Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2
逆巻カナト(CV.梶 裕貴) & 無神アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)
Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2

Another favourite scene of mine from the tokuten drama cd that I got with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade. Kanato and Azusa are working as waiters and this scene follows exactly after where the first “Waitering lessons with Azusa” post I made left off, with Azusa continuing to teach an irritated Kanato how to be a waiter. So here’s more of Kanato being 1000% done with everything. I hope you enjoy! ꉂ(′ ॢꇴ ॢ‵๑))

Please do not repost this translation anywhere.

Azusa: Next, you carry the cake you received from the kitchen… to the customer’s table but…. before carrying the cake… it’s good… if you add this.

Kanato: Hey… Azusa… What…. are you doing…?

Azusa: A good luck charm to make it delicious… I’m sprinkling… shichimi togarashi onto it.

Kanato: No, that’s strange, isn’t it? Fresh cream and shichimi togarashi definitely don’t go together, do they not?!

Azusa: Eh? I wonder? But… *munching noises* Mmm… It’s delicious!

Kanato: Hey! Don’t just help yourself to the store’s products! Even though I’m holding myself back!

Azusa: Ah…. I couldn’t resist. Sorry…. Um…. Kanato-san, do you also want to try?

Kanato: I don’t need it! Spicy cake is definitely not tasty.

Azusa: You think? What a waste….

Kanato: That aside, you’re going to teach me various things aren’t you? Could you hurry up and let me finish this?

Azusa: Right… Then, in practice, try carrying…. this cake… to the table.

Kanato: Huh? That’s half-eaten you know.

Azusa: It’s fine. Right now… it’s practice.

Kanato: Ah, is that so.

Azusa: Place this cake… onto the tray…. and then… we need to add the warm coffee. You use a coffee mill… to grind…. the beans. Kanato-san, have a try.

Kanato: No. Since it’s practice, isn’t it fine to just pretend we’ve actually done it?

Azusa: You can’t do that. This… is quite difficult so…. Come on, try it out. Hey, hurry.

Kanato: Tch, I get it. I’ll do it already! Happy now?!

Kanato: Something like this is clearly simple. All you have to do is turn the handle. 

Kanato: Hey…. why does it stop?

Azusa: The coffee beans… might’ve been stuck. You need to turn it… more thoroughly.

Kanato: Tch…. Could you not complain about my actions? Ughhh geez, all of this is such a pain! Please move. Move! Uwaahh!! A-arghhh….

Azusa: A-are you alright?

Kanato: Hey… My apron…. is covered in shichimi togarashi coated cream….

Azusa: Eh? But…. That… was because Kanato-san…. was turning the handle too forcibly…

Kanato: Shut up! Are you saying that I’m the one at fault? It’s because you had to leave such a task to me!

Azusa: Ka-Kanato-san, calm down.

Kanato: Shut up! Shut up! I will not hang around with you any longer! I’m going home!

Azusa: No, you can’t…! Wait…!


Mickey Milkovich played by Noel Fisher of Shameless has such a Bad Boy Vibe to his Character.  But, deep down inside he has a Big Heart of Gold and is as innocent as a Little Puppy.

#Bring Mickey Back  #Gallavich

Noel Fisher is an avid animal lover and advocate fostering homeless pets.  How can we not love him?


How Can We Be Lovers.
Michael Bolton
How Can We Be Lovers.

Michael Bolton | How Can We Be Lovers

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: BSB 2 Year Anniversary Theme Song

With the official 2 year anniversary since the inception of Backseat Ballads, I figure it would only seem right if we had a song to commemorate this occasion. I mean, shit, this blog has been running for two years! I can still remember the moment when I made this blog and little did I know how much of an impact this would have on not only me but the others in the group (I hope).

And what better than the smooth intense vocals of our man, Michael Bolton. For a long time I’ve been meaning to write something up for this song and it’s only fitting this should be the case. For it was this song that would usher in a new era. This was the first song on what would be the very first edition of the Raye’s Outdoors Mix

It was on our first camp and we had just left Healesville to make our way to Maroondah Dam. Peter told me to put on my cd and with glee I inserted it in and anticpated the reactions of my fellow passengers (Law and Raye). And once those notes hit, you can hear the sound of excitement fill the car. I’ll never forget that moment and it’s one of the reasons why this song will always hold a special place not only in my heart but the legacy that has come to be since that sunny December day in 2011.


Storm in Lover - 園田海未&絢瀬絵里 (三森すずこ&南條愛乃)
AITAI NO SUMMAH, KOTOSHI NO SUMMAH. AGHDSFTDSFGERDGASFDGSDGHERYGQWRGWATGTAWTRQWETQWTQWTWRTEQRTRET TOO HOT HOT DAMN are my only reaction after watching this live. My ovaries just exploded Their beautiful soothing voices that goes together very very very VERY well. The Pyrotechnics (hot damn), the blue-aqua blue glow sticks that creates a sea-like look of the surroundings, and the beAUTIFUL visuals on the screen. Those are just some of factors that makes the whole performance much better! I was actually quite disappointed before when people where saying Jolno and Mimo doesn’t interact much, and their dance moves aren’t wild…(?) But turns out it still pleases me so so much. Choreography was actually really good imo, it was very cool and it fits the whole vibe of the performance (if you get what I mean haha). Plus, I can’t imagine Jolno doing samba HAHAHA she would be too lazy to do it XD. Another exquisite performance :’)

alan and I love talking about how we got together and he’s always like ‘ how many fanfic tropes can we fit? roomates, friends to lovers, college au, hospital visit” and I’m like ‘yeah I’m jsut waiting for the a/b/o trope to kick in’

Most important moment of the episode

How can we forget such important moment, the moment when two lovers were finally reunited after a troubled separation

Look at those eyes! Those eyes scream emotion that has such depths unknown to us

she looks so tranquil now that she has potato-san

Look at the love in her eyes and the blush of her cheeks… truly soulmates

After a discussion with my friend I just thinking about something, She just watch Season 12 finale and we discuss it together and something came up in my mind.

I think it is stupid and unreal to believe that in life we ​​have only one great love! the message that Shonda has given us in this finale of 12 is magnificent AMAZING and probably one of my favourite storyline in the entire Show or TV shows around!

This show is not Once upon a time, Grey’s talks about “real” life and all the struggles, forks in the road… Greys is teaching us to believe again, to never losing hope even if life kicks our ass!! So why we need to believe that after a great love we have done? That we had give everything we have, the happiness, the love and the chance to believe again?

Every love is different, there is just no one soulmate, no only one BIG love, and certainlythe love of our life (we can only know if we have lived a long and full life with a person, if we are grown old with that person, and after 60 years of marriage we are sat at his/her side )

Love is unconditional … Yeah in life we experience different kinds of love, the passionate one, the sweet one but mostly they are always different.

Quoting Meredith “who we are to say that we have only one great love in life ??” how do you say that a person is more important than another? especially if the relationship is lived in different moments of life and brings different changes within us?

How can we say that the past lovers or the new ones are better or worse??

Think about Izzie and Alex. She prove to him that there was something good in him and thanks to her he became a better man for Jo.

Look at Owen and Cristina. Owen loved her despite her thick armor and she helped him in a way that no one could and Amelia now helped him, not judging him for his past and love him despite his flaws like he does with her.

Look at Addison and Derek and then Jake..
even Richard had 3 great love Ellis, Adele and Mama Avery now.

if we think like that… That we have one great love in our life we should not love another person ever… Not after the first boyfriend, or after a marriage which ended badly or if the person we love dies, don’t you believe it??

I don’t want to start a fight but maybe part of this problem is that most of the fandom is so young, maybe I don’t understand it myself but I want to really believe that we are not destined to one and only person… Thinking like this is utopian.

Whatcha reaching for, Io?

prompt: Zay and Isadora see that Riley is taking pills, and she explains to them to not tell anyone, but she has depression. The friends agree, but start to get angry at the others for not noticing what Riley’s going through.

Please read below:

I just wanted to let all of you know, I described my disorders as Riley’s, so all the symptoms she gets are the symptoms I get, and everything is of my knowledge and experience. Major Depressive Disorder and any kind of Anxiety Disorder is different for every individual so please don’t respond saying nasty things about what I have said about these disorders, as this is all from my personal experience. Thank you.

Riley’s days are pretty much the same. Get up, get dressed, meet Maya in her kitchen to eat breakfast, run towards the subway (they’re always late), and move to first period. Chemistry. Second period is English, and third period is Visual Arts. She then meets Zay and Isadora at her locker, and she puts away her things and then they walk over to the pizza restaurant next door to the school, to wait for Maya, Lucas, and Farkle. After lunch, they have their final class of the day together, History.

Today was slightly different. It was fine until Riley opened her locker and went to put her books inside, when she just had to drop her depression pills, right in front of Zay and Isadora. She quickly picked up the little orange bottle and prayed that her two friends didn’t notice what she’d dropped.

“Riley, what were those?” Nevermind.

“What were what?” She smiles. “Oh would you look at that? We’re going to be late meeting everyone. We better hurry.” 

Before Zay and Isadora can respond, she’s already out the door. She smiles to herself triumphantly, and releases the breath she was holding. 

When she gets to the pizza place, she’s relieved to see that Maya, Lucas, and Farkle are already there. Hopefully, Zay and Isadora won’t bring it up, so they can just forget about it.

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Early Morning

Pairing: Aki/Youka

Words: 2,286

Rating: T (i guess)

Summary: Youka stayed the night at Aki’s house, and accompanies her during her school morning routine the next day. They’ve already been dating for quite a while now during this fic.

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soulmates (x)