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Whatcha reaching for, Io?

How Can We Be Lovers.
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Michael Bolton | How Can We Be Lovers

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: BSB 2 Year Anniversary Theme Song

With the official 2 year anniversary since the inception of Backseat Ballads, I figure it would only seem right if we had a song to commemorate this occasion. I mean, shit, this blog has been running for two years! I can still remember the moment when I made this blog and little did I know how much of an impact this would have on not only me but the others in the group (I hope).

And what better than the smooth intense vocals of our man, Michael Bolton. For a long time I’ve been meaning to write something up for this song and it’s only fitting this should be the case. For it was this song that would usher in a new era. This was the first song on what would be the very first edition of the Raye’s Outdoors Mix

It was on our first camp and we had just left Healesville to make our way to Maroondah Dam. Peter told me to put on my cd and with glee I inserted it in and anticpated the reactions of my fellow passengers (Law and Raye). And once those notes hit, you can hear the sound of excitement fill the car. I’ll never forget that moment and it’s one of the reasons why this song will always hold a special place not only in my heart but the legacy that has come to be since that sunny December day in 2011.

if there’s someone who’s not attracted to geno exists, i just want them to stare at this gif for at least 2 minutes and imagine real life eye contact with geno and tell me they aren’t affected.

Hey guys! I saw something like this for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom and I thought I’d do one for the HTTYD fandom. It’s basically a map where you plot where you are in the world so we can see which how to train your dragon lovers live close to you and which ones live far. It’s also so we can see how widespread we are across the world!

1. Click this link (the correct one this time!). It will take you to a screen which looks like this:

2. Go to Additions, third from the left on the bar underneath the ZeeMaps logo, and then click Add marker - Simple

3. A box looking like this:

should appear on your screen. Then just type in your url, location (example Spain or Florida, USA or Paris, France) and a picture if you want. In the description write what languages you speak. Choose the colour of your marker then click submit.

4. Your marker should then appear in the location you chose like so:

and then you’re done! Yay!

I would really like this to be successful so we can see the spread of HTTYD across the world!

@thenightfuryblog @toothlesslover94 @the-chicken-is-not-amused @mellacherry @cowgirl326  @sakura-sou @how-they-trained-their-dragons @kingofthewilderwest could you add a marker and share this please? Thanks a lot!

(I would also like to apologise for stealing @ladynoir-aka-life‘s text, I’m just terrible at coming up with things too say Dx I hope you don’t mind!)

Please share this and add your marker! The location doesnt have to be exact, but it’d be nice to know where other people from the fandom are approximately 


Michael Bolton - How can we be lovers

Norwegian culture funfact for SKAM lovers

How old are we when we can…
Drink: 18
Drink hard licquor (stronger than 20 %): 20
Have sex: 16
Drive: 18
Work: 13, but only very light jobs like selling sunday papers and so on. No heavy lifting, only daytime, bla bla bla. Well actually I worked on my parents’ farm since I was a kid but that’s different. I ran the whole farm when i was 16 instead of joining them on holiday bc parents.
Work all sorts of jobs: 18
Vote: 18 (but experiments with voting for 16 yo’s in some municipalities) Marry: 18
Choose joining or leaving any religion: 15
Choose your education (high school/upper secondary): 15
Decide which of your divorced parents you want to live with: 12