how the hell you’re doing anything you’re doing at all. Questioning the process and all that will result from it.

from a mountain

I hold this patch of land,
a mother gathering apples in her apron,
bending at the knee
to collect the ground’s bounty,
feeling where the sun’s heat
has collected in their green-red skins.

This mother cannot teach her children
how to talk about art so that people will listen,
but she can tell them that smudging
the soft reds and greens of fallen apples
will blend the color down into the soil’s rich brown.

I hold this patch of land,
though it squirms away along coastal faults.
It is so sun-withered they say it will catch fire.
“Any day now,” they say.
They say the same about the earthquakes.
I smile, and whisper the possibility of apple pie
into their ears.

—  ehp