How X-Men Apocalypse Should Have Ended


Please watch this it’s important


How The Desolation of Smaug Should Have Ended


How Avengers: Age of Ultron should have ended, imo (spoiler free, i think):

The fighting is over, everyone is safe. At the new Avengers Facility, everyone - Cap, Tony, Thor, Nat, Clint, Bruce, Wanda, Vision, Fury, Hill, Rhodey, EVERYONE gets to just take a minute to breathe and relax. There is a huge dining table that can fit all of them and they settle down for an extremely well-deserved meal. The food is abundant (Thor has plenty to stuff his face with), there’s friendly, playful banter shooting back and forth across the table, people feel safe. There’s just one thing: Cap is looking around with a little frown, and eventually asks, “Where’s Sam?” Everyone pauses their chatter to look around when a voice sounds at the threshold. 

“Sorry I’m late, guys.” Sam offers as he steps into view, and then, oddly, sideways to make more room in the doorway. “But you’re never gonna believe who I brought to the party.”

There’s an agonizing stretch of silence as everyone stares at the empty threshold. The camera cuts to Sam’s face as he looks where the others cannot and gives a subtle nod. The camera pans down towards the floor, allowing us to see only two black-booted feet that slowly, slowly, silently come into view. The legs come next as the camera inches up, worn black pants with lots of pockets to carry many knives. The pan up slows even further, stopping just high enough to see the man’s torso, not his face. Slowly, as the figure turns to face the gaping mouths at the table from the doorway, his left arm comes into view. It’s mostly concealed in a dark, long-sleeved shirt, but the glint of metal on his hand is unmistakable. 

Cut to black. 

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