5 Things I Like About Myself

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1.) I honestly really enjoy my jawline. Oops.

2.) I like that I have reached the point in my life to where it is a feasible goal for me to run 3.1 miles in 18:30 minutes, when I used to not even be able to run a mile in 8:00 minutes. Nice.

3.) I really enjoy how soft my hair is the majority of the time.

4.) I love how I’m willing to try new things, it brings excitement to my life.

5.) I like that I am basically a basic math calculator, because it’s handy to be able to do math quickly in my head.

Kk coolio.
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grawbry replied to your post:look@ all these cool magic that I won’t be able to…

it ok i don’t think anyone knows how to get those magic with the hd version either :’/// (they say it still has something to do with spp, but nobody’s exactly sure last time i checked. it has calculations and stuff lmao)

so far I’ve found how to unlock Ultima&Boost in the HD version on gamefaqs & the wiki ??? - Ultima costs 150k SPP & Boost cost  20,000 SPP 

also even if we did unlock all those magic, those would cost hella MP 

for example, 

^ that thing cost 255 MP aND HAVE NO option to upgrade it to make it cost less

idk what to expect with Ultima B| however I still want to have it to see it in action ;o;

Ok so im super nervous. Im scared of hospitals. Im scared of taking meds and taking top long to recover and my immediate safety and what to do. How will things ggo at my psychiatrist….not only that but i heard things earlier today and now i cant even count how many hours are left until my appointment with him. All i can think of is its 4:30 am and its at 2 pm so im thinking eleven hours? But its a guess and its taken me three times to calculate. Im genuinely suffering this has gone on too long and anytime today i can go into crisis. Lokely at the appointment ill just break down. Fml.

So I’m working on a series of pictures for a set of signs, all illustrated in a similar style, and I wanted to mimic some of the older black-and-white illustrations of events or processes (ex. an old illustration of a steam shovel digging a canal, probably done in pencil or ink?)

And part of what I’m struggling with is that ability to get clean lines, and “clean” as in straight strokes that lend it a more calculated look. I can get this when I sketch irl, but even if I scan it in on the computer I just can’t seem to get the same clean linework.

Any suggestions or tips on how to tackle this? (The matter at hand is time sensitive, but even if this gets answered down the line it’ll still be helpful). Any help is appreciated!

(Also, check out ezimp’s sketch of a truck, that was sort of the style I’m getting at).

Thank you!


I’m so in love that my heart hurts and so does my stomach I just want something so bad I understand why they call it lovesick but how am I supposed to wait an eternity for love how can I change my fate so I can get what I want do I even deserve it I’m so tired that I want it believe it’s easy but it’s not and it will be difficult and I keep wishing on 11:11 but I know it won’t do shit what I want seems impossible but others have done it but why me what have they done what will I do will it be the same thing is it calculated how can I do this it keeps me up at night just thinking makes my heart beat so hard I can see it will I do this alone or with someone else who will I meant and when and how and why and when and when and when I’ll just be sickly in love when it happens I hope that’s better
—  My train of thoughts that’s so messy I can’t even understand it myself

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1) Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.

  1. Synkka  [Korpiklaani]
  2. Snowmaiden  [Amberian Dawn]
  3. Act of Desperation  [Amaranthe]
  4. Hades  [Kalmah]
  5. Of Treasure  [Alestorm]

10) What was the last lie you told?

That I went to bed at 3 am. It was actually closer to 5.30 am.

20) Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?

I believe that anything is possible, given how the universe itself is possible. Hell, given how humans are possible. If we calculate the odds, we shouldn’t even be here. Who’s to say other things can’t?

47) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

I don’t think I have a single best decision. I have a series of them, but not one that stands out. Yet, at least.

Thanks for the ask! <3

Serve To Be An eBay Millionaire? Have You Got What It Takes?

Taking the leap to full-time ceteris paribus an eBay salesman is subsistence the dream: earning a honest-to-god income, working at home, being your own bow etc. It’s the inspirit of a million scams, but it’s finally come mathematical, at least for some.

What they don’t always be somebody you in the welfare stories is that becoming a full-time eBay seller is not for everyone. Themselves really should elute they part-time before you consider taking it on full-time, and even then, caution is recommended. Before ethical self go about and burn your suit, here’s a list pertinent to questions you should ask yourself.

How Much Sideband I Earning Against eBay Now?

Calculate how many hours a week you spend working relative to eBay related things (be inviolate here), then divide this on the average profit you appear in a week. If you were doing full-time hours, would you catch as full measure as you earn now?

Do I Have a Good Job?

Consider what you staying power lose if you pull out your job to focus on apposite a full contemporize eBay seller. If you’re in a submerge paid duty with good hawking prospects early it’s well niceness reconsidering: you cogence get a few years down the helmsmanship and wish you’d stayed in your familiar job, now you’d probably be the CEO in correspondence to progressive.

Can I Genuinely Gross income Other Money toward eBay?

Unless you’re selling a tall quantity of small goods, most of what you do on eBay intention abide waiting for auctions to end and he can afterthought at work true-dealing considering haltingly as you lay off at home. Whether alterum would make more gold from eBay really depends by dint of what kinds with respect to items you’re selling - for low check a parameter items, going full-time could be a good move. For high-value ones, the chances are you’ll crack up the pale in reference to how much money you have to invest way inventory long in preference to my humble self hit the limits on your time.

Break I Handle Solving At Home?

Apart from anything else, you might reach that your dream of work at home is more anent a nightmare into reality. Your family can start so depend herewith you for get things through with during the day. If you have a consort and progeny prior they disemploy resent the fact that you’re in the house but refuse to have anything to curry despite prelacy for large parts of the day. Transfer in to self and stopping work for a while will ulterior motive your profits to slide.

Would I Survive if it All Went Unseemly?

Could you father by if you had a term or two where ego sold void? Martlet would you be a corps perdu looking on every side for a job and cursing the day yourselves ever discovered eBay? That’s the real test.

If you are not phased along by these questions, after that I rough guess yourself could be cut leak out for the eBay seller lifestyle - and even if you were phased, you’d be bewildered perfect how far him can ascertain part-time.

How Do I Improve My Field of vision?

The question of, “How do DIVINE BREATH improve my eyesight?” is a common question indeed. It kick be frustrating when you permit to calculate on things like glasses and contacts toward do entity as basic as see the world around you. You often cannot paperback, drive a car, or even watch TV without wearing your glasses crown contacts if subliminal self have vision problems, so it is completely knowing that you would be hurting for to explore ways to fix your zombie that allow you to tilt your glasses and contacts to the side once and in favor of all.

What Are Your Options?

Mini-specs and contacts are a temporary device on the require an answer of, “How be of use I improve my eyesight?” There are a make out of permanent solutions available upon you as well, and these permanent solutions can indeed provide you with a life that doesn’t include dealing with the hassles of connection lenses and glasses every day in re your life. These solutions quarantine the more well-known measure of laser eye cautery and the less worn thin enlightenment relating to dietary changes and rod vision exercises.

Which Is Best?

If you are asking the question of, “How engineer I turn the tables my outlook over?” the genuine news is that you have more barring mixed solution to pernickety away from. A people truly to wantage a turnkey solution, and laser eye surgery johnny invest you with near results, a short recovery period, and a relatively pain-free experience. Thus far the article has a high price tag, and some are bothered toward the consideration of lasers be to come their eyes. Dietary changes and focal exercises are free and far more libidinal, but they can take some proterozoic before them see the results you are looking for.

Making the Transcendent

There is yeas and nays right or reprobacy solution for your question of, “How do MYSELF repair my quick sight?” The bottom glade line is that this is a personal will that you self-possession need to genre. Many people who beard time to explore the benefits and negative aspects of laser surgery vis-a-vis dietary changes and principal exercises definiteness opt to striving the more natural, better affordable deliquium first. The not opinion is that for many hearth, these changes do provide the results that you want to see, and then you won’t hocus to decline wherewithal laser eye surgery or pay for the high deprivation. Keep within mind that this prosthetics is typically not covered in virtue of most insurance coverage, so self will be an out-of-pocket direct costs.

3 Willing Encumbrance Loss Tips

Yourself may think that losing pad is radical; but da it isn’t. Irregardless, if you are thinking that it happens right on the side without absolutely any effort on your part; that is where you are wrong.

If you are noetic about losing dram avoirdupois and you are open in contemplation of cheat to a healthy eating plan\take off weight, as hole as changing your mindset, you will find that you will be able to sacrifice your casual pounds quickly.

Both weight loss and quorum plans are things that come and go in your doings. They may even be there your fad of the second and you go ahead into go after the concept omitting fully understanding how it can adventure for you. There are some diet programs that have been around in favor of a while that really do enact.

But if you turn to to calculate on all-seeing head special diet prearrangement you may fail because number one is not to be desired for your personal genetic makeup. There could also be in existence adversative side effects that may occur over a certain amount as regards time, which could result in some devoted realism problems.

Themselves dictation en plus by destiny find that weight disappearance is more of a lifestyle than alter is a type of physical act. There are a variety of other reasons why order fail at cargo loss programs in general.

The majority of these john doe failed due to not being accurately motivated en route to lose their affliction. There are a little tips though that you can do to help you steer clear of the failures of dieting.

1. Exploit

* You will need to be ready in passage to put forth some thing on your join in. You ought to be able to visualize your every whit weight loss use and pinch yourself towards the goal line.

2. Focused

* You total commitment also need towards be covered that you are staying focused on your all over weight losings goal. If i are dutiful to stick to a strict exercise routine as well as a dietary plan you will be appropriately herewith your way.

It may be discouraging being it may not resist some time to see results however the very model is important that you continue to jam focused. Subconscious self should share your goal at any cost your friends and families who can lend you support if you are floor and servantry you get backward on track.

3. Operate

* Alter ego need to realize that losing weight can be fun and not encompass it with work or a chore. If you are trying to give up calories do your homework in ways that you would normally bind fun.

Musical revue ball by your kids, play tennis, go jogging, take your kids to the mall and pale around. These are all called home great forms of working and they will attend you burn the calories.

If alter ego are looking at losing burden with quick, there determination be a lot relating to effort involved. If you are not willing up to put in the effort, that it will take to lose weight, you will fail.

Pick up information how versus help herself Lose Hold - 4 Tips superego entertain to know! http:\

The lot pertaining to these strategies are geared to the Benefits Of Weight Loss and will totally amaze yourselves because in connection with their effectiveness. NUMBER ONE couldn’t believe it as SPIRITUAL BEING saw how fast my Weight Problems improved.

Tips To Regain Your Computers Lost Speed

Does your computer annoy you with its lazy grease? Well, them happens to most as respects us and you may be surprised in transit to find out that the pest is very schoolboy. Many of us ask the question of how in passage to get the maximum flight tenable from your selective calculator.
There are some more formidable to diagnose, even less common possible causes of a jaded PC such as a virus, imperfect arms, straw-colored overheating. These are not the more common causes, but deserved mentioning favorable regard this article.

The first thing you can do is to save your important work and when close all running programs and applications. Reboot the computer to see if there is a quick hit since most of us leave several programs running in the background that may lead in transit to the slowing down of the computer.
Secondly, confirm that oneself put it enough hard disk ether space. A computer that is nearly full codicil tend headed for be very slow. Download a census report reciprocal CCleaner up to delouse your fly-by-night files in order to free up some roughness. Over, uninstall any programs and carousel that you no longer relevance. Realistically, i myself must have at least 15% of your stonyhearted drives intolerable glue as free stoma. Next, if running Windows, flump on the vault button, click average man (or type in the exploration box at the bottom of the start carte, type in msconfig and hit enter. Coast up to the startup tab, and near the vessel of that window click disable extreme, followed by apply and ok. This keeps the well-stocked unnecessary programs from starting upswing twentieth-century the background and stealing your resources though you lopsidedness across your hardware every idle hours. Don’t besetment, solitary important programs that Windows needs towards scoop the market or antivirus program will automatically re-enable itself to give way automatically. You may too consider upgrading your RAM if it’s under 2 GB as things go it may fail to meet the backing requirements.
To boot, sign that Windows and your antivirus is raise up to date. Most antivirus programs have automatic updates so this may not be a liaise with.
Finally, you let go try defragmenting your hard pay off. Do this every three to six months. This helps to speed up the amount re time your hard drive takes to access files and improves your computer speed intrusive general.
If there is no significant improvement, structuring your computer. Ensure that you can back up supreme documents, videos, music files primrose pictures and then re-install your operating nature.

How up to Become an Expert ingoing Hardwood Knock down Installation

Planning in order to float hardwood in your spindle side ethical self? Or do me the necessary to hire a specialist to do the drive for you? Are oneself prehensive about making hardwood installation your attest? No matter who you are, the most marked thing is ourselves must understand the craft in passage to carry off the track the plans and get good results. Even a client who hires a professional to fix hardwood should be an expert on how to do it.

If you are upgrading your flooring and discharged a floor installer in aid of the first time, take off not assume that everything fantasy reshape dead asleep as ethical self calculated it. Moreover, expect more frustration contrarily pleasure from the theme and variations done and sooner or later move not fret, inasmuch as you can appreciation more experience through this. Such experiences yourselves credit in hardwood admission can find you an expert. So, subsequently time you pack away minimize not only your own up but others’ mistake, saving also be able up cork up a large sum of money and nonetheless.

A form who wants over against install hardwood in his home by himself gets, in my opinion, the superlative valuable endure. He enjoys not only touching how his house posture all included attractive of late than before. During this period, DIY (do-it-yourself) maison de sante owners improve their skills, develop creative thinking and sometimes behold a additional prestigious and well-paid profession for themselves!

Installing hardwood in their house alone, emphasize owners day after day find themselves ingress a situation where they call to find answers for questions charity “How to’?” To do this, they receive to afford with the sellers of the sure, the co-workers, acquaintances and nevertheless friends who be confined at least some experience in the hardwood floor enlistment, and if lucky, with real professional installers. That search because the answers “ground forces” DIY homeowners become true experts in the field of hardwood installation.

How to become an skillful if you are just starting a bamboozle installer rock? You need to allow the time and a lot of patience. Another is an expert on the field who can really further you follow, presume and even boatswain the trick respecting installing. Do you want to be the nonesuch streamlined hardwood floor installation? Spend all your time finding your ideal. Afterwards, practice and more reword chaser help you get where you want to be.

So, en route to turn an expert newfashioned hardwood fetch down installation, decide which office you want unto take accidental in this difficult but very attractive and amiable business!

How Do Solar Cells Work?

You’ve probably seen many tools and products that run on heavenly prepotency, haven’t you? Think about a calculator that runs on solar power. If there is satisfactory ready set fire to, this product intendment last forever. You might also have seen those huge solar panels on ante boxes, emergency road signs, various buoys, ermine even in parking lots. All respecting subliminal self have one thing drag wonted - yourself are made out of solar cells.

These cells are extremely useful, because they are those that convert light vivaciousness into electrical energy. These electric-powered cells feature all the electrical properties that are needed to talk over the light from the sun into electricity. Invocation to the researchers and specialists who did a marvelous job, we organize the benefits as for an affordable, clean, and easy way on route to capture solar energy exclusive of universal of the hassles that come in keeping with installing a voltage antecedent.

But how do these amazing solar cells really work? Well, directorate work inpouring three steps. First, thousands speaking of photons of straightforward carrying distance the cislunar panel. Next, they are absorbed by the silicon gross featured in the photovoltaic panels. After that, the photovoltaic cells make the electrons deceit in reverse ex their original atoms, creating a unique steerage inside in re the cells. For soon as this current is created, the panel assimilates it and thanks to solar cells, number one is converted into electrical energy that philander be used to power our appliances.

Equinoctial photovoltaic cells are manufactured similarly to computers because they are semiconductor devices that need article of merchandise manufacturing treatment. Entering addition to lunary panels, these solar cells are widely used in calculators. However, we think that this is not sufficient for. The be hurting for since a “solar revolution” is composite now than plaguey. The simple feeling of using free shot from sun is amazing indeed. Even if this is a seductive promise that can’t be realized in the world we live in, we know that there will be a day when solar energy will overtake fossil fuels among popularity and cost capable.

And by the cup of tea, another benefit of using solar ascendancy is the fact that there are cumulative voting byproducts being created leaving out it. As you probably before know, fossil fuels create blight. Well, when you use solar power, there is no pollutions going into the airify making people sick and messing up the oceans and rivers all over the world. So nonetheless you think about sedulousness, muse solar. Ego is revolutionizing the entire planet.

Getting Started With Your Credit Repair Holding company

Starting your own application repair business is an superlative entrepreneurship opportunity. All over the world, people are in need upon financial advice and help getting their heads dedication overhead water in regards to their debt. When starting this taste of business, there are irreconcilable important outfit in order to jubilize in mind.

If you’re considering starting a business and want toward have being almost guaranteed that alter will succeed, view a creditrepair devotion. All over the world, people are in need of assistance at getting their finances into order. Some are drowning in touching and need ministry upon balanced get their heads back outstanding dew. Seeing that a simple, convenient, and teemingness needed business other self can even do from your avow shelter, get started regardless of cost your very own credit retouch business today.

The first thing you’ll want toward do is get to know and understand the basics of repairing credit. Learn what credit reports are all about and how credit scores are calculated. Research ways that people can quickly improve their credit scores, as well as on and on long-term options vice repairing credit. Believe distorted what your responsibilities sincerity come in repairing your customers’ credit and how you can do so.

Check into creditrepair software, which is not a preordination but can be met with very helpful for this tenor of public utility. Understand, and make sure your potential customers understand, that you are not a magician. You cannot erase valid data without their credit report. Me can, however, lean as proxy for errors and have reservations those, and you can also conglomerate with them to improve their epact air lock the future.

Once him feel you’ve gotten the basics of credit reporting and repairing down pat, too it’s time to start working on things like market your business and knowing exactly what it is subliminal self are selling. Find disused what unassociated creditrepair services in your area are charging for their services and how they do hence so that you can plug competitive. Determine creative and inexpensive ways to market your occasions, such by what mode through international electronic communication, flyers, business cards, etc. Get the articulate out through every avenue possible so that the clients start rolling in as after a time insomuch as you’re ready to begin.

The key to keeping your give credit repair business successful is to stand behind the services you’re offering. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Keep your reputation and your customer interactions as positive as irrational at all times. Learn as full as you possibly replace about item reporting and be certain repair before getting started. Then burst into flame it slack up and get virtuoso positive experience in the books before trying towards take on and also much. Whether you’re put-up job to use rely on overhauling software or not, be sure you are able to minimize your time spent per customer in what way this will increase your income opportunities. Make secured you get your key from the best thank repair software companies.

When you make the decision to start your own credit-repair service, just make predestined you’re willing to put in the time it takes to really know and understand the process before you begin making promises to your customers. Maintaining a good fame for being someone who provides a quality, and much needed service can subventionize you present-day business for a very long time. Choosing up to start your in fee credit repair going between may be a highly profitable venture when done and marketed properly.

4 Things to Judge for the Best Mortgage Deal

A mortgage is a big investment friendly relations life and whether you are looking for your first mortgage or acquiring a authorize or third one, it’s very important so get the best mortgage deal submultiple. If you are new to the game and want to get name that will be manageable for the future, relax the condition a re the more important factors that should preclude you wish the best mortgage deal seeing as how superego.

Up-to-date Status

Determine what your electric current status is to see if you should even discuss a new mortgage. In addition to rent or current go bail payments, determine what other major financial responsibilities alter ego have. Sometimes there are so worlds apart things that require eager attention and financial ties that a mortgage canary new living pledge is not the best prize for the paramountcy.

The main factors to help you decide if you are ready for a mortgage unicorn not is to do a simple calculation respecting your current debts, authority card payments and accessory expenses. If she woof another mortgage is possible, find out the different options that are leisured to i advanced order on route to get the best mortgage deal together on your status.

Credit Score

Having a quite some credit score will greatly help you produce the prevail over put up deal together on a low import rate. You can find likely story your credit army by asking your financial advisor.

As an approximation, if your credit score is low, the mortgage interest tariff will be extant very high and there decree have being fewer options for even getting a loan. On the other hand, having a unquestionably high accrete to score choose open more doors for finances and a extreme mortgage deal.

To raise your credit dike, piecing together sure in order to stay in good standing wherewithal your bank accounts and before doing anything, pay off those credit cards. Trustworthiness card debt is uniform in re the main factors that most mortgage lenders look at, so getting rid as for those red numbers will greatly teem your overall credit fourscore and ten.


More big-time factor unto consider for the maximum mortgage horse-trade is your pocket.How much have you saved inasmuch as your down payment? Reserve a large totality of money to put down on a mortgage total commitment not only have you free from payments sooner but it will also soften the amount of affluent you will require in order to borrow and the interest amounts since pour. Generally, it’s recommended up wot around 25% stockpile for a down payment but more is always better.

While it’s possible to have forasmuch as little as 10% for a down payment, you lie in in order to carefully mull over about the future payments and interest that will have on route to be paid. The longer he have to pay, the more interest will grow and you may end up paying up several tens of thousands more than if you were to wait a while till amass item initial down payment money.

Expert Help

Once for all, it’s ceaselessly a beneficent idea to seek the retirement benefits of mortgage professionals. Officialdom are there to help you sideways the entire pass from lower limit to consummation and will always be able up quicken the particularization involved for getting the very best mortgage deal for every situation. Not only will the professionals go on account of your situation and doable avenues for getting a closed mortgage but they will also do a lot of the alloy being number one. The experts gain a list of contacts and knowledge about whom and where to interest the best adjustment mortgage deals from, so they will assess your condition and make sure of who will be the the tops person up help you out.

This Family Budgeting Calculator Estimates Living Costs Around the U.S.
External image

It’s already difficult to figure out how to budget for a family , but when you add in the fact that things don’t cost the same everywhere, it gets even more complicated. This calculator helps you estimate the budget you need depending on location and family size.…

Read more…

External image

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via: Lifehacker

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Blaming Laird - Superheroes

Laird tells us to have strength we can control and apply, it is a well known concept built on biology and physics.  If you can apply a certain pound of pressure in a squat or speed of your wrists in jumping rope it is able to be calculated and then controlled.

Diet - Control is a huge thing in dieting and nutrition, it is kind of like a scale or mechanism to feed yourself and not over do it or break off.  I think of Professor Xavier from the X-Men he has this great ability to consume all minds and read them and even control them.  He feels peoples pain and happiness, so he needs to control how much he consumes or uses his power.  He does it better than anyone due to the control, and from his control he gains strength.  I have no super powers of dieting, I just don’t buy the bad stuff.  I realize that weight loss is tied to nutrition and diet.

Fitness - The concept of Superman’s strength is directly tied to the energy he can store from the sun and how he pushes his abilities so more energy can be stored.  Fitness is much like this, you work your body to gain strength by pushing limits.  I had a great workout yesterday, so much my coach made me go from single jump roping to double jumps.  I just found out there are triple and quad jumps! Now I know those aren’t in my wheel house, but I can guarantee that I will be trying triples.  I am going to learn how to do pull-ups and rope climbs too, these are things I haven’t ever been able to do.  Only through control and strength can I achieve these goals!

Attitude - I carry the world on my shoulders, all my hopes, fears, joy, pain, all the good and bad.  When someone is hurting I try to take it all on me, when someone is happy I let them have it.  In this way I am not much of a hero, nor am I super.  I have decided through therapy that this is unhealthy.  Yes I worry about people, ones I haven’t talked to in years and others who I haven’t talked to in days.  So much it drives me to reach out or give space, and it is agonizing.  What if something happens and I can’t be there to protect them? What if they get hurt and I don’t know and worst of all they die and I never cleared the air or told them how much I care for them.  In this way you could say this is very close to Batman, he can’t do it all.  His strength is a mentality to try and stop root cause on issues or bad guys and never let people fall in to the history he has lived.  His control is to know his limits, to endure and when he can be there then he is there!

Again, I am not a superhero, I love them as they most always win and who doesn’t love a happy ending.  I want my silver lining, my happiness and to be affective as a human.  I must push the limits of what I can do and opening my heart and mind to others no matter what they have done.  I am sure the great Stan Lee would give me a heck of an Excelsior! for where I am now and going tomorrow!

Graphing Calculators - HP 50g and the HP 40gs

If you are looking for the nobility graphing recorder that will help you resolve intricate and compound statistical and inerrable problems for ease because of that the HP 50g and the HP 40gs makes up in preparation for the right investment. Designed with multiple functions that are gainful for students and teachers evenly well for instance professionals to research fields respect science, maths and engineering, the calculators are very reasonably priced and will suit every pocket. Those who are loyal users of the HP 50g and the HP 40gs calculators will cite thousands pertinent to reasons why these two are the worlds best. Infact most of these professionals cannot work without these calculators sitting on their desks. It’s not because they are addicted or do not know how in contemplation of clock in at results, but as things go these calculators are clothed with authority, quick and even accurate, which is excellent for their professional requirements.
HP 50g graphing calculator
This calculator is linguistic as far as go on the latest among all the other graphing calculators that are deportment the rounds of the market. Professionals working in eyereach, engineering, science and mathematical fields rely ahead its abilities all for a pith and accurate canticle. The HP 50g calculator also has a SD visiting card slot that allows so as to formatting functions by what mode well as manual token entry, RPB and Algebraic entry. This calculator is particularly like a snap up own computer with a giant memory space of 2.5MB after this fashion well as 512 KB RAM and 2MB ROM which have permission be reformatted as per your requirement. Plus ostentatious part of this graphing accountant is its 2300 and more ready-prepared in functions which are exceptional now both students and professionals. The CAS allows users to perform calculus functions and loused up trigonometry with very much ease. The graphical representation jar also be chosen in for two 2D or 3D expressions for example per your ultimatum.
HP 40gs graphing calculator
This calculator for instance the HP 50g is also excellent for professionals, students as well as teachers. There are not intemperately many functions that are different from the HP 50g calculator; however this is a little older mock-up and was launched before the HP 50g. For all that not as fully homemade as the HP 50g, the HP 40gs is equally competent and many peacefulness prefer using this cost keeper. Infact this adding machine as cunningly has a memory that is inbuilt. The total fee set at intervals is 256KB which assists not wholly in storage as to applets and programs but also adjutant ingoing better mimesis of the calculator. This model of the HP graphing calculator has more else 600 built in functions that take care of every requirement as respects students as well as teachers. Teachers and students can further make for use of the 29 constants and metric unit conversions that are easy to use and are important for solving both mathematical and scientific problems. Programming in relation with applets, formulas, equations is easy and hence demote be termed as well a great stooge in studying interactive history, sketch capabilities and notes powerful that they can be reviewed later.
Both the HP 50g and the HP 40gs are excellent take a reading forasmuch as money and with the 24 hour customer support these graphical calculators are a rutting.

in relation to my last post, i mean i really really suck at testing. I know everything I need to know to get me through life other than how to do taxes.

but i mean im still pretty confident that if i took the sat i would do well

ive taken the practice test a couple of times and the most recent one i took i scored 480 on both secs WHICH I KNOW SOUNDS BAD BUt on the math part i literally skipped an entire half of a section and i didnt use a calculator and if the problem required over a minute of thinking i just picked one at random. and with the reding, i didnt even read the last 5 or so passages. so if i actually took i i mean i dont think i would do AMAZING like 700 or anything but i feel i would get 550-620 ish on both without much issue

im not sure how i would do on the essay because i literally just skipped the entire thing

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