What if they sent Wad instead to deal with Prem on the second round of “Catch the Flag” day? (S-ORDER-T-U-S)

Wad: P’Prem, can we get the flag please? *insert shy face*

Prem: *flutters* Uh..umm…sure. *in a small voice* And take my heart too. 

Freshmen: ………

Juniors: ………

Arthit: PREMMMMM!!!

How to ruin Euros plan in 3 minutes.

Mycroft in the room with John and Sherlock:

Euros- You have to play a gaaaame. You don’t know about Redbeard yeeeet.

M- “I’m sorry i didn’t tell you this before brother mine. Redbeard was not really a dog. Your mind transform that because the reallity was too hard. Readbear it was actually your best friend and our sister drowned him in a well because is a psycopath and I locked her out.”


Sherlock- Ok so she was nuts and you make things even worst. Great, I’m going out of this fucking island with my best friend to have some beers and tea. Give me a few days to process this and I would let you know. I’m taking John home.

John- You what?

Sherlock- John is taking me home.

John- Better


Oh. My. Frick.
Can you believe this video single-handedly saved 2016??

XMA: How It Should Have Ended
  • Erik: Why would I join the X-men? Everyone hates me.
  • Charles: I don't hate you.
  • Erik: I literally paralyzed you from the waist down.
  • Charles: Still don't hate you.
  • Erik: I betrayed you.
  • Charles: I could never hate you, Erik.
  • Erik: Why not?
  • Charles: Because I love you.
  • Erik: ...
  • Erik: I love you too.

oh my god

So you think Luke Skywalker was having father-son time with the Ghost of Anakin Skywalker?

It couldn’t have been entirely lonely. Anakin Skywalker must have tried to compensate for not being there for his boy. By playing catch with a stone as Luke wears his grumpy face.

And if we believe the “Rey is Luke’s Daughter” theory. Picture this family reunion:

Luke: Daughter!

Rey: You left me on Jakku.

Luke: But I can make it up to you. You have more family!

Rey: Oh great, because I’m so receptive to blood family right now.

Luke: Meet gramps!

Anakin’s Ghost: I have a granddaughter too? Obi-Wan! You wouldn’t not believe- Oh Force, can we play catch together? I have a granddaughter, a baby granddaughter! 

Rey: Stop Force-pinching my cheeks!