“Look, I’m happy to let you believe in this, ‘cause I think it’s fun that you believe in it. ‘Cause if we go to more places, it’s gonna be fun to watch you freak out some more. So, great!” -Shane Madej to his boyfriend Ryan Bergara

Buzzfeed Unsolved: 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts And Demons

He’s asked me twice if I’ve gotten enough food, I assure him I did. He’d been this way the whole day. First making sure our photographer’s gotten enough portraits then pushing back time so she could grab more. He offered outfit ideas, asked if we needed help carrying equipment, all while talking about how beautiful the venue was. He had just left a tour of the theater with fans and had retained everything he learned. There was lots of talking, hand motions and run on sentences punctuated with good-natured expletives. Someone mentioned a Trump rally that took place at the venue, he immediately stopped his brows furrowed, he listened attentively.
—  LADYGUNN about Dan

                     🌹❤️KyuHyun ’s Dad FB Update ❤️🌹

Accompany my son to the Military training base 2 days ago. Today is my son 11th debut anniversary and it is also my 33rd wedding anniversary. We celebrate on our own at Myeongdong and make a wish that our son will return in good health from the military 2 years later. I also wish that my wife and I always be in good health and happiness. ©Oceanblue0209

Lengthy Rant on the Beauty of the Community and Jack


This community is the kindest I will ever know. People were crying, physically crying, because they had the opportunity to say a single word to Jack. And everyone around was yelling, “You can do this!” “You’ve got this!” “It’s OK!” “We’re here for you!” That is the kindest and sweetest thing people can do. I want to thank you guys for that. People asked the most touching and beautiful questions too. Thought provoking things, music things, silly things (like prom), and what they could do for Jack. Here is a hug to all. Because we all need a hug every once and a while.

Jack broke his own rules that he set because he KNEW he had a time limit and would be tempted. He hugged those crying people that loved and needed Jack. He showed his love for us all. Jack was toooo kind, tooooo pure. Jack was the sweetest little potato.

Best of Wishes 😘

Side note: I have finally decided to try pineapple pizza. Ethan’s love for it pushed me, now Jack’s commitment, and Mark’s absolute hate against it have also done it. PINEAPPLE PIZZA, HERE I COME.

I gonna tag Mark and Ethan solely for the pizza part lol.

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